Careless -Complete-

You were my best friend. We did everything together. You were my first laugh, my first trouble, my first time. Then you left when I needed you most. So Liam, please tell me why you're back. I want us to be the same but how can that be? We can't because back then we were careless...and I'm a mother now.
Warning: Mature scenes and language.


28. It can't be 'that' time (added)

"You sure you're gonna be okay?"

I tiredly nodded. Jamie had his hand wrapped around my finger as I laid down on the couch.

"Liam, just go, I'm fine."

Liam kept asking me if I wanted to go back to the hotel and lie down but I didn't want to be there by myself...just in case.

"Alright, during intermission I'll be here and check on you okay?" I nodded again. He kissed my head and told Jamie to look after me before leaving out of the green room.

We were at one of their concerts, thankfully still in London. Liam wanted me to stay home with Sydney but I told him I wanted to be here for him and wish him 'good luck'. Big mistake.

I'm so cranky, hungry and super tingly...down there. Yes, people get hormonal when their pregnant.

"Mommy can I talk to Maddie?"

Jamie and Maddie have been close friends since they met the first day of school. Maddie is a sweet little thing and even helped me bake cookies with Jamie once. She likes rubbing on my belly and kissing it because that's what Jamie does. She's convinced that her baby sister is inside of me but Jamie likes to brag that it's his baby brother.

I grabbed my phone and called Sydney over FaceTime. She answered with a wide smile, "Hey Eden." "Hey" I mumbled. "Geez you look exhausted." "I'm very pregnant, Syd." "I see. What do you need?" "Jamie wanted to talk to Maddie. Apparently he's bored." "Okay let me get her. Maddie!"

I could hear voices from her side and suddenly Maddie was on the screen. "Eden!" she squeaked. "Hey sweetheart." "How's my sister?" I laughed. Jamie snatched the phone away from me and frowned at the screen. "No that's MY brother."

I let Jamie talk to her and decided to change from my uncomfortable position. I slid down to the floor and leaned my back against the couch. There. No more pressure on my side. I need to rest.

Jamie's POV:

"Tell me what happened today?"

"Miss sent Junnie to the corner because he kept pulling at my hair."

Junnie was a mean boy and always picked on Maddie. One time I got in trouble for trying to stop him and the argument ended with me pushing him to the ground. "He's a bully."

I'm sad I can't be there. Mommy and Daddy wanted me to be with them and go to concerts, but only until my little brother is here, then mommy, baby, and I can go home.

"Miss says that it's because he likes me. Like, likes me likes me. Ew."

I laughed at my friend. I looked around the phone screen to see that it only had 3%. "Maddie the phone is gonna die." She opened her mouth to say something but the phone shut off. Darn it.

I looked over to mommy but...something wasn't right. She was breathing hard and clutching onto the belly my little brother was in. I ran to her, she looked hurt. "Mommy?"

Her lips were blue and her face colorful like it usually is. Something was wrong.

I had to call the people mommy taught me to call during emergencies but her phone died.

"Mommy?" I asked again, lightly nudging her arm. She breathed harder. "You're scare me." My voice croaked as I began to cry.


"Mommy? What's happening?"

"Get L-Liam."

"No, I-I can help. You need water?" I tried to be helpful, maybe she just tired from being too big.


I jumped at her yelling at me. I quickly nodded and ran as fast as my little legs would carry me.

"Liam!" I yelled. I ran around the building until I saw him on stage with the boys laughing and messing around. I ran straight into Preston. He picked me up, "Where are you going little man? You're supposed to be in the green room." "I need my daddy!" I tied to wiggle out of his arms but he was much stronger than me. "He's busy at the moment." "My mommy needs help. Daddy!" I tried yelling for him only for Niall's laugh to block out my tiny voice.

**meanwhile in the green room**

Eden's POV:

I...can't breathe. I was perfectly fine, napping, when it all of a sudden felt like someone was smothering me with a pillow. I clutched my stomach as another wave of pain pierced through me. I wanted to cry and I would have if I wasn't panting so much.

I was sorry for yelling at Jamie but I need help...I need it now. I scratched at my throat with one of my hands, fighting to breathe. I was barely hanging on.

Jamie's POV:

I had to do something. I kicked and hit him while still being in his arms. "Let me down!" "Calm down Noah." "Ahh!" I yelled. I must have kicked him where it hurts because next thing I knew he was dropping me down while groaning.

I ran on stage, suddenly hit with bright lights. I was crying and trying to find

I ran straight into someones legs. I looked up to see a very shocked Louis. He held the mic away from his mouth and crouched down in front of me. I felt flashes our way and screams but I ignored them for my moms sake.

"Jamie what are you doing here? You know how much trouble you could be in?" He looked around on stage and looked almost relieved that Liam hadn't seen us. He began to pick me up and walk be backstage. "It's mommy! Somethings wrong." My voice echoed throughout the stadium and the place went quiet. The microphone.

Liam snapped his head over to us and jogged over in panic. "What do you mean 'somethings wrong'?" "She's breathing bad and-and her lips a-are blue...she-"

Liam ran off the stage, dropping his mic. Louis put me down and ran after him. Zayn came and picked me up--what is up with people carrying me?--and cradled me as I began to cry. I hope nothing's wrong with mom and my baby brother. I tried my best.

Eden's POV:

I hear beeping and lots of squeaks on the floor. I take a breath in and let it out, sounding like darth vader. I see lights above me, flashing by me and feel someone gripping my hand.

I look around to see me floating through the hospital but based on the pressure on my lower back I know it's a hospital. "Eden, are you alright?" I began to hyperventilate. I'm too overwhelmed right now.

"Calm down, Ed. Shh." I crossed my eyes to see I had an oxygen mask on me. My scream was muffled through the mask when I felt like I was just jack-hammered in the freaking vagina.

"Another contraction. Quick let's get her to her room."

Contraction? It can't be that time already.

I observed the situation and cursed when I saw that it was 'that time'.

They practically ripped off my shirt and pulled a giant napkin over my head. I don't remember my pants being taken off.

I suddenly felt Liam's hand slip from mine. "Liam..."

"Sir you can't come in this room without putting on the scrubs."

They rolled me away from him and I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

They had light all down in my area and the contractions kept on coming.

"She's only five centimeters. We need the pitocin." The nurse came and held my hand, telling me that pitocin was a drug to help the birthing process go faster.

"Liam...where's Liam?" "He's just getting changed and-"

"I'm right here." I felt his hand squeeze mine. I squeezed back when another contraction hit me. "Ughhh my god."

"Eden, honey, if you don't get to ten centimeters in the next thirty minutes we're going to have to go into an emergency C-section."

I tiredly mumbled an 'okay'. I just want this to be over with.

The thirty minutes came and went. I was tired and needed this baby out of

"You're only 9 and-"

"Can't you just make an exception, she's obviously in a lot of pain" Liam's voice was aggravated.

The nurses eyes popped at his harsh tone. She sighed, "Okay, close enough. Would you like to help?" He nodded and waited for instruction.

The nurse told him to hold my bent leg back while she held the other. I could barely see anything over the oxygen mask but I knew he was excited. He held back my leg with one hand while he held my hand with the other.

The practice push felt painful so I wondered what the real one would feel like.

The doctor, Dr. Kenton, soothed me through my first push. Counting to ten and letting me rest for ten. After only two pushes I was so exhausted.

"I...I can't...anymore" I said between breaths. "Yes you can, come one. I can see the head."


Liam let go of my hand to rubbed my leg, "You're doing great, Ed,"

"I'm tired."

"Just another few pushes and you're done" the doctor confirmed.

Another ten count of a push and I felt more drained than ever. I lifted the oxygen mask and practically threw it to the ground, it's irritating me.

"One more."

I was making sure this would be my last one. Another ten count and it felt like huge pressure was being lifted from me, but...I didn't hear a cry.

I was breathing hard, feeling like I just got done with a workout. "What's happening? Where's my baby?" I frantically asked, trying to look around for the Dr that would be holding him.

I heard lots of voices but sleep was taking over me. I had to stay awake but my body was shutting down. "They're taking him someplace else" Liam's voice was soft and reassuring. "No, I wanna see him. Where is he? Where are they taking him?" "Remember his heart is weak. They're gonna fix it, Ed. He's going to be fine." He bent down and kissed my forehead. "You did so good" he praised. I didn't reply for I was tired and drifted to sleep.


I woke up to a soft beeping in the room and a whisper. I fluttered my eyes open to see that I was still in the hospital. I looked to the side and saw Liam sitting in a chair and holding a baby. Our baby.

"Liam..." My voice was raspy from just waking up. He looked up at me and smiled, his eyes bright.

"Here he is Ed." He stood up and came closer so he was standing over the bed. "You want to hold him?" I smiled and reached out for him. I sat up a bit as he placed him in my arms. He was so tiny and had the cutest little mouth and nose.

"Jamie is in the waiting room and waiting very impatiently to see his little brother" Liam chuckled.

"He can come in." Liam left and minutes later came back with Jamie in his arms. Jamie pushed at him to let him down and when he did he ran to me and the baby.

"He's little" he frowned. "He's a baby" I giggled. "How am I gonna play 'superhero' with him if he's so little?" "You'll have to wait a little while" Liam said. "Okay" Jamie mumbled.

"What's his name?" Jamie asked.

I looked up at Liam with suggestive eyes. We never really thought of a name.

"Do you have any names?" I asked Jamie. He smiled widely. "Yeah! What about...Bruce o-or Logan!"

Liam laughed, "So batman, wolverine or superman."

I smiled at them both, "I like Logan." Liam nodded, "Me too" with a smile. "How about you Jamie?" "Wolverine!"

I laughed, "Logan it is." I leaned down and kissed his little head. My little Logan.


"I see you have a little one so I'm guessing you've gone through this before." The nurse put baby Logan back in my arms from being in his little banister thingy. She was here to talk to be about breast feeding and show me how to do it. I've breast fed twins once so I'm sure of how to do this.

"Yeah, I've had twins once so I'm sure of how the process goes."

"Oh really? And we're are they now?"

"Well Jamie is just fine but my baby girl passed."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

I gave her a small smile. I looked down at my little boy with his little curly hair. His skin had a tinge of blue to it and so were his lips. The nurse says it's because of his heart problem.

"Now, there are some some difficulties with breastfeeding him. It's gonna be hard to get him to latch on, of course, and he's gonna puff air out a lot."

"How come?"

"Because his heart is leaving him short of breath and blocking his mouth isn't helping. Just take pauses every 30 seconds to a minute to let him catch his breath and he should be fine."

I nodded.

"Okay so let's try."

I was a little bothered by the nurse seeing my breast, but hey, she's seen my freaking vag. I should be fine.

After having the hardest time getting him to latch on he finally did and began eating. I felt to sad knowing that my baby probably wont be able to do what the other kids can do because of his heart.

I took the breaks like the nurse said, taking my nipple away and then letting him latch on again. The cycle went on for about another half an hour before he scrunched his little face and pushed me away with his tongue. I held him against my chest and burped him.

I knew Liam was out in the waiting room and he was upset. I wouldn't let him in here because I'd be feeding Logan.  He complained that he's seen it all before and that just made me more irritated with him.

The nurse left me to be with Logan while she went to get Liam and his birth certificate.

I looked down at his little face. "You know you're my special little boy. I love you so much" I whispered and kissed his forehead. "Your brother is gonna have so much fun with you. Your daddy is too."

Liam came into the room looking better than he did before. "How'd it go?" I laughed, "What do you want me to say? 'He drank really well, perfectly latched'?" "That's a start" he chuckled.

His silent cry started and his little fists moved around as he threw his little fit. I tried to cooe him to quiet him down but it wasn't working.

"I think he wants his daddy" I suggested. Liam teasingly shook his head and reached down for him, holding him in his arms. His cry died down a little but he was still fussing. Liam took him over to his little table and gently laid him down. He checked him and got the supplies to change his diaper.

"Aw, look at little Li" I teased. He rolled his eyes and finished up his job. "Where are the boys?" I asked as Liam walked around the room with him. "They're in the waiting room. They've been wanting to see him." "I don't mind if they come in. I think the nurse should be back soon with his certificate. After that should be fine."

There was a knock on the door. The nurse came in with a paper that I'm guessing is his certificate ,and a pen. "Alright, all i need you two to do is sign your name on the spaces provided.

She gave me the paper and pen. I laid the paper over my still protruding belly and signed where it said 'mother'. Liam gave me Logan and he took the paper and saw his name.

She took back the picture. "You guys don't want a middle name? There's still a space here."

I looked up at Liam, "You can name it. It's only fair since I named Jamie's." "You practically gave him mine though so you pick one." "Liam..." "No, go ahead Ed. I'll be fine with whatever."

I thought hard about the name but felt a little pressured since the nurse was looking at me.

I looked down at him and took him in. He was my little fighter. My little survivor. He was precious and a little miracle.

I smiled when I came up with the name.


Liam smiled, "I like it, but why that name all of a sudden?"

"Wasn't Gabriel an angel of God? This baby right here is my angel."

"Our angel."


I didn't want to drive back to the hotel. I dreaded going there. I wanted to go home and lie down with the boys, watch a move, do something!

I convinced Liam to drive me back to our home. He settled us in quite nicely and even put Logan to bed, lying him in his crib and turning on his baby monitor. It's been a long day. I got released from the hospital and only had a small nap in the car.

The boys absolutely adored baby Logan and Jamie kept having to remind him that he was HIS brother. The boys thought it was cute how protective he was of him.

Liam put Jamie to bed since I was too physically drained.

I laid down in our bed after slowly but surely getting my pajamas on. "You want anything?" Liam asked. "Can I have some tea?" "With milk?" I nodded. I heard him go down the steps as I attempted to adjust myself. I was sore in all the wrong places.

Liam came into our room and set my tea on my nightstand. I gently sat up and took a small sip, setting it back down, and getting back under the blankets. Liam got undressed and slipped on some pajama pants, lying next to me. He wrapped an arm around my waist and brought me closer so my face was right below his chin.

We laid there in silence until a thought came to mind. I just had to say it.

"I want to visit Lea soon." Liam kissed my forehead. "We can when I'm on another break." I nodded. "When's the next time your leaving?" I asked. He sighed. I knew I wouldn't like this answer and so did he.

"Tomorrow evening."

I wanted to cry. I haven't even been home for an hour and he has to leave. Even though I'm beyond pissed and want to rip my hair out, I support him. "Okay, for how long?" I ask, hoping it's short. "Nearly a month. We'll be in America this time."

I felt my throat close. "Okay" I croaked. "Hey," he tilted my head up and looked me in the eyes "I called Sydney and she offered to help. It won't feel that long at all, I promise." "You sure?" "Yeah, I even have a surprise for you in the morning."

I reached up and caressed his stubbly chin, "I love you so much."

"I love you more."

I smiled, not disagreeing with him because I know it's get us in this huge battle on who loves who more. He leaned down and kisses me gently on the lips. He began to pull away but I coaxed him in for more. He lowly moaned into my lips, making me hot and bothered.

I left one last little peck before pulling away. "Tease" he mumbled. I giggled.


Waking up to life-long familiar voices left a smile on my face.

I carefully got out of bed, feeling more tired than ever. Logan woke up nearly four times last night and only I could check on him because he was hungry and needed me.

I made my way down the stairs and saw Maddie and Jamie playing around in the kitchen, my eyes widen when I see who's cooking.

"Mom" I smile. She turns to me and is quick to come to me and embrace me in a hug. "Mi hija is all grown up with a family." I blushed at her gushing. "Where's dad?" I asked. "Right here Eden." I turned around and saw him, hugging him hard. "I've missed you guys." "Yeah, it's been a while. I'm glad Liam flew us out here." "Liam did this?" I smiled. He nodded. "Do you know where he is?"

"I think he's in the living room speaking to Maddie's mother."

I nodded and excused myself to got find him. I indeed saw him talking to her. They saw me and Sydney immediately started going on about how beautiful Logan was. She left us alone, giving me a chance to thank my fiancee.

"You brought them here for me?"

His cheeks tinged as he nodded, "I know you'll need all the help you can get while I'm away and I don't want you to be alone." I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned up to kiss him.

"Thank you daddy" I giggled. He laughed, "Logan is upstairs napping but he'll need to be fed soon." I nodded and turned around to leave up the stairs. I paused and said over my shoulder, "Oh and you're taking me to the gym once you get back." "Awe why, I'm enjoying this" he said wrapping his arms around my waist from behind. He started kissing down my neck. "If I don't loose it soon it'll never go away" I whined. He sighed, "Alright alright, if you want."

I wiggled out of his grasp and began walking when I felt him swat my behind. I gasped, "Liam!" I scolded. "Go on" he smirked and sat back down on the couch.

Sometimes he gets on my damn nerved but I can't help but love him.



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