Careless -Complete-

You were my best friend. We did everything together. You were my first laugh, my first trouble, my first time. Then you left when I needed you most. So Liam, please tell me why you're back. I want us to be the same but how can that be? We can't because back then we were careless...and I'm a mother now.
Warning: Mature scenes and language.


25. My Valentine

All of my co-workers clapped for me and cheered me on. It’s been a week since my engagement to Liam and the word has been spreading like wildfire. Not the Liam part but me being engaged. I haven’t told anyone about Liam and I except for my parents. We decided to both wait for a reasonable date to tell everyone and when we say everyone, we mean the fans.

“Congrats, Hill” the manager, Marta cheered. She ordered everyone to clear out and get back to work but kept one, unknown, girl at her side. “So for a gift I’m assigning you a job.” I wanted to roll my eyes but that might just cost me my job. “This is my niece, Anna, and I need you to show her how the job is done. What better way than to get one of my best to do it?”

Uh, get someone else?

I smiled through my annoyance and replied, “No problem. Come follow me Anna.”

She followed me into the kitchen with a bored expression. I showed her how everything works and how orders will be taken place. “I hate this already” she muttered.

“Well it’s worth the money so I’d stop complaining.”

“I don’t even need the money. My mom thought it’d show me some responsibility.”

“It’s a fun job. Really, you get to meet some nice people.”

She sighed, “I guess so.”

My phone vibrated in my pocket. I saw that it was Elizabeth before answering. “How’s my future sissy in-law!” she squealed before I could even mumble a ‘hello’.

“I’m fine actually. I’ve been feeling a bit woozy lately but that’s it.”

“Taken anything for it?”

“Nope, don’t know what ‘it’ is. Anyway, is there a reason why you called?”

“Oh yeah, have you seen Niall?”

I rolled my eyes; this is like the third time this week. I checked the little window and indeed saw him sitting at a table with Louis, wearing a beanie and shades.

“Yes” I sighed.

“Tell him to come home!”

“What is it this time?”

“I want sex!”

I checked around the kitchen to see if anyone heard her proclamation, Anna raised a brow at me.

“You and me both” I muttered. I decided to wait until Valentine’s Day to ‘be’ with Liam again and I’m going mad! It’s been over a month, with the tour and him being busy, it seems like the only appropriate time.

I want it to be special and not out of a desperate need for each other at the moment. I thought the longer we wait the more special it’d be and with the ache between my legs, that night better be damn great.

“He gets cranky when he’s tired and we’ve been at it all week. Well, I’ve wanted more and he’s so damn difficult!”

I had to laugh at her desperation. “I’m not sex crazed or anything but they leave in another week and I want my time with him.” I could practically hear her pout. I was upset too. The boys leave merely three days after Valentine’s Day for yet another month. This’ll be the longest break they’ll have while on tour.

“Okay, give me a second and I’ll let him know.”

“Thanks Eden.”

“No problem. Bye Liz.”


I hung up and put my phone in my pocket.

“Who was that?” Anna asked.

“Just my friend, Elizabeth. She’s a little…worried about her boyfriend.” “Oh.” “You have a boyfriend?”

“Nope, no time.”

I lightly laughed, “What do you do with your spare time?”

“Um…write fan fiction.”

I raised an eyebrow, “About what?”

“One Direction? Ever heard of them?”

I couldn’t contain my smile. This is gold! “Why don’t you come with me? I have some people I want you to meet.”

I lead her out of the kitchen and to the table where Niall and Louis were sitting. “Eden!” They cheered once they saw me. “Hey guys, the usual?” “Yup.” “Sounds good. Elizabeth called me…again.”

Niall rolled his eyes, “I’m so worn out” he whined. I laughed. “I’ll let you stay for a while but after that go see her! She just wants to spend time with you.” “I know. I’ll get her some flowers or some shit. Girls like that right?” he ask Louis who just laughed at him. I thumped his head, “Think you idiot!” “I’m kidding. Jeesh.”

“Whatever, I have someone I want you to meet.” I gestured to Anna who was standing beside me.

“Boys, this is Anna. Anna, this is Niall and Louis.”

“F-fr-from…uh…” she stammered.

“It’s nice to meet you, love.”

“No way. How do you know them?” She asked me with bulging eyes. I lifted my left hand to show her my rang, “I’m marrying one of them.”

“Oh my… How could I not have noticed? You’re-you’re Eden Hill. You’re dating Liam!”

“Engaged actually” Niall corrected her. I glared at him. She seemed so relieved by the news.

“You guys are my OTP!” she smiled.

“That’s what Harry says” Louis chuckled.

“Oh my gosh…” I slapped a hand on my forehead, this is gonna be a long day.


After work I drove to Liam’s and the boys place to pick up Jamie. I was dead tired and my feet were aching.  I felt so heavy these days. Fat ass.

I knocked on the door and thankfully Liam answered. I lazily lifted my arms with a pout. He chuckled and picked me up. Carrying me through the house. I wrapped my arms around his neck and began to drift before I felt soft cool sheets under me. He set me down on the bed. I groaned and rolled over on my stomach, with my head turned to the side so I wouldn’t suffocate in the blankets.


“Yessss. “

“You work too much” he said as he started to untie my vans.

“Let’s not have this argument again. I’m too damn tired” I said, referring to the time we had a little disagreement about whether I should keep working or not. Of course I wanted to but Liam thought otherwise.

Liam hissed as he slid my right shoe off. “They’re so swollen” I whined. “I see. We’ll have to get you knew shoes, they look a bit tight.” “Are you trying to say I have fat feet?” “No” he chuckled, “Your feet are obviously hurting you.”

“You have no idea” I sighed. He slid off my other shoe and both my socks. The cool air soothed the ache. “Where’s Jamie?” I asked. “In Niall’s room watching a movie.” “What movie?” “Some movie about talking vegetables. Turnover on your back.”

I obeyed, giving Liam a small smile when our eyes met.

He started kneading my foot and…oh my…it felt nice. I closed my eyes with a sigh of content.

“You know the boys are worried about you too.”

“I don’t know why, I’m fine” I replied.

“You’ve been having dizzy moments lately. If Zayn hadn’t been there that one time you would’ve fallen.”

“I’m just…I don’t know, tired?”

“I’m worried about you Ed.”

I opened my eyes to see his worried expression. “Don’t be, I’m fine.”

He forced a smile and kissed the inside of my ankle. “Come here.” He raised an eyebrow.

“Come lie down with me” I pouted.

He crawled onto the bed and pulled me into his arms.

“I’m taking you to the doctors” He mumbled into my hair. I groaned, knowing that this topic was no longer up for discussion.


“Whutcha makin’ baby” I asked Jamie as I strolled into his room to see papers scattered everywhere.

“Present for daddy.”

I smiled, remembering that Valentine’s Day was tomorrow night. “Want me to help?”

“I’m done but…you can look?”

“Sure.” I came further into the room and sat across from him. It was a card cut into a heart. I opened it and there were little drawings of him and Liam together. In big words it said ‘I LUVE YOU’.

“It’s perfect” I told him, not bothering to correct his spelling. “Make sure you sign your name.”

He took a while to write his name, he’s just learned how to. “Spell my last name?” “P-A-Y-N-E, Payne.”

He thanked me after the card was finished. I picked him up and took him to the bathroom to get cleaned up. He had some paper glued to his face and glue smeared on his cheeks. I brought out my phone and told him to smile as I snapped a pic.

I sent it to Liam with the caption ‘Making your gift’.

After a quick bath and a bedtime story he was asleep.


“Thank you so much for doing this” I thanked Elizabeth for the thousandth time. She was once again helping me with my hair and makeup. I’m also extremely thankful that she’s watching Jamie for me. I didn’t even have to ask, she offered and I was glad because it’s extremely hard to ask a favor on Valentine’s Day night.

“No problem.”

She made sure everything was completely natural. Well…she straightened my hair and put some tinted gloss on my lips, right along with a thin layer of eyeliner and mascara. Okay so maybe not natural but natural-looking.

Before she came I made sure I showered well and pampered myself by painting my nails and such.

“You’re all done.” I looked in the mirror and smiled. Perfect.

I went to my room and slipped on my plum dress that fell right above my knees. It hung perfectly to my skin and flowed a bit when I walked. The straps were thick on my shoulder and my gold sandals matched the sequins that littered them.

I snapped on my cape necklace that Liam gave me and argue with myself about slipping on my engagement ring. I don’t know where Liam is taking us and if there’s gonna be paparazzi swarming us but oh well, they’ll find out sooner or later. I put it on and admire it from the length of my arm stretched in front of me. It’s so beautiful.

“Daddy’s here!” Jamie yelled from the living room. I pass Elizabeth on my way there and see Jamie give Liam his card. Liam smiles down at him and engulfs him in a hug, swooping him into his arms. I can faintly hear his ‘I love you too’ as I come closer.

Liam looks up and smiles warmly at me. My cheeks tinge a bit at the attractive way he’s dressed. White button up and dark jeans…so simple yet so perfect.

He puts Jamie down as I kiss his cheek. Once I know Jamie is out of the room I grab Liam’s face and hungrily press my lips to his. His moan heats my insides. We move our lips roughly against each others, the lick of our tongues becoming more frequent.

“Alright you two” Elizabeth’s voice. I inwardly groan at my friend. I look at Liam and smile a bit once I see my lip gloss smeared on his lips. I gently wipe it off with my thumb and turn to Liz. I raise an eyebrow, “You know the rules?” She rolled her eyes, “Yes mom. We’ll be gone before you guys get back.”

Liam and I gave Jamie one last goodbye before leaving to his car outside.

“Where are we going?” I ask with my biggest sweetest smile. He chuckled, “It’s a surprise.” “You know I hate surprises.” “Yeah, ‘cause you’re impatient.” I playfully swatted his arm. He glanced at my hand “I see you’re wearing your ring.” “Well, it is mine” I teased. He pulled me to his body by my hips. His lips brushed against the sensitive skin on my neck. “And you’re mine” he breathed down my skin. Before I could reply or react to his soft trail of kisses down my neck, his warmth leaves me and he opens the door for me. Still in a daze I climb into the passenger seat. I see a flash of light and instantly know it’s a camera. “First of many” Liam sighs before closing my door.

We were at a treat shop. I raised an eyebrow at Liam, “This was your big surprise?”

He scoffed, “There’s meaning to it. Come on, get out the car.”

Liam ordered a large strawberry milkshake in one of the old timey glass shake cups. He came to our table and set it in the middle. “And where’s mine?” “We’re sharing” he smirked as he passed me a straw. I struck mine through the shake as he did the same. “What is it you said? A ‘cliché movie date’?”

My surprise was registered in my eyes. He’d been listening. Through my yelling that night, he actually listened.

“I’ll take that face as a thank you.” He picked up one of the long ice cream spoon and got some of the spoon before approaching my mouth with it. I gave him a shy smile before wrapping my lips around the spoon and eating the rich cream. “It’s really good.”

He nodded in agreement before spooning some into his own mouth.

“Is this why the place is empty? You’ve planned this for awhile?” “Yeah, basically.”

“It’s really sweet of you to do this.” His cheeks reddened. “You deserve it.”

I bit my lip a moment, trying to conceal my giddiness. “Come here” I said as I leaned across the table. He got the idea as he leaned in as well, looking at my lips the whole way. I pressed my lips against his in a sweet soft kiss. The sharp lights of a camera was what made us pull away. I looked out the big shop window to see a few paparazzi outside. I sat back in my seat. “Sorry” Liam muttered. I shrugged, “It’s alright.”

“Come on” he said as he stood and held out his hand. “What about the-“ “Not important right now. I have something better to show you.”

We drove around until we stopped at some sort of…place. I don’t know. We walked in, hand in hand, and it was huge. The decorations reminded me of some sort of party. There was a stage and balloons.

No one was in here besides us. “What’s all this for?” He smiled and led me to the middle of what seemed to be the dance floor. ‘Look after you’ began to play through the speakers. The lyrics tugged at my heart.

Liam held me close by my waist and swayed me side to side. I loosely wrapped my arms around his neck and rest my head against his shoulder. “You didn’t have to do all this but I really appreciate it.”

“I just wanted to give you what you couldn’t have while I was away.”

I looked up into his big brown eyes and pressed my lips to his in a chaste kiss. He nuzzled his face into my neck and held me closer.

“You know after all these years you still never complain about me calling you Ed.”

I giggled, “It’s grown on me.”

It was silent for a moment while the music played through. It was a comforting silence that I needed.

The song ended and a fake applause rung throughout the building. I giggled at Liam’s creativity.

He pecked my cheek before walking onstage to the mic. “Now it’s time to announce our winter formal queen. Drum roll please….Eden Hill” he exclaimed.

I laughed as I got up and stage and got my ‘crown’. “A few words from our queen.”

I took the mic from him, “I’d like to thank Liam for making this all possible. I sure do feel like one of those movie stars.”

Liam clapped as he took back the mic. I went to him and wrapped my arms around him, “Take me home Liam” I purred then tugged at his ear with my teeth.


As soon as we both were in my voiceless flat I was on Liam. My legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck as I fiercely kissed him. Running my fingers through his hair to get some leverage.

He clumsily carried me to my bedroom, barely being able to switch on the light. He sat at the edge of my bed with me astride his lap. My sandals were removed with my own two feet and I faintly heard the sound of Liam taking off his sneakers by the heels. His hands slid up my thighs and bunched my dress at the hips before peeling it over my head.

“Shit” he swore as his eyes raked down my torso. I was glad to have chosen my black underwear set with lace design. He leaned his head down to connect his needy mouth my neck and collar bone. I took the opportunity to unbutton his shirt with shaky fingers and removing it off his body with his assistance.

I nibbled at his lower lip as my hands fumbled with his belt, his soft groans filling me.

Once removed, I aided with his pants. He kicked them off the rest of the way, leaving us both now in only our underwear. Our skin couldn’t get anymore needy. His arm wrapped around my waist as he moved us both further up the bed. His back against the headboard.

He helped in the undoing of my bra and stealthily watched as the straps failed from my arms revealing my newly bare chest. He kissed across it, littering his mark wherever he see fit. “Liam…”

His boxers were next to go with little help from me. His need was evident by the speed her reflected in his removal of his last garment. He eased mine down my hips. I lifted to my knees so he’d have the advantage of sliding them down my legs. Once they were strewn across my floor I shuffled a bit forward to align myself to him. With his hands on my hips and our gazes locked, I slowly sank onto him.

The sudden shock jolted me a bit, making us both moan because of our intimate connection.

He swiveled his hips a bit, comforting himself. “Oh…shit” I swore as my fingers clutched into the skin on his back.

My easy movement onto him were foreign as this was so new to me. My mouth formed into a silent ‘Ah’ as our paces matched. I sighed his name in content as his hold on me seemed to become tighter, greedier.

“Eden” he groaned my name with such passion that it jerked me forward and made us both catch our breath.

With heavy breath Liam began to say things that made me wild.

“Oh Eden…” His big brown eyes gazed at me in wonder.

“I can’t wait to make you mine.”

“I-I’m your…I’m yours.” I could barely comprehend what I was saying, his hips twisting beneath me, making our connection so much harder to withstand.

His pelvis purposefully bucked into mine, forcing the air out of my lungs.

“We can be a family…”

I cried out, my eyes squeezing together for a brief moment.

“You, Jamie and I. We can have more if we wanted.”

I moaned out the pleasure he was giving me. He kissed down my face and neck again, cherishing me.

“You’re so beautiful” he groaned, trying to strain himself for my sake.

“Liam…Liam” I whimpered.

“I love you Eden.”


“And you’ll be mine forever.”

My eyes rolled back, arching my back so my head tilted to the ceiling, “Yes.”

I was nearly there…so close.

“Mrs. Payne.”

And I lost it.

I was ripped apart with body jerking waves that left me nearly screaming. My breathless whimpers were the only things that my body gave me.

Oh but Liam wasn’t done with me yet. Rolling us over so I was pinned beneath him, he went heavily against me, bringing me to yet another shattering release. My body was wrung out and I could barely see the dim light of the moon. Liam nearly collapsed on top of me but rolled into my side, pulling me into his arms. “I love you too” I mumbled, drifting into sleep. I felt him leaving a kiss to the top of my head. All I remember was him rubbing up and down my back to soothe me into a deep sleep.

A/N: Hey guys!! I know it's been a while...sorry! So i'm leaving to my hometown in California this winter break and will be gone for two weeks. My mom's computer is completely fried and doesnt work so I can't update. I'll try and update before Friday, which is the day I leave. Please understand.

Oh and my parents surprised me and my friend with 1D concert tickets....had to put that out there. I was flipping out!

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great break.

Bye leprechauns!


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