Careless -Complete-

You were my best friend. We did everything together. You were my first laugh, my first trouble, my first time. Then you left when I needed you most. So Liam, please tell me why you're back. I want us to be the same but how can that be? We can't because back then we were careless...and I'm a mother now.
Warning: Mature scenes and language.


18. Our Plans

“I gotta go now” Liam whispered while softly kissing my temple.  I fluttered my eyes open and gave him a small smile. “What time is it?” My voice was hoarse from sleep. He checked his phone, “Around four in the evening.”

I sat up, careful not to wake Jamie. “I’ll see you out.”

I got out of bed and realized I was still wearing Liam’s shirt. I slipped it off, knowing full well that I was only wearing my pj shorts and bra. “Here.” I outstretched it to him. His eyes hungrily scanned over my body as he took it in his grasp. I smirked and turned away. I searched through my drawer for a tank top and put it on.

I led the way to the front door. “You sure you don’t want me to make you something before you go?” I asked as I turned to face him.  He smiled, “I have a feeling you’re trying to keep me hostage with your hospitality” he teased. I playfully rolled my eyes.

There was a vibrating sound. Liam searched his pocket and brought out his phone. The screen lit his face as he checked it. He smiled at the screen. “What is it?” I asked. He handed me the phone and my eyes danced across the screen with delight.

Liam Payne seen last night with, who the boys say is, Eden Hill.

The picture was of our kiss on the swing set last night.

“I told you it’d be everywhere” he said as he took back the phone. I raised an eyebrow, “Should I be worried?” He lightly chuckled while shaking his head. “Not it you don’t like being known as my girlfriend.” I felt my cheeks heat as I shook my head. “Good. Just…I advise you not to get a twitter, okay?”

“I’m not saying I’m going to but why not?”

“Fans can get…hateful. Some say bad things about people they see us with.”

His expression is sad and I suddenly feel bad for him.

I gave him a reassuring smile as I curled my fingers around his neck.

“Thank you for last night. I had fun.” A mischievous spark went through his eyes. “The date or the sex?” I gave him a seductive smirk as I leaned closer. “Hmm…both” I mumbled against his lips before sealing mine over his.

 “Can you come to the studio?” he asked with his lips brushing mine.

I pulled away from the tickling sensation, “What?” “Well, the boys and I are recording today and I want you to be there.” “You sure that’s okay? With Jamie and all?” “It’s perfectly fine. I have to go now but I’ll send you the directions. Come in an hour yeah? After I’ll take you and Jamie out to eat.”

I smiled, “I’d like that.”

He kissed me one final time, “Laters Eden” he said before slipping out the door.

Jamie woke shortly after and we got dressed for the studio. I had to set some ground rules because he always gets overly excited with the boys. I strapped him in his car seat and shut the back door. I then walked around the car to the driver’s side and slid in. I started the car and began to follow the directions that Liam gave me.

“Okay so what did I tell you?”

“You said no yelling or…or…talking?”

“Yes I said not to talk too much. The boys are going to be busy alright?”

“Yes, mommy.”

My phone rand and I thought twice about answering it. I saw my dad’s number so I was quick to answer. I set it on speaker and placed it on my lap as I drove. “Hello?”

“Eden, love.”

“Hey, dad. What’s up?”

“I just wanted to see what you were doing.”


“I’m driving at the moment.”

“Grampa!” Jamie exclaimed.

“Hey Noah.” I could hear the smile in my dad’s voice.

“Dad what’s the real reason you called” I sighed.

He hesitated a bit. “It’s your mother.”

“Dad, I really don’t want to ta-…”

“She’s sick, Eden.”


“The doctors don’t know what’s wrong with her. She just couldn’t breathe.”

I know my dad is sad. I can hear the longing in his voice. The anguish.

Without a beat I say something that I never thought I’d say, “I’m coming down there as soon as I can, okay?”

“Yes…oh please, yes.” It sounds as if he just let out a breath that he’s been holding for ages.

“In a couple of days or maybe next week.” 

“I’m so glad. I’ll see you then.”

“Yeah, I’ll call you later dad.”

The rest of the car ride was silent after I hung up. Jamie knows when not to talk to me. I get snappy. I quickly recover my happiness as I park in front of the studio.

Liam is standing outside waiting on me with a couple of big guys. I get out of the car and so does Jamie. I lift him onto my hip and smile when Liam waves towards us.

“Ed! I want you to meet Paul and Preston, they’re our body guards.”

“Hello” I wave. They smile and open the door for us to walk inside. I’m so glad it’s warm in here.

Liam leads the way to the studio. I see Harry in the booth and he…sounds amazing. The other boys are messing around on the lounging couches. When they see us they smile and wave us over. I sit between Louis and Zayn and Louis instantly take Jamie from me. Jamie willingly starts playing with Louis making sure to keep his voice low.

“He’s ‘Jamie deprived’” Zayn tells me. I giggle as I roll my eyes. I shift my eyes to Harry in the booth and watch as his lips wrap around every word.

“The story of my life I give her hope
I spend her love until she's broke inside
The story of my life.”

Harry soon finishes and Liam replaces him. He sits on the sofa across from us with a knowing smirk on his face. “Sooo, Eden, how was last night?” My face instantly pales.

Ugh, Harry.

“Shut. Up. Harry.”

“Wow, you think you’d lighten up since you got laid” he chuckles.

“Harry!” I scold while the others begin laughing. He shrugs his shoulders in an innocent like manner. Stupid boy.

I roll my eyes and listen as Liam sings.

“It seems to me that when I die these words will be written on my stone.”

I smile to myself. Same Liam.

I inwardly sigh. I miss singing with him. We used to do it a lot as kids. When we were bored, we sang and it seemed to cure everything.

Apparently Zayn and Louis already went so I missed their singing. Boo.

Niall switched with Liam and I’m seriously screaming on the inside. That voice!

It’s so soft. Seductive even.

“The story of my life I take her home
I drive all night to keep her warm and time...
Is frozen.”

Some man that’s been working the boards announces, “That’s a wrap boys. We’ll continue this tomorrow. See you then.”

Then he just…leaves. Niall exits the booth and the boys just stare at me. I look around, “What?”

“We heard from a special someone that you can sing Eden, is that true?” Niall asks. My mouth drops as I turn my gaze to Liam. “You set me up!” I exclaim. “It just slipped!” he defended.

“So are you gonna sing for us?” Harry asks. “Absolutely not!” “Why not?”

“I…I haven’t sang in years…no.”

“Not true! You sing me songs” Jamie quips. “Jamie!” I scold. “Now you have to sing one” Zayn nudges my side. I groaned. “No.”

“I’ll sing with you” Liam suggests. I nervously gulp as I peer up at him. “O-ok.” I stand up and follow him into the booth. Not before I hear Harry say, “The power of the D.”


Liam brings out two stools and fixes them in front of microphones. He fixes a pair of headphones on my head and I smile at him in a thanks. He settles some on his head too and takes the stool next to mine.

“How does ‘Use Somebody’ sound to you guys” Zayn’s voice is heard throught the headphones. We both send a thumbs up and the music starts. I clear my throat and get ready to sing. Oh I hope I don’t embarrass myself.


I've been roaming around
Always looking down at all I see
Painted faces, fill the places I can’t reach

You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody


Someone like you, And all you know, And how you speak
Countless lovers under cover of the street

You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody
Someone like you


Off in the night, while you live it up, I'm off to sleep
Waging wars to shape the poet and the beat
I hope it's gonna make you notice
I hope it's gonna make you notice

Someone like me
Someone like me
Someone like me, somebody

Someone like you, somebody
Someone like you, somebody
Someone like you, somebody


I've been roaming around,
Always looking down at all I see


I can hear the boys clap as I finish the song. Liam hugs me in an instant and I giggle against his chest. He leans down and crashes his lips onto mine. We move our lips slowly against the others, forgetting that the other can see us through this glass until…

“Alright you two!” Louis exclaims into the headphones making Li and I both wince as we pull away.


“You have to sing another!” Liam says. “I-I don’t know.” “Pleeeasee! You’re great. Just one by yourself.” “Alright” I sighed.

Liam left a chaste kiss on my cheek before leaving the booth.

“You have a song preference?”

I think for a moment before saying into the mic, “Russian Roulette by Rhianna.”

“Love her” Harry exclaims.

The song starts, “I hate you all” I tell them before I start singing.


Take a breath,
Take it deep.
'Calm yourself', He says to me
If you play, you play for keeps.
Take the gun and count to three.
Im sweating now,
Moving slow,
No time to think. My turn to go

And you can see my heart beating
You can see it through my chest.
Said I'm terrified but I'm not leaving
I know that I must pass this test
So, just pull the trigger

Say a prayer to yourself
He says 'close your eyes, sometimes it helps'
And then I get a scary thought
That he's here - means he's never lost

And you can see my heart beating.
No, You can see it through my chest.
Said I'm terrified but I'm not leaving
Know that I must pass this test.
So, just pull my trigger

As my life flashes before my eyes
I'm wondering will I ever see another sunrise?
So many won't get the chance to say good-bye
But its too late to think of the value of my life

And you can see my heart beating.
No, You can see it through my chest.
Said I'm terrified but I'm not leaving no
know that I must pass this test.
You can see my heart beating.
Oh, You can see it through my chest.
I'm terrified but I'm not leaving no
know that I must pass this test.

So, just pull the trigger



“Okay I’m done!” I exclaim as I take the headphones off my head and step out of the booth. I see the boys smiling and Louis with his phone. I got an idea.

“You weren’t…recording this were you?” I asked. His smile showed it all. I ran to him and tried to take the phone out of his hand. “Give me it!” “Nope” he laughed, “I’m definitely putting this on twitter.”

“Noooo! Please don’t!” I tried to grab it again but I felt one of the boys pull me away by the waist.

“Do it Louis!”


Damn that Irish mofo.

I struggled in his grip. “Dame el telefono Louis!”

I heard Liam chuckle, “It’s been a while since I heard that.” I rolled my eyes.

In that little time frame of distraction I saw Louis press a button. “No you didn’t!” I exclaimed. “Oh but I did young Eden.”

“Louis!” I scolded.

I feel like I’ve been doing that a lot today.

“Don’t worry about it” Zayn reassured me. I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest pouting. Niall chuckled as he let go of me. “No sad, mommy!” Jamie exclaimed while reaching out for me. I gave him a small smile and picked him up, settling him on my hip. I kissed his cheek before glaring at the boys.

“You guys better be lucky Jamie is here or I would’ve went ape shit.”

“What’s ape shit?” Jamie asked. My eyes widened and I covered his mouth. “Don’t say that” I panicked. “What’s wrong with ape shit?” he muffled behind my hand as the boys started laughing. “ONLY adults can say those things.” He slowly nodded with a confused look on his face. I pecked his nose and groaned when I noticed the boys were still laughing.

Liam wiped a tear before taking Jamie out of his arms. He pecked me on the cheek still trying to contain his laughter. “You have to admit that was funny.” “I beg to differ” I glared. He playfully rolled his eyes.

“Alright boys, we’re leaving” Liam announced. “We’ll see you!” Louis said. We left the recording studio and saw that it was dark. “Where are we eating?” I asked as we walked through the parking lot. “Some place downtown.” “Oh, well won’t there be a lot of people there?” “Yeah but we’ll get a spot a little more private.

Jamie and I got into my car while we followed Liam who was driving his.

The restaurant was only about ten minutes away. There weren’t a lot of people but the few that there were did recognize him. I held Jamie off to the side while he took photos and signed autographs. I didn’t mind, I mean, it’s his job right? When his fans were pleased he waved them goodbye, took my hand and led us to our table. The waiter that served us was definitely a fan. He stumbled on his words and seemed giddy while walking away. I couldn’t help but giggle.

Jamie was sat in a highchair that the waiter, Brendon, gave us while Li and I sat across from each other.

Jamie was drawing, which just meant scribbling, me a picture.

“The boys and I have some filming to do” Liam told me as he took a bite from his food. “Filming?” I took my napkin and whipped one of Jamie’s greasy hands from his chicken tenders. “Well you know that song we were recording?” I nodded. “Well, we’re in the middle of making a music video.” I smiled, “That sounds fun.” “Yeah it is, but unfortunately that means I’m going to be busy the next couple of days.”

I sighed, “So am I. I have to work tomorrow and the next day.” “Well…about that. The premiere for the music video is Wednesday and I was wondering if you’d be my date?” He nervously scratched the back of his neck.

Another date?

In public?

“Jamie can come. It could be fun” he added. I looked at Jamie and then back at Liam. “Yeah, that’d be fun” I agreed. He smiled with a slight tinge to his cheeks and went back to eating.

“Look!” Jamie exclaimed as he gave me his picture. I didn’t have a clue what it was but I could act like I knew. “It’s great baby. What is it?” His face fell a little. “Can you see? That’s me and that’s Lea” he pointed out. A lump formed in my throat. Oh Jamie. I looked over the picture again and I could faintly make out two arms reaching out for each other like they’re holding hands and two heads. I cleared my throat to make sure my voice didn’t crack as I spoke. “Yeah, I see it. It’s a beautiful picture.”

I glanced at Liam and he didn’t seem so happy either. Even though his head was hung and we was distracting himself by taking a sip of his drink, I could see that the Lea subject upset him too.

“How’s your mom Li?” I asked, trying to change the subject. His face lit at the mention of his mom. “She’s doing great. I haven’t seen her in a few months but that’s only because of our schedules. I’m planning on seeing her next week. How’s yours?”

I sighed, “We don’t talk much. I actually haven’t seen her since I moved.” A frown formed on his face, “Why not?” “The whole ‘being pregnant’ thing didn’t quite flow with her. She basically shunned me after I told them.” “I’m sorry.” “It wasn’t your fault.” He raised an eyebrow giving me a knowing look. “Well you took part in it but it wasn’t your fault.” He shook his head looking down at his table setting, “Doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad about it.” I reached across and laid my hand over his. “Don’t be. I’m going to see her next week…hopefully.” He looked at me with raised brows, “What’s the occasion.”

I shrugged, “My dad says she’s sick.” “Oh…” “Yeah so I just want to visit her and see if things are alright. Just because she’s being ignorant doesn’t mean I have to be” I lightly laughed to put some humor in the situation.

His face lit as if he got an idea. “Maybe I can come with you? I’m seeing my mom and…I don’t know…we can go back home.” I smiled at his term ‘home’. We always called our houses ‘home’. It was like we lived with each other.

“Trip” Jamie exclaimed. Liam smiled and nodded, “Yeah, trip.”

“Your mom still live in the same house?” I asked, sort of shocked. He laughed, “Surprisingly yes. I’ve tried to move her but she’s so stubborn.”

“Mine and yours both” I joked.

“This you mommy?” Jamie asked while looking confusingly at Liam’s lock screen. I frowned as I took the phone from his hands and looked at it. My face heated. It was the picture the paparazzi took of Liam and me at the park. “Liam” I scolded (once again). “I thought it was a nice picture” he defended. “What if someone sees?” “Other than the rest of the human population?” he replied sarcastically. I groaned but he was right.

I’m pretty sure even my abuela nena has seen it.

I sighed, “I’m just not used to all of this.” “I wasn’t either. It took me a while to even open up to the boys, but I did. I wish you would at least try.”

“Trust me, I am. It’s just a huge change in a little period of time.” “It gets better, I promise.”

I lightly chuckled, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

“Mommy, I go potty.” I sighed, slapping my hand to my forehead. “Please tell me that means you need to go and not you already have.” Tears sprung into his eyes, “Sorwy.”

“No, it’s alright.” I looked at Li and gave him a sympathetic smile, “I’m sorry.” He shrugged, “It happens.”

Li flagged for the waiter and left an autograph too as I took Jamie out of his high chair.

We got to our cars and Jamie kept complaining about how itchy and sticky he was.

“Is it alright if I come over?” I raised an eyebrow, “And what are your intentions Mr. Payne” I teased. He tinged, “Just to help with Jamie. I’m sure you need help every now and then.” I smiled up at him.

“Thank you and yes, I do need help.”

We parted ways as he drove in his car and I drove in mine. Jamie was whining nearly the whole way there. “Well you shouldn’t have peed yourself” I snapped.

We got home and Liam was already there in the complex waiting by our door. I unlocked the door and he followed us in. He took Jamie from me, seeing that I was starting to get annoyed.

“I’m just gonna run him a bath” I said before departing from the living room.

I ran his bath, making sure it was a little warm before putting in his bath toys which were just his action figures.

“Liam” I called. He came walking in here with Jamie. He stripped Jamie of his clothes and tossed them into the laundry hamper. He picked him up and blew a raspberry on his tummy, making him giggle.

“If you have something else to do you can go ahead and do it. I got it” he told me.  I smiled and kissed his cheek before leaving the bathroom. I’ve never really had alone time away from Jamie. Well I have but I’m usually with other people. It feels nice actually but I can’t help feeling a bit empty. I go to the kitchen, poor myself a glass of orange juice and sip on it.

I sit in front of the TV and carelessly flip through the channels. I’m not really watching anyway. All I can hear his Jamie and Liam playing in the bathroom down the hall.

I smile to myself as I sigh in content.

My smile drops when I hear a “Owwieee” come from Jamie. Before I could open my mouth I hear Liam’s voice. “Um, Eden?” “Yeah” I yell back. “Is there any Neosporin or alcohol?” “Yeah, in the medicine cabinet.”

It must not be that big of an emergency because everything sounds under control after a couple of minutes. I hear the bathwater draining but no voices. I turn the TV off and walk to the bathroom, forgetting my orange juice on the table.

When I walk in I see Liam holding a sleeping Jamie as he’s wrapped in a fluffy towel. What makes me frown is what’s in his other hand.

“Why are you touching my stuff?” I snap as I snatch the pill bottle out of his hand. “Well it sort of fell out of the cabinet. Eden, why didn’t you tell me-“ “I don’t have to tell you everything, Li.” I pass him and put the bottle back where it belongs.

“I’d expect you to tell me that you have depression!”

“If you’re going to yell then give me him” I hissed. I took Jamie out of Liam’s arms and walked to his room. I laid his sleeping body on his bed and changed him into his batman pajamas. I tucked him under the covers and set Clark beside him. I switched on his night light and left the room, leaving the door slightly open.

Liam followed me to the living room. I faced him and said, “First of all, it’s my business so I don’t have to say anything. Second, what does it matter to you?” “It matter because I’d like to know the well being of the people I’m close to.”

“It’s not like its big news. I’ve had it for a while now so whatever.”

“How long’s a while?”

I sighed as I ran my fingers through my hair, “Well I got postpartum depression after the twins were born. Progressed more after Lea died. The doctors make me take them so I don’t get any rash ideas.”


“Suicide Li.”

His eyes widen, “W-would you?”

“What? No. I’d never do that to Jamie.”

He sighed, “Just checking.”

“Can we please change the subject?”

He nodded but didn’t say anything else. “What am I supposed to wear to this premiere thing?”

“A dress.”

“I don’t have any” I pouted. He chuckled as he tapped my bottom lip. “I can get the girlfriends to take you.” “The girlfriends?” “Yeah, Eleanor, Elizabeth and Perrie.” “I…I don’t know” I shied away. “Oh come on, it can be fun. Do it please, for me?” I sighed in defeat. I can’t just deny those big brown eyes.


“Perfect.” He took out his phone and checked the time. “Look, I gotta go. I’ll text you the girls’ number and whatever I’m wearing. I think it’d be cute if Jamie and I got matching clothes, don’t you think?”

I laughed, “You are really getting into this.”

“I try. Ok so I’ll see you Wednesday.” “Yup, Wednesday evening.” “You know, I’m not gonna see you for a couple days.” “Uhh…yeah?” “Well don’t I get a kiss or something.”

I giggled as I brought his face between my hands, leaned up on my tip toes and kissed him. He wrapped one arm around my waist and the other in my hair, deepening the kiss. I moaned into his mouth when his calloused finger tips ran up my exposed skin on my hips. I gasped when he bit my bottom lip, then dived his tongue into my mouth searching for mine. The kiss was slow yet deep and sensual. I pulled at his hair, emitting a groan from him.

I pulled away breathless when I didn’t want the kiss to go any further than necessary. He smiled down at me and pecked my lips. “Happy?” I asked. “Very” he replied. I walked him the rest of the way to the door and opened it for him. “I’ll have someone pick you guys up Wednesday at five okay?” I nodded.

“I’ll call you tomorrow.” I nodded again. “Make sure to talk to the girl tomorrow, too.” “Okay Liam” I laughed. He kissed my cheek before leaving my flat.

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