Careless -Complete-

You were my best friend. We did everything together. You were my first laugh, my first trouble, my first time. Then you left when I needed you most. So Liam, please tell me why you're back. I want us to be the same but how can that be? We can't because back then we were careless...and I'm a mother now.
Warning: Mature scenes and language.


16. sorry not an update

I know I haven't updated in like a week but I've been soooo busy. I have cheer practice like everyday after school and tonight there's a game. After the game I'm going to a friends house and blah blah blah you don't wanna hear my life story. I will be updating Saturday( tomorrow) when I get back. I just think I owe you guys an apology.

Comment below if you wanna be a character in the story!!! I'm only choosing ONE girl so make me happy!

Enter your name, hair, eyes etc. and your favorite part of this story!

If no one enters...I understand.... :(

I have back up! But enter anyway you might be one of the guys' new girlfriend and a pretty awesome part in this story!


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