Careless -Complete-

You were my best friend. We did everything together. You were my first laugh, my first trouble, my first time. Then you left when I needed you most. So Liam, please tell me why you're back. I want us to be the same but how can that be? We can't because back then we were careless...and I'm a mother now.
Warning: Mature scenes and language.


6. She Cries

“You guys all live here together?” I asked as we pulled into the gates of a huge house. “Yeah, for the time being.” He parked and all three of us stepped out of the car. I lifted Jamie and settled him on my hip. I looked at Liam from the corner of my eye as we walked towards the door. I wonder how he feels about the revelation of Jamie having his name. I’ve never told Jamie his last name. I didn’t think it was important until he’d be enrolled into school.

“I’m back!” Liam yelled as he opened the door to the house. “You have to have left over’s!” I hear Niall yell as his footsteps pounded on the stairs.
“No, and you better had not ate mine from yesterday.” “About that-…” he paused once he was finally downstairs and saw that we were there as well. “Oh hey Eden, Jamie” he waved. “Hi” we both said back. “Oh hi Eden!” he repeated rather loudly, making sure to angle his voice up the stairs. I gave him a confused look.

“Quit it Niall! You’ve been doing that all day, it’s not gonna work!” I heard Harry’s voice yell, bouncing of the walls of the big house. Niall laughed and lowered his voice to talk to Liam and I.

“The lads and I have been saying your name purposely all day. Every time we do, he perks up as if you’d walk in any second.”

Liam laughed and I couldn’t hide the heat running up my neck and face. Niall stepped away and raised his voice again, “What did you say you’d do if you saw her again!?” Steps started descending on the staircase. “I said I’d have her screaming my na-…” he froze once he saw that I was really there. I had an eyebrow raised, “Oh really?” His face was red as he nervously scratched the back of his neck. Liam and Niall broke into laughter, doubling over and clutching their stomachs.

“Screaming what?” Jamie whispered in my ear, obviously confused about the situation. “Nothing baby” I quickly replied, wanting nothing more than to switch topics.

“Woo” Niall said, wiping a tear from his eye. He laid a hand on Harry’s shoulder, “You should’ve seen your face, mate.” Harry glared at him, shrugging off his hand and punching him in the arm. “Feisty” Niall said as he rubbed his arm. “So, Liam, about those left over’s…they were delicious” he laughed and ran. “Niall!” Liam chased after him, leaving Harry and I in the foyer. He hesitentily walked towards me, “Eden I didn’t really mean that I was just-…” “I know” I giggled “doesn’t mean it wasn’t funny.”

He smiled, obviously relieved that I wasn’t mad. He adverted his eyes to Jamie. “Hey Jamie” he said and poked his belly. He giggled, “Hi Harry” and reached his arms out for him. Harry gave me a look asking for my permission. I nodded and handed Jamie over to him.

Jamie snuggled his head into Harry’s neck making him laugh. “You tired buddy?” Jamie nodded. “He gets snuggly when he’s tired” I giggle. “Is there a place to lay him down?” “Um, yeah. He can lie in my room.”

I followed Harry upstairs as he carried Jamie. We walked down a corridor and he opened one door of many. I walked inside and instantly knew it was his room. It spelled ‘Harry’. Literally. There were wall stickers in bold letters that spelled Harry.

He pulled covers back and laid him down in them. He was already asleep and snuggled up to a pillow. I walked over to him and kissed his forehead. I stood up and made my way back to the door. “Thank you” I smiled and made my way back downstairs.


“You know what you should do?” I asked Liam. He raised an eyebrow, “What?” “You should make me a sandwich.” “We ate lunch like an hour ago” he laughed. “And that’s supposed to mean…”

He groaned but started making it anyway. I marched around the kitchen getting bored. Liam was taking his sweet time making my food. I trip up on my own feet and nearly fall. Liam laughs. I glare at him. “You’re so clumsy!” “Oh shut up when have I ever been clumsy before now?” “You used to fall off your skateboard.” “Those were skater accidents. Skaters got into those all the time!”

“Or that time you fell and spilled those hot drinks on you” he laughed. “Correction. Some idiot bumped into me and sent me on my bum. That idiot being you.” “I’m not the clumsy one!” “Oh yeah? How about all those times you fell into my window.” “Not fair, you’d fall in too. It was way more difficult than it looked.” “Sure, ‘cause when I did it I landed every time” I smugly state.

“Look whose up.” I hear Harry’s voice. I turn my head and see him carrying Jamie. “Come here” I say as I reach my arms out for him. He rubs his tired eyes before doing the same. I collect him into my arms and place a kiss on his temple. “How’d you sleep” I whisper. “Good” he mumbles. “Thanks Harry” I say as I meet his gaze. He smiles, “No problem, love. He’s a good kid, right Jamie?” “Right Hazza!” Jamie chirped. Harry laughed and left the kitchen.

“He fancies you” Liam smirked. “What?”

“He fancies you” he repeated. I shook my head, “How would you know?” “I’ve known Harry for a while and I know how he acts around girls” he said, now stuffing his face with a pack of saltines.

“You hungry?” I ask Jamie, trying to change the topic. “Little bit.” “You want one?” Liam asked, offering Jamie one of his saltines. He reaches put for it but I quickly snatch his hand away. “He can’t have that.”

“Jeesh, nutritious mom much?” “I sighed, “He can’t have those Li, there’s soy in them.” “So?” “He’s allergic.” “Ooohh.” “Yeah, so no soy right?” “Right.”

There was a knock on the front door. I saw Louis bolt to it, unlock it and greet whoever was there. “I’ve missed her!” he exclaimed as he took a baby girl into his arms. There was a woman and the baby and I’m sure that the woman was her mother. They came in and went to the living room. “Follow me” Liam said and lead me the same way.

“Hey Liam! Who’s this? Hi I’m Lou.” She extended her hand and I shook it with my free one. “Eden.” “And who’s this?” she smiled, looking at Jamie. “Noah” he says in a soft voice. She settles on a couch and I do as well. “It’s nice to meet you Noah, I’m Lou.” “Hi.”

“Is she your daughter?” I ask as Lou settles the girl on the floor. “Yeah her name’s Lux.” “How old is she?” “Almost two.” “Can she talk?” Lou laughs, “Only little words not full sentences.”

I watch as the baby crawls from her couch to ours. She then stands up and waddles her way over to where I sat Jamie next to me. “Where’s Tom?” Liam asks from beside me. “He’s working” she answers but keeps her eyes on her daughter.

“I haven’t seen much of him lately” Louis comments.

Lux takes hold of Jamie’s shoe and pulls at the laces, untying them. “My shoe” he quietly whines from beside me. “I’m sorry she’s been touchy all say” Lou said. “Don’t be, I understand. May I?” I ask. She nods. I pick up Lux and settle her on my lap. She giggled and started slapping on my lap. I run my fingers through her soft hair as I listen to her babble. Liam, Louis and Lou are talking about something but I’m paying them no mind.

I touch over her soft cheek and a wave of emotions flood over me. What if her skin felt like this? What if her hair felt like silk? What if she giggled and made my day like Jamie does. What if she was here?

My eyes water and I sniffle back the tears. “You alright?”Liam asks, laying a hand on my thigh. I shake my head and set Lux back on the floor. “I can’t…” I lift myself from the couch and walk elsewhere before the others saw my tears.

Liam’s POV

We fell silent once when heard Ed sniffle. I asked if she was alright but she just shook her head. I hated to see her cry and the tears in her eyes told me she was going to do just that. She got up and left the room, leaving us confused.

Jamie let out a sigh. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Mommy always gets this way when she remembers.” “Remembers what?” He looked around the room, not sure if he should tell all of us. I set him on my lap so he’d only have to talk to me. He continued, “She tells me that I have a sister that lives in heaven.” My eyes widen. What?

“Mommy says that she was weak so she went to heaven to get stronger. I was already strong so I stayed with mommy.”

Eden had twins?

He leans closer and whispers. “At night, even though her door’s closed, I can hear her cry. Sometimes she cries about her, about being alone. Sometimes she cries about you.”


I rubbed my hand over my face. “I’ll check to see if she’s alright, okay?” He nods and shifts off my lap.

I walk around the main level of the house. I didn’t hear her go upstairs because I didn’t hear her step up there. I checked the back garden and that was where she was. She sat on the grass with her head in her hands. Her shoulders shook with ever sob. I walked to her and sat next to her on the grass. She turned her head to me but looked away again. “Go away.” She hugged her knees and rested her chin on them. Her tears subsided but the res rim in her eyes was still visible. I sigh, “We both know I’m not leaving.”

“You have before” she mumbles, barely audible if you weren’t listening correctly. “What’s that supposed to mean” I snapped. “You know what it meant.” “Ed I…I didn’t want to leave you, I swear. I didn’t know I’d make it this big and never come home. I’ve only been home three times and every time I’ve tried to find you. It’s like you fell off the face of the earth. Vanished.”

“I wanted to get away from there, from home. Too many memories.” “Some of them were worth remembering, right?” I implied. She shrugged. “Eden, you have to know that, that night in your room had to be one of the best moments of my life.” I visibly saw her face redden but no smile formed on her face. “Could’ve fooled me” she sassily stated.

I snuggled my forehead into the crook of her neck. “Move Li.” She said trying to push me away but I wrapped my arms around her. “Don’t be mad at me.” She sighed, “I’m not mad, just…a lots changed since then.” “I’ll get you your cape” I smiled, remembering how when we were little she’d always wear it to make her feel better. She laughed, “Then I’ll be your Robin” she answered.

She wrapped her arms around me as well.

 I missed this.

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