Careless -Complete-

You were my best friend. We did everything together. You were my first laugh, my first trouble, my first time. Then you left when I needed you most. So Liam, please tell me why you're back. I want us to be the same but how can that be? We can't because back then we were careless...and I'm a mother now.
Warning: Mature scenes and language.


20. Our Home

A/N: I know it's been about a week...sorry! I might not be able to update for another week because I'm super busy with my cheer team. We have competition soon. Anyway I haven't updated this yet so....might be a lot of mistakes


I woke up to warm, wet kisses being spread across my neck.

“Liam” I groaned in annoyance. His chuckle fanned across my now moistened skin, forming shivers.

I fluttered my eyes opened and saw him hovering over me. I playfully rolled my eyes and pushed him aside. “What time is it?” I asked. “Time to get up” he teased.

I sighed and checked my phone. 8:34

“Why are you waking me up so early?”

“Because I’m hungry.”

“And that’s supposed to mean…”

“I want to make something to eat.”

“Then go make it.”

“With you.”

I let out a grumble and sat up, making sure to keep the sheet tight on my chest. I looked around the floor for something to slip on and found Liam’s night shirt. His grey shirt barely covered my bum but it’ll have to do. I got out of bed with the shirt on and went to my drawer to get out some clean underwear.

I pulled them up my legs and grabbed a hair tie to put my messy hair into a bun.

I looked over at Liam and saw him sitting up staring at me.


He shook his head as a blush crept up on his face. He got out of bed and pulled on his joggers. I left the room, instructing Liam to be quiet because Jamie was still asleep. We got to the kitchen and started to make breakfast.

As I was tending to the eggs that were in the pan in front of me I felt Liam wrap his arms around me from behind.

He rests his chin on my shoulder and asked, “What’re you making?”

“Either you’re blind or too lazy to check for yourself.”

“The latter” he chuckled.

“Eggs, Liam…eggs.”


I didn’t mind his hands rubbing across my thighs but when they slid the shirt up a little I was alert.


“I’m not doing anything.”

I shrugged him off and went back to the eggs.

I heard crying from down the hall and knew it was Jamie.

I turned down the fire on the eggs and set the spatula down.

“Don’t worry about him. I’ll get him” Liam offered. “You sure?” He nodded and left to Jamie’s room.

His crying soon stopped and I smiled to myself as I returned to the food.

After the eggs and pancakes were ready I made everyone plates and set them on the table. Liam came in with Jamie in his arms. He was still tired and I could tell by his droopy eyes. I went to them, kissed Jamie’s cheek and took him out of Liam’s arms.

“Good morning baby” I smiled as I sat him down in his high chair. “Morning.”

I set his plate in front of him with a sippy cup filled with orange juice.

Liam sat down as well and I sat across from him. We began to eat.

“I was thinking we could leave tomorrow.”

“Um…yeah that sounds good. How long do you plan on staying?” “Just a few days. Maybe three or four?” “That’s alright with me” I agreed. I just want to see my mom really.

“Wait, I thought you had to film some music video?”

“Oh! We finished filming and it’s online now.” “Really?” I smiled. “Yeah, our families are in it. I think it’s pretty creative.” “You’re being biased” I laughed. “You’ll just have to see for yourself.”

“I don’t have a computer” I frowned. “Your phone” he pointed. “Wait…you said your mom’s in it? How?”

“We’ve been filming for a while and the family shots were taken some time ago.”

“Oh, well I can’t wait to see. I haven’t seen your mom in ever.”

“And dad” he added. “Yes…Geoff. He always freaked me out.” “What, he is a nice guy!” “Who’s like three times my size!”

Liam laughed, “Okay I’ll give you that one.”

“Okay, okay! The anticipation is killing me. I wanna see the video.”

He chuckled as I eagerly gave him my phone. Jamie whined because he wanted to watch the video too. I lifted him from his high chair and sat him on my lap. Liam gave me back my phone as the video started to play. I let Jamie hold it so he and I could see it.

The song that played was sweet music that I found myself loving. I loved the pictures of their families. I thought Zayn and his sister were so cute. Harry’s mom is gorgeous…seriously.

“Awh, look at little Li!” I teased when the picture of his family appeared. He nudged my arm with a playful pout.

When the music video ended a soft tear ran down my face. “Are you crying?” Liam asked, clearly amazed. “Oh, shut up! Louis’ bit was sad!”

He helped me clear the table and wash the dishes. He offered to bathe Jamie while I packed our bag for the trip. After Jamie was done with his bath Liam changed him into some day clothes and took him into the living room to do whatever.

I turned on the shower and hope in. The warm water hit my body and loosened my tight muscles.

Ugh, that feels good.

I feel like now should be a time to think, to think things through.

I sighed when Liam came to mind.

He was my only friend, only everything.

Now here he is and…our way with each other has changed. Not our playful relationship, but our intimate one.

 He cares for me.

He wants to be with Jamie.

He wants to be with me.

I can’t help but just…love him.

I run my fingers through my wet hair, finally admitting it to myself.

I love him.

I love Liam!

I felt giddy yet sad at the same time.

This is all so much.

I turned off the shower after a good lather and wrapped myself in a towel.

I walked to my bedroom, taking notice of the flow noise of their voices. I properly dried myself and slipped on a pair of black legging and a large white knit sweater.

I put on my black UGG boots and walked to the living room.

“All of Jamie and I’s stuff is packed” I told Liam. He nodded, gave Jamie back his hulk and stood from the floor. “I have to stop by the house to get my suitcase. I’m already packed.”

We soon left and Liam helped but my two bags in the car. We left to him and the boys’ house for he could grab his suitcase. I decided to text my dad while we waited for Liam in the car.

E: We’re on our way.

D: I’m so glad you’re coming. I haven’t seen Jamie in about a year. See you in an hour.

E: Later dad. Love you.

D: Love you too.

The trunk opened and Liam threw in his bag before getting into the driver’s seat.

“Wait!” I heard coming from the house. I saw Louis jogging towards the car. He opened Jamie’s door, took him out of his seat and hugged him. “You can’t just leave for four days and NOT say goodbye!” he exclaimed as he swung him around. Jamie giggled and shouted for him to stop. Louis gave him a kiss to his forehead before putting him back into his car seat and closed his door.

He leaned his head into my window and kissed my cheek. “See ye Eden.” “Later Louis” I smiled.

“What about me!” Liam said. “Yeah yeah” Louis shooed before walking back over to the house.

The car ride was filled with the soft music of the radio. We were nearly half way there when Liam decided to strike up a conversation.

“Have you seen or talked to my mom since you left?” His voice was low, making sure not to wake Jamie.

I gave him a sad smile, “No. I haven’t kept in contact with anyone. My dad calls, that’s the only reason I talk to him, really.” “Why’s that? My mom would’ve loved to talk to you.”

“I know she’s great. She talked to me when my mom wouldn’t.”

“Then what happened?”

“I moved and became depressed. I wanted to prove to my mom that I didn’t need anyone else but all that trying caused me depression. I didn’t want to see anybody. It’s been Jamie and I for so long.”

He grabbed my hand with his free one and gave it a squeeze.

“I’m sorry” I croaked as I wiped a stray tear.

“No, no, don’t cry. There’s no need.”

“I cry all too much” I shamefully laughed.

“It’s alright. I know this isn’t the right time to…um…Eden?”

“Yeah?” I was worried now. He was stuttering, a trait Jamie seemed to take from him.

“Would you…uh…be my girlfriend? I know you’ve never r-really had a boyfriend and all but why not me. ya know? We basically already know everything about-“

“Li, you’re rambling.”

“S-sorry. Would you consider it though?”

I felt my face heat. I removed my hand from his to cover my rosy cheeks.

If you really want to be with him you have to at least try

Harry’s words ring through my ears.

I guess this means risking the one thing he could make, take or break. My heart.

“Um, y-yeah. I should have you know that I have no idea what happens now.”

That made him chuckle. “You’re doing just fine.”

There were only a few more minutes left of the ride when we fell into silence again.

I took the time to think of my mom. Hopefully she was okay. She may be disappointed in me or even disgusted but I can’t feel the same way. I mean, she’s my mother. I’m supposed to lover her unconditionally right? I just wish she felt the same. I can’t help but think that her lover for me is lost. It’s been gone for a while. I remember I once overheard her and my dad arguing about disowning me while Jamie was only nine months old. I had to lull him to sleep with my crying voice that night.


“She’s so stupid!”

“Hey! She can hear you! How can you even say that, she’s our daughter!”

“She’s no daughter of mine!”

My parents shouted in their room from down the hall. Even with my door closed and stereo playing, I can hear them.

I give up.

I pick Noah up and cradle him in my arms as I mill around my room and sing to him through my tears.

He was asleep by the time I finished. I kissed his button nose which made him adorably scrunch it.

I sat at the edge of my bed and faced my window. The window that was directly across from Liam’s. I look into his window only to see a dark vacant room.

“Oh Liam.”

It’s been so long.

“You see that room baby?” I spoke to my resting son. “That’s your daddy’s room. We did everything in there. The only place we did something memorable in here was the night we lost ourselves in each other.”

I turned off everything in my room and laid Jamie down his crib. I kissed him goodnight before getting into my own bed and falling asleep to my parents’ useless argument.

End of Flashback

The mere memory made me nauseous. That and I’m reading in the car.

“Stop the car” I demanded.


“Stop the car, Li!”

The car came to a halt. I quickly unbuckled my seatbelt and pushed the door open. We were on the side of the road. I rushed behind a bush and let out the worst tasting bowel from my stomach.

Li called to see if I was okay or if he should come help but I shooed him. I didn’t want him leaving Jamie in the car. I wiped my mouth with my sleeve and went back to the car. I opened the trunk, unzipped my suitcase and got out my mouthwash. Jeez throw up tastes horrible. I rinsed my mouth and did it again with water before closing everything up and getting back in the passenger seat.

Liam looked worriedly over at me. I rested my head on the headrest and looked to the ceiling of the car. “How many more minutes?” “We’re actually down the street. Are you alright?” “Yeah. Just car sickness. You can’t drive” I joked. “Drive better than you” he snorted.

He pulled into the driveway of his old home. Mine was right beside it. Wow, I haven’t seen this place in years.

He turned off the ignition and rested into his seat. “My house or yours first.”

I sighed. “Yours.”

I looked over at him and his brows furrowed with a concentrating expression.

I laid my hand on his and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I was wonder if you wanted to, ya know, tell my mom about Jamie. I mean, I don’t mind telling her but I know she’ll flip. Your choice.”

“I…I do want to tell her but, then what will she think of us? Your mom is the only mother I have right now and I don’t want her hating me too.” My voice cracked.

“Hey, your mom doesn’t hate you, Ed, just like my mom won’t.”

I let out a shaky breath.

“Just let me do all the talking.” I nodded in agreement before we got out of the car. I got Jamie out of his seat and carried him.

“Jamie baby” I whispered in his hear. I bounced a bit to wake him up. He started whining.

“Shh, wake up.” He began to cry.

Liam took him from me and rocked him. He instantly stopped. Well I’ll be dammed.

“We’re at Daddy’s mommy’s house. Don’t you want to meet my mommy and daddy?” Jamie sniffled and wiped his eyes as he nodded.

Jamie as technically already met her. Liam’s mom would invited me over all the time after the babies were born. She said I kept her company since Liam was away. I doubt Jamie remembers her though.

“Okay then. Let’s wipe those tears.” He ran his thumb under Jamie’s eyes and kissed all over his face making him giggle.

We walked to the door. Jamie reached for me so I took him back in my arms when Liam rang the doorbell.

His dad answered the door and his eyes shined with the sight of his son. He brought him in a hug and smiled.

“You made it.”

He looked over Liam’s shoulder at me and his eyes went wide. “Eden?” I slowly nodded. He humorously laughed and wrapped his arms around Jamie and me.

He kissed my cheek. “Hello Geoff.” “Look at Noah. How old are you now, little guy?” “Three” he whispered. “Wow, it’s been that long? Come inside, Karen is going to go insane.”

Geoff asked if he could hold Jamie and I gladly agreed. He and Liam walked ahead of me while I stayed in back with my hands in my jacket pockets. “Karen!” Geoff called. I heard her footsteps from the kitchen and then heard a shriek. “Liam!” she hugged him.

“Geoff whose baby is that? Did Liam bring him?” I walked a little closer so I was in her line of vision and smiled when her eyes drifted towards me.  “Oh Eden!” she exclaimed as she hugged me and swayed us side to side. “It’s been so long.” I felt the tears form behind my lids but I blinked them back quickly.

She placed a big kiss to my cheek before letting go. She turned to Geoff and Jamie. “Oh, he’s such a big boy now!” She smothered his face with kissed, making him laugh.

“Why don’t we sit down and catch up?” Karen suggested.

We went into the kitchen and sat at the table. Jamie was on my lap and Liam by my side while his parents were on the other side.

He held my free hand and rested them on my lap. “How have you been, Eden? Where are you these days?”

“I live about an hour or so out of town. I’m a waitress and it’s just Jamie and I in my flat.”

“You sound well” Geoff commented. I nodded. “How’d Liam find you? He’s been looking for a while.”

I looked to see Liam’s cheeks tinge. “I was working and he was there with the guys.” “Wow, that’s great.”

Liam and I both glanced at each other and his small wink made me blush.

Karen must’ve noticed. “What’s going on between you two” she smiled.

“Oh, um, Ed and I are dating.”

Karen squealed, “Oh I knew it! You know, gossip websites are like a gift.”

Ugh, I’m on a friggin’ gossip website.

“Tell me, Noah, are you in school?”


“He’s a bit too young” I added.

“Oh, I see. Is he potty trained?”

“Eh, we’re working on it. He’s doing very well but he has his accidents every now and then.”

“That’s so good to hear.”

Liam squeezed my hand under the table; basically telling me now is the time he should tell them.

I squeezed back in agreement. “Alright, can you guys just sit there and listen?” Liam suggested.

“There something wrong?” Geoff asked. “No, just listen and try not to talk until I’m finished?”

They both nodded. Liam started.

“Okay well, Eden and I have…um…we’ve been together before now. When I found out she had Jamie I was as surprised as you guys probably were finding out she was pregnant. What I didn’t know is that Jamie is MY son. We um…the night of our spring formal, yeah that’s when it happened. And please don’t be mad at her because the only reason she didn’t tell you was because she didn’t want you to be disappointed in her or me…”

“You’re rambling again” I mumbled.

“Anyway, I just thought you guys deserved to know now because I think Jamie should know his grandparents.”

Their shocked faces only made me more nervous. What if they didn’t want to speak with me anymore because I hadn’t told them?

“I’m sorry” I whispered as I hung my head. Jamie noticed my mood because he instantly buried his head in my chest.

“So…I’m a grandfather?” Liam slowly nodded. A slow smile graced Geoff’s lips. He stood, walked around the table and embraced Liam in a hug, lifting him from his seat. I heard his sob against Liam’s shoulder.

I knew they’d be upset.

I lightly gasp from the pain in my chest when Karen shuts her eyes and shakes her head, letting tears fall.

I can’t be here.

I stand from my chair and start to leave for the door.

I knew this would happen, just like my mom.

I reach the door and open it with my free hand. A hand comes behind me and slams it shut. I turn around and see Liam towering over me with a worried expression on his face. “Where are you going?”

“To my dad’s” I mutter. He shakes his head. “Please stay for a while longer.” “They obviously need some time and I don’t want to be here when they start talking about me.” My voice shook with the last words.

“They’re not I’ll make sure of it.”

They might think I tried to trap him by telling him Jamie was his son.

“Liam…I…Tell me the truth. Tell me you’re not just with me because you feel obligated to.”

Anger struck his eyes.

“What? No. Why would you say something like that?” I shook my head while tears fell. Jamie kept his head in the crook of my neck.

“I don’t think I can make you happy” I croaked.

“But you DO make me happy, Ed. Please don’t feel this way. If you want to go to your dad, I’m right behind you.” He wiped the tears from under my eyes and kissed my forehead, the corner of my eye, my cheek, the corner of my mouth and finally my lips. He held my face to his. I ran my free hand up his chest and curled my fingers around his neck. His deep kiss ended with soft pecks to my needy lips. He rubbed his nose against mine, making me smile. He pressed his smile against mine.

“There’s that smile.”

I love you.

“Ready?” he asked. I nodded. He gave me another peck before taking Jamie into his arms. He opened the door for me.

“Where are you going?” His mother and father stood at the end of the foyer watching us.

“Eden came to visit her mother” Liam replied. “Oh, yes, I heard she was ill. Tell her I said hi.”

I nodded. “It was nice seeing you guys again” I mumbled with a soft voice. I turned and left outside.

“Eden, honey-“ Karen called after me before Liam interrupted. “I’ll be back” he said.

We walked the short distance from his parents’ house to mine. I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. He was expecting me so he should be home.

He answered the door with a wide smile. “Dad!” I exclaimed and jumped on him. He laughed and swayed me. “Eden, how are you?” he asked after I pulled away. “I’m good. I’m glad to see you.”

“Where’s Noah?” I nodded my head over my shoulder. My dad stopped and stared. He slowly let go of me. “Liam…” he said. “Hey Isaac.” My dad playfully rolled his eyes. “It’s Mr. Hill to you.” “Yeah, yeah Isaac.” My dad laughed and brought him in a hug. He took Jamie from Liam and kissed his forehead.

“Hey, buddy.” Jamie smiled and tightened his grip around my dad’s neck. We closed the door and went to the living room. My dad looked at me as if asking for answers.

“He knows, dad” I told him, referring to Liam knowing that Jamie is his son. A smile played on his lips.

“…and we’re dating” I added. I saw the light in his eyes. He surprised me by laughing. “I knew this would happen. I had a gut feeling about it.”

I rolled my eyes. Liam wrapped and arm around my waist as we sat on the couch and my dad on the other with Jamie. I leaned into him as my dad began to speak.

“Right, so your mother is in the hospital right now. Doctors are keeping an eye on her because they’re not sure what’s wrong. She’s awake and well but they’re making sure.”

“Have you visited her?”

“Oh yes I have. I was going to stay the night there tonight but I don’t want to leave you guys alone.”

“No, dad, it’s alright. How about we go there now and stay for a while. We can come back here while you stay.”

“You sure, I don’t want to be a bad host.”

“We’ll be fine.”

“Okay. You wanna go now?”

I looked over at Liam, “Are you coming or do you wanna be with your mom?” He kissed my cheek. “I’ll go with you then I’ll get home to my mom.”

I nodded and pecked his lips before standing up.

We left to the local hospital. Liam, Jamie and I followed my dad there. It was about a ten minute drive.

We all met up at the entrance and walked in together. The man at the front desk told us where her room was. We got there and opened her room door. A sour feeling passed through me when I saw my mom all strapped up to different machines.

She turned her head towards us and a surprised look spread across her face.

“I didn’t tell her you were coming” my dad whispered in my ear.

“Ay, mi angelita” she awes.

I walk to her and bend down to give her a hug. “Hi mom.” Her thin hands reach up and hold my face while her eyes scan over my face. “It’s been too long, Eden.”

I could practically see the guilt in her eyes.  “I know.”

I stood as my dad came and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Liam came beside me and wrapped and arm around my waist, his hand resting on my hip. Jamie toddled over to me and grabbed my hand.

“Is that Liam?” I heard my mom ask. He smiled, “Yes it is Mrs. Hill.”

“Come here and give me a hug, it’s been a while little Li.” Liam chuckled and walked over to my mom, bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Jamie went to Liam and reached his arms up for him. Liam seemed to be oblivious to him as he’s talking to my mom. Jamie starts bouncing on his toes and turning red.

“Daddy!” he whined. Liam whipped his head down to him. He picked him up and settled him on his hip.

“Sorry little guy.”

“Daddy?” my mom asks.

Liam nods with a smile.

My mom already knew Liam was Jamie’s dad but she never thought he’d find out. She thought I was a coward. Well he knows now.

My mom’s smile showed that she was really happy for me. I haven’t seen that smile since she sent Liam and me off to our spring formal.

My mom spoke with Jamie but it was only small talk but it was enough.

We stayed there for a couple hours before I notice Jamie doze off. We decided to leave. My dad stayed in his seat while I said goodbye to my mom.

We drove home rather late and got out of the car.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow” he spoke first.

I nodded. He gripped my chin between his thumb and forefinger, leaned down and kissed me. His numerous kisses left me whimpering with want. He knew he was teasing me by the smile he showed when he pulled away. He kissed to the top of Jamie’s head and wrapped his arms around the both of us. “Goodnight you two.”

He gave me one last kiss on the cheek before sending me off.

Liam’s POV

“Why didn’t you tell us son” my dad said.

“I didn’t know!” I repeated for the third time. “I just found out that Jamie is mine. Don’t you think I would’ve told you!”

As soon as I stepped into the house all hell broke loose.

“We’re just worried about you Liam” my mom said. “Worried?” “Yes. You have a career now and you’re very busy, how are you going to care for them both?”

“Are you suggesting that I leave her?!”

“No! Oh gosh no. I’m just worried that you’ll have not time to be a part of Noah’s life.”

“Well I’ll make time. I care too much about Eden to let this go.”


“Goodnight” I said and left up the stairs to my old room.

I change out of my clothes and into some joggers from my suitcase. I look out my window wanting to see that stars. You don’t see them much in the city. Instead I see Eden and Jamie playing around. Almost forgot our windows were adjacent. I watch Eden tickle him and blow raspberries on his stomach. I smile at the scene.

I take a moment to text the guys, telling them that Eden and I are alright.

I look back out the window and see Eden rocking Jamie as she lulls him to sleep. Her lips form around words of a song that I’m all too familiar with. She turns her head and catches my eyes, she tinges.

I wave and I see her giggle. She comes to the window and presses a kiss to the glass, leaving her lip print on the glass. I do the same and her small wink gets me excited.

I watch her walk out of the room but I know she’ll be back.

Eden’s POV:

Jamie woke up in the middle of me changing his pajamas and began to cry. I was in my parent’s room because they have a TV in here. I can’t sleep with the TV on but Jamie can so he’ll stay in here.

Thankfully he fell asleep again in no time. I had to declaw his fingers from my night shirt before slipping out of the bed. I left the TV on low and cracked the door before leaving down the hallway to my old room.

Liam is still at his window. I push him up and instruct him to do the same. “Come here” I smirk. His eyes light up as he opens his window wider. I watch him climb across the tree and laugh when a branch snaps.

I step back when he reaches my window and cover my mouth when he stumbles and falls in.

“Old habits die hard.”

“Oh shut up” he groans. I help him stand up and wrap my arms around his waist. “Stay with me” I say in a sweet voice. He smiles down at me and sweetly kisses my lips.

 I lead him to the edge of the bed. I stood there and looked up at him as he looked down at me.

I travelled my hands up his chest and locked them around his neck.

“There’s something wrong” he stated more than questioned.

I sighed, “I’m just worried about what your parents think of me.”

“Don’t. Worrying about them won’t get us anywhere. It’s just you, me and Jamie. It’s perfect.”

Oh I love you.

I leaned up and kissed his lips and across his jaw before reaching his ear. “Put me to bed Liam” I whispered.

He gripped my shirt and pulled it over my head. He put one hand under my leg and the other on my wait and settled me on the bed. He hovered over me and began to kiss down my neck and chest.

Ten seconds of courage.


“Yes, Eden” he mumbled against my skin.


I pulled his hair to level his face above mine.


“What’s wrong Ed?”


“N-nothing’s wrong. I’m just trying to tell you something.”


“Tell me because you’re starting to worry me now.”

“I’m trying to.”


“I love you.”

I let out a breath that I never knew I was holding.

He looked me in the eyes with a new kind of life.

He said nothing but…he didn’t have to.

He ravaged my mouth with his own, showing me his love.

I felt loved.

“Hold me, Liam. H-hold me” I breathed as he kissed across my collar bones.

He curled his arm under my waist, arching my back to press my chest to his. I gripped his hair as he made sweet love to me for hours.

“Where you going?” Liam asked me. We began to rest after our heated activities.

“To check on Jamie.”

“I’ll do it.”

I smiled up at him. He pecked my lips before getting up, slipping on his joggers and leaving the room.

He came back with Jamie in his arms. He was awake and whining. I pulled on a shirt and reached out for him. He cuddled into me and instantly fell asleep.

My sweet boy.

Liam came and cuddled us both.

He kissed Jamie’s cheek and then my lips.

I smiled at him.

“Go to sleep, Ed, it’s been a long day.”

“Alright, goodnight Liam.”

“Night Ed.”


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