Careless -Complete-

You were my best friend. We did everything together. You were my first laugh, my first trouble, my first time. Then you left when I needed you most. So Liam, please tell me why you're back. I want us to be the same but how can that be? We can't because back then we were careless...and I'm a mother now.
Warning: Mature scenes and language.


8. Plastic

Eden’s POV:

“I hope you don’t mind but I invited Sophia to the beach with us” Liam told me as we both walked towards his car. “Not at all. Glad to finally meet her” I smiled. I sat in the back with Jamie sleeping on my lap since I didn’t bring his car seat. I set my beach bag in the back, we buckled up and drove off to Liam’s to get the boys.

“He’s a heavy sleeper” Liam commented with a light chuckle. “He is. Once he slept through a smoke alarm at the restaurant. It wasn’t anything serious but still…he just slept.” Liam laughed, “Sounds like me” he commented.

Don’t remind me.

“I won’t mention the ‘Lea’ thing to the other guys if you don’t want to.”

“You can, only if you think it’s necessary. It’s not something I like to repeat on a daily basis” I replied with anguish laced through my voice.

“I won’t mention it” he mumbled.

We soon pulled onto a street where a crowd of people swarmed with flashing cameras. “What’s going on?” I asked. Liam sighed, “Paparazzi. They follow us everywhere and it gets so annoying. They’re probably here because Harry said something over twitter. He always gives our location away” He said as he shook his head shamefully.

The gates opened and we drove through the drive way of the ‘mansion’. Liam honked the horn to get the boys out here, still not able to wake Jamie.  I stayed in the middle as the guys piled in. Harry was the first to take his seat beside me with Zayn on the other. Niall sat in the passenger seat and Louis sat in the last row of seats alone.

“We’re meeting Sophia at the beach?” Louis chirps. “Uh, yeah” Liam replies as he pulls out of the gates and onto the road.

“I don’t like Sophia” Harry whispered into my ear. I looked up at him confused, “Why not?” He shook his head, “She always has a snobby attitude. She doesn’t deserve someone like Liam.”  “That’s a little harsh don’t you think?” “No, just wait ‘til you meet her.” I giggled, “Now I don’t think I wanna.”

“How’s he doing” he whispered as he lightly poked Jamie’s cheek. His proximity was close to mine and the way he whispered made light chills run down my spine. “Oh, um, he’s fine. He’s getting a bit curious though.” Harry lightly chuckled, “What do you mean?” “I don’t know, he just seems to always ask about his dad. It’s sort of depressing.”

Wouldn’t I know.

“He’s not around at all?” I shook my head ‘no’ and kissed the top of Jamie’s head. “It’s alright” he said and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, letting me lean my head on his, “he’ll find one someday.”

All I could do was look ahead of us and through the rear view mirror was his dad. I feel so bad about not telling him sooner. Then again, does he really have to know? What am I saying, of course he does.

“I doubt it. No one really wants to be with a nineteen year old with a kid.”

Technically I’m turning twenty in a week but whatever.

“That’s where you’re wrong” he whispered into my ear. “I want be with a nineteen year old with a kid. Her name’s Eden and she’s very beautiful” he mumbled and kissed my cheek. Heat rose on my face as I bit my lip to prevent my stupid grin. I nuzzled my face into his shoulder so he couldn’t see my face. He lightly chuckled and brought me closer, kissing my temple with what felt like a smile.


We arrived at the beach about a half hour later. We all helped unload things. Jamie had woken up so he helped carry his beach toys. We settled on the far end of the beach, trying our best to avoid any paparazzi. Sadly, we still spotted a couple. We laid out beach towels and umbrellas so we could lay and listen to the wave’s crash.

The wind ferociously blew, making my hair tumble into my face. I heard Niall’s laugh as I tried to swipe it out of my face.

“She’s here” Zayn said as he pointed towards the dock where a silver sports car pulled up. I visibly saw Harry roll his eyes and Liam smile. I ignored them and focused my attention on Jamie who stood in front of me. “You ready?” I asked. He eagerly nodded. I stood on my knees so that we where eye level.  “Louis, can you hand me that bag?” I asked him, pointing to the beach bag I brought. He nodded and gave me it. I mumbled a ‘thanks’ and started searching through the bag for the sunscreen.

I tightened the wrap around my waist before squirting some onto my hand, rubbing them together and applying it to Jamie’s chest and stomach. “It’s cold!” he squeaked. I lightly giggled, “Sorry bud. Turn around.” He did as told and spread it onto his back. I barely put any on his face. It’s never really been sunny in England.

“You excited Jamie?” Louis asks. Jamie brightly smiles, “Yes, it’s my first time!” “What?!” Louis exclaims, looking between my son and I. I shrugged. “What kind of person are you!?” he dramatizes making me smile and Niall laugh. He picked him and cradled his head. “Don’t worry Jamie Wamie, uncle Louis will take you to the water” he said in a baby voice making me laugh. They walked off towards the water.

“Here she comes” Harry mumbled and nodded his head towards Liam walking with some girl.

I stood up but everyone else stayed in their seated position. She ducked under the shade of our umbrella then stood straight as Liam did the same. “Hey Zayn, Harry” she smiled. “Hey” they all said in unison. “Who’s this?” she asked as she pointed towards me as if I weren’t standing right there. “I’m Eden” I said. “She’s a friend of mine” Liam added. “Oh, hi, I’m Sophia.” “Nice to meet you.”

She scanned the beach and her eyes landed on the water. “Who’s the kid with Louis?” she scoffed. “My son” I snapped, trying not to sound so harsh.

“Your accent…it’s not completely English. What is it?” she fakely smiled. I already didn’t like her. “My mom’s Spanish” I told her. “You speak it as well?” she asked. I nodded. “Me too! Si usted piensa por un segundo que voy a creer que ‘solo eres que una amiga’ te ha otra cosa que viene. Lleve a su niño feo y sale de su vida. Es mío. (If you think for one second that I’m going to believe you’re ‘just a friend’ you got another thing coming. Take your ugly kid and get out of his life. He’s mine).” she said with the fakest voice possible. My jaw dropped.

No this bitch didn’t.

The boys intently watched us, obviously confused on what she was saying.

“¿Sabes qué puta, no te abofeteó porque soy-… (You know what bitch, don’t get slapped because I’m-…)” “Woah, woah, calm down” Niall said, interrupting me mid-sentence. He stood in between us and whispered, “You guys need to calm down; we’re here to have some fun. Sophia you started this so apologize.” She rolled her eyes, “Sorry” she mumbled then turned to Liam who had a confused expression on his face.

“No one really likes her” Niall whispered in my ear before sitting down. I took my seat next to Harry. “I. Don’t. Like. Her” I said into his ear earning a chuckle. “Join the club.”

After a few minutes Zayn had fallen asleep, Niall soaked some sun while snacking on some crisps, Liam and The Bitch went in the water where Louis and Jamie were, and Harry and I chatted.

“You wanna get in the water?” I asked him. He nodded with a smile and stripped off his shirt.

Those tatts though.

“How many do you have?” He shrugged, “thirty-thirty three.” My eyes widened, “You don’t know?” He shook his head. I laughed, “Oh wow, at least I know how many I have.” “You have tattoos?” I nodded. “Let me see” he smirked. Ok then.

I stood on my knees and un-wrapped the cover-up from around my waist. He visibly gulped. I smiled to myself as I pealed my top from over my head, revealing now my entire red bikini. I pointed to the one under the left side of my collar bone, “I have a small superman sign” I giggled. He chuckled as well. I turned so I sat with my back facing him. “I have these two” I said and pointed to the too names on the back of my right shoulder.

Noah James

Lea Adeline


“Who’s Lea?” he whispered as he lightly traced the imprint, leaving goose bumps on the skin. I sighed, “She’s my daughter. She-um- she passed when she was about three months old.” I hung my head low and felt tears from behind my closed lids. That feeling was starting to come. The feeling that made me cry for hours about my lost baby.

I heard shuffling behind me and just as I was about to turn my head I felt Harry’s arms around my from behind and his chin on my shoulder. “I’m sorry for asking.” I lightly smiled; “It’s fine really, you wouldn’t have known” I said and turned my head to softly kissing his cheek. I saw him tinge and it made me giggle.

“You ready for the water?” he asked. I nodded. He stood up and walked around helping me up. “Let’s go curly!” I exclaimed. He raised an eyebrow in amusement, “Curly? Last time I heard, you also have curly hair.” I groaned, “Please don’t remind me. “ His face split into a grin. He swiftly kneeled before me, wrapped his arms around my legs and brought me over his shoulder. I laughed as he ran down the beach towards the water.

“Harry! Put me down!”

Next thing I knew I was being tossed into the freezing water. I resurfaced and wiped the hair that stuck to my face. “You’re gonna get it, Styles” I mischievously smiled. He raised his eyebrows in amusement. I ran towards him and tackled him down into the water. A wave came and submerged us in the water but once it washed away, leaving us a shore we both started laughing.

“Mommy!” I turned my head to see Jamie toddling towards me down the beach. I stand up with a smile and pick him up. “Did you have fun with Louis?” “Uncle Louis told me about the world of vegetables and king of them all are carrots!” I playfully rolled my eyes. “Yup, that’s Louis” Harry chimed. I search along the beach for him and saw him walking back to ‘camp’ sending me a thumbs up and a sly smile.

Just then Liam came up to us with Sophia in hand. I heard Harry groan. I playfully nudged his ribs receiving a poke in the side. “How are things?” Liam asked with a smirk and Sophia just gave us an annoyed expression.

“They’re fine Li, gosh” I replied.  “Walk with me?” Harry whispered into my ear, making me tingle at the feeling. “Jamie…” I reminded him. “We’ll watch him” Liam suggested, obviously tuning in on our conversation. “You sure?” I asked. He nodded and took Jamie out of my arms. “We’ll only be a little while” Harry assured us. He took my hand and led us both the opposite direction.

“So…about that date.”

Oh so this is what this is about.

“Yeah?” “Are we still going?” I giggled, “I said I would.”

He smiled, “Well, I guess it’s up to where we should go. Hopefully some place private.”

“You can choose where. I’m not the famous one” I quirked. “Gladly. You see those people over there?” He flicked his head over to a small group of people with flashing cameras, staring faces and pointing fingers. “I’m sure those pictures will be up by tonight” he sighed.

“You don’t like the attention?” I asked. “I do! Just not in this way. Sometimes I just wanna have a free day with no cameras.” “Sorry to break it to you, but that won’t happen. You can always imagine it though.”

“Imagine?” he chuckled.

We stopped walking and faced each other. “Yeah, let’s try.” He nodded. “Alright, close your eyes.” He held onto both of my hands as his eyelids shut. “Now imagine a place with less of everything. Where are you?” “Clouds” he responded with a smile. “Who are you with?” “You” he said as his face tinged. I’m glad he can’t see mine because I’m crimson. “What are we doing?” I whispered. “Laughing.”

“Good, now open your eyes.” He did and smiled down at me. “It almost seemed real” he mumbled. He took a quick glance over my shoulder and froze in shock. “Shit” he muttered before dashing off. I turned, wanting to see why Harry stormed. My eyes widened, it was Jamie in the water looking as though a wave had eaten his tiny frame.

“Jamie” I called as I jogged towards them Harry had picked him up and was patting his back as he was getting the extra water out. I looked around and saw Liam closer to cam on his phone and Sophia stood right there…just watching. “What the hell is wrong with you?” “What do you mean?” she said with an ‘innocent’ smirk. “Don’t play with me. My son could’ve drowned you were just standing there!”

“Oh, that. He was getting in the way of my sightseeing anyway.”

That’s it.

I stepped my short distance to her, swung my arm back and forced my hand across her face. The force sent her head to the side.

“You bi-…” “What’s going on?” Liam said as he stood between us and held his hands out so we wouldn’t walk any further. “I don’t know she just attacked me” Sophia said as she batted her fake eyelashes.

“You are such a liar! No! Jamie was in the water, ABOUT TO DROWN and she was just standing there watching. Like what the hell!”

“Is that true?” Liam asked her. She shook her head ‘no’. Why in the hell would he believe her. I’m so freaking pissed right now.

I took Liam’s hand that was on my shoulder to hold me back and yanked it away from me. I walked to Harry who just stood there with Jamie in his arms. I took Jamie from him. “Eden…” he whispered with sympathy laced in his voice.

I shook my head, “I don’t wanna talk right now” my voice cracked as tears brimmed my eyes. I turned and left them as I made my way back towards camp.

I sat, Indian style, under the umbrella with Jamie in my lap. His forehead rest on my chest. I lowered my head so I could snuggle against his tiny shoulder while I wrapped my arms around him.

“I’m fine mommy, really.”

I sniffled. “I know, mommy is just a little upset.”

“Why?” he whispered.

“I miss my friend Liam.”

“He’s here mommy, he’s down there.”

I slightly shook my head, “No…that’s not the same guy that was my best friend.”

Or the guy that I hopelessly fell in love with at sixteen.

A/n: So sorry for not updating like in three days and sorry for this crap chapter. Tell me what you guys think! The next chapter will get better. I just sort of rushed this one (bad idea). Thanks for all your comments and favorites! They keep me motivated.


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