Careless -Complete-

You were my best friend. We did everything together. You were my first laugh, my first trouble, my first time. Then you left when I needed you most. So Liam, please tell me why you're back. I want us to be the same but how can that be? We can't because back then we were careless...and I'm a mother now.
Warning: Mature scenes and language.


3. Jamie

It’s a very busy day today. The restaurant is packed and I haven’t even had lunch break.

I just finished another table so I walk to the kitchen to check on Jamie (Jay-mee). “And here’s another” I said, giving him another sheet of orders from my pad. “How many is that?” I asked. “Um…” he counted on his chubby fingers, “five!” he exclaimed. “Good job sport!”

“Eden!” I hear someone call my name. “Oh, I gotta go. I’ll be back” I said and dashed out the kitchen. “Bye Bye!” I heard him call after me.

It’s been about two years since I moved out of my house. As soon as I turned eighteen I was out of there. I found a nice place and a job close by. Waiting tables isn’t such a bad thing. I get paid a descent amount to pay bills.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen my parents. I wanted to run away from my mother’s judgmental glares. It’s been three years since I’ve last seen Liam. When he left I felt like a chunk of me was missing. I haven’t been the same since he left. I tried to change everything about me because I didn’t want to remember. I didn’t want anything to remind me of what I lost.

I cut my hair to shoulder length and keep it straightened. You’ll most likely always see me in a Nando’s uniform. I haven’t made any friends in this part of town and I suffer from mild depression. Whoopdydoo.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I almost tripped over the leg of a table. Oh gosh, how embarrassing. I walk to Marta, the woman who called my name aka the hostess. “Yes?” She smiled at me, “You’re needed at table three.” I nodded and turned on my heel to walk away. I went back to the kitchen, grabbed my order pad, left a chaste kiss on Jamie’s cheek and left.

The place was so crowded that I had trouble finding the table. I counted them out and when I spotted it I walked in that direction. There were about four-five guys crammed in the small booth. They were some attractive lads. I let a smile cross my lips as I saw them all squeezed together.

I stood before them, “Hi, can I start you all off with some drinks?” I asked. They looked up at me while one seemed too focused on his phone to care. “Oh, hi” one smiled brightly at me. I sent one back. “I’ll have a sprite.” “Me too” one chimed. “I’ll take a pepsi.” “I’ll have a coke.” I turned to the fifth boy who still hasn’t taken his head away from his phone. One nudged his side to catch his attention but he just nudged him back.  He sighed, “He’ll have water” one boy answered for him. I bit my lip to hold back an impending giggle.

“What’s so funny, love?” one asked with an amused expression. I smiled and shook my head, “Nothing.” I cleared my throat. “I’ll be right back with those drinks. I’m Eden and I’ll be your server today” I said and turned on my heel. I had only taken two steps when…

“Ed?” I heard a voice say. I stopped. What? No one ever calls me that. The only person to ever use it was… Oh gosh.

“She said her name was Eden” I heard one guys from the table I was serving say. I slowly turned back to that direction and my eyes met with another brown pair that I haven’t seen in years.

“Li?” My voice was barely over a whisper. He frantically got out of the booth and since he was in the middle of two of his mates he pushed the blond one to the floor. He paced towards me and wrapped his arms around me. “It’s really you!” he muffled into my hair. I wanted to cry but I found myself laughing into his chest. I pulled away, “Look at you! You’re…taller and look at your hair” I said as I ruffled his shortened waves. “My hair? Look at yours!” he exclaimed and began playing with the straightened locks. I swatted his hand away, “Don’t touch.” He chuckled. “Wow, how long has it been? Three years?” I wearily nodded.

I started to feel the wave of emotions come through me. I should get out of here before I embarrass myself.

I sighed, “I should really get back to work.” He showed a small smile and nodded. I was the first to turn away and walk back to the kitchen. “I got another one for you” I smiled at Jamie. “That’s six!” “Correct.” I went to the drink fountain and filled their drink orders. I sighed. I don’t think Liam being here is the best idea. Liam will always have a place in my heart but things have changed now. He’s obviously met new friends and I’m too busy to relive those days. I have bigger responsibilities to fulfill.

I hear a small sneeze. “Salud” I smiled. “Grashias” he laughed. He’s trying.

I put their drinks on a tray and left the kitchen once again to serve. Li sent me a smile and I gave one back. “You ordered a sprite…right?” I asked. The curly haired nodded with a smile. I set all their drinks down in front of them. Receiving small ‘thank you’s’ in the process. “Are you ready to order or-“ “Do you want to catch up sometime?” Liam interrupted. I’m really trying to work right now. I sighed, “Sure.” I brought out my pin. I smiled when he raised his sleeve and flipped his hand so the underside of his wrist was facing up. I playfully rolled my eyes and leaned down to write my number.

“What are we? Teenagers?” I giggled. He held a smug look on his face, “Well actually I just had a birthday.” I nodded, “I know. You turned twenty, what, three day ago?” I said as I finished off my number and capped my pin. He confusedly frowned. “I didn’t know you remembered.” “You don’t forget stuff like that.”

I brought out my ordering pad once again and was ready to take orders.

“Mommy Mommy” I heard the little voice call, followed by the familiar titter tatter of his footsteps. He tugged on my arm. I kneeled down so we were eye level. “Jamie you know what I told you about interrupting me during work.” “I know but-“ “Go to the kitchen.” He poked out his bottom lip as tears brimmed in his eyes. “Okay you can stay here with me.” He beamed. “But don’t speak unless spoke too, right?” He nodded. I stood back up and faced the boys again. They were all glancing between Jamie and me. My face heated. I glanced at Jamie and saw him hiding half way behind my leg.

I cleared my throat and opened my mouth to say something. “Who’s he?” Liam asked with curiosity written on his face. I sighed at his lack of detail. “This is Jamie. My son.”

And yours.

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