Careless -Complete-

You were my best friend. We did everything together. You were my first laugh, my first trouble, my first time. Then you left when I needed you most. So Liam, please tell me why you're back. I want us to be the same but how can that be? We can't because back then we were careless...and I'm a mother now.
Warning: Mature scenes and language.


13. Face Frosting

“Aren’t you excited?!”

“It’s just anover day.”

“No way! It’s your birthday, baby!” He shook his head and buried his face in my neck.

Jamie and I were walking through the mall, on our way to the toy store. We’re in a bit of a crunch so I can’t throw him any big party or take him somewhere special. I promised him some toys and to bake him a cake when we got home.

“Alright, here we are. Want me to put you down so you can wander?” He shook his head and laid it in the space between my shoulder and neck.

He’s still bummed out about the boys. Seriously, I would’ve thought he’d forget by now. It’s been almost two months, yet he talks about them like they were here yesterday.

We roamed through the aisles. Stopping in the super hero section for an Iron Man action figure he saw on TV and a Batman with a cape. He wasn’t sure what he wanted for his third toy so we walked in every section of the shop, checking out our options. He stopped at the school supplies.

“Jamie, you don’t even go to school” I sighed.

“I will someday!”

He pushed at my chest, urging me to put him down and I did. He walked to a shelf and reached up, grabbing a lunch box. “Uncle Louis!” He gave it to me and it was, in fact, a One Direction lunch box. Of course. They were so young in this picture. I could tell because Liam looked nearly the same as he did when he was sixteen.

I nodded to tell him that it was alright. He looked at the shelf some more and jumped, grabbing a  1D journal. “Another!” he pushed it into my hand-held basket. I sighed, not wanting to argue with him on his birthday.

He held my hand as we stood in the checkout line. “Why hello” the cashier greets my son. He shyly waves. I give her my items and as she scans them she asks, “Is there an occasion for these toys?” I nodded, “Today’s his birthday.” “Oh well, happy birthday, love.” “Thank you” he whispers.

After leaving the toy store in the mall we stop by the grocery store to pick up some cake essentials.

I can’t believe my little boy is thee already. It sure doesn’t feel that way.

“Maybe tomorrow we can visit Lea.” He eagerly nods and it lightens his mood for the rest of the day.

We stop at the restaurant because I need to pick up my pay check. This annoys me so much. I could’ve thrown Jamie a party but my manager decides to give us our checks so late. Seriously, it’s nearly eight o clock. As I approach the door with my son in my arms I see that the lights are off.


Marta said we don’t close for another two hours.

The door is unlocked, which is double odd.

“It’s scary when it’s dark” Jamie whispers in my ear. I kiss his temple to reassure to him that everything is alright.

The lights flick on, “Surprise!”

I screech because I’m seriously scared easily. Jamie is clapping his hands.

There are streamers, posters and a banner that read ‘Happy 3rd Birthday, Noah!’

People I know are here. My manager, co-workers, Jamie’s friend Sophie and her dad, the boys.

“Uncle Louis!” Jamie jumps out of my arms and runs to him. Louis picks him up and holds him tight. I felt tears brim because the boys are here and they gave this party to Jamie. I look around the dining room of the restaurant and see Batman decorations everywhere. Oh, Li.

I met his gaze and he smiles at me. He walks towards me and I met him half way, wrapping my arms around him. “Thank you” I sobbed. “Shh.” “I didn’t have enough to throw him a party. I was afraid he wasn’t going to enjoy his birthday.” He cradled my head against his chest as I showed him my gratitude. “We’ve been planning this for a while. Before we left even.” “Thanks, Li.”

The dining room of the Nandos was fully decorated. Batman was everywhere, just like Jamie wanted. He played with Sophie while us ‘adults’ hung out. There were girls with Zayn and Louis. They introduced me to them and now I know that it’s Perrie and Eleanor. They spoke with me for a while and gladly didn’t ask why I’m so young and have a kid. I like them already.

Gladly there wasn’t a cake made because I don’t know how Jamie would feel if he couldn’t eat his cake because it had soy in it. I went to the kitchen that I was all too familiar with and made it there. It was done in about thirty minutes and smelled delicious.

Liam came into the kitchen as well to help me decorate it. He layered it with vanilla icing and I planted the candles. Adding the Batman ones Liam gave me.

“So when did you guys get back?” “Yesterday, we basically set all this up today.” “I’m glad you did” I smile. “You think he likes it?” Liam asks. “Oh yeah, he loves it. I didn’t know you’d remember him telling you about his birthday.” “Yup, October 12th.”

“I met Eleanor and Perrie, they’re nice.” “I knew you’d like them.” “Where’s Sophia?” Speaking of who I do and don’t like. “Oh…um…we sort of had a falling out” he stammered. “Meaning?” “We broke up.”

“Oh, well I’m sorry.” “No, it was mutual. We both have feelings for other people and so we decided to just be friends but I doubt that’ll happen.” “You guys are like…polar opposites” I laugh as I place the final candle on the cake. “I know…realization.” “You said you guys had feelings for other people?” “Uh…yeah. She has started to get feelings for this model she works with.” “Oh, and you?”I ask as casually as possible but my heart is beating loud and fast. What if liked yet another bitchy girl?

I looked into his eyes, telling him to answer. He seemed hesitant to answer. I shouldn’t badger him. “You don’t have to answer, I’m just being curious.”

“Where you serious about not having enough money to give Jamie a party?” he asked, obviously changing the subject. Not that I was complaining.

I sighed, “Yeah, it’s tough being a single mom, ya know?”

“Nah, I don’t” he laughed. I swatted my finger over his forehead, spreading a streak of frosting.

“No she didn’t” he muttered to himself. I took a few steps back, prepared for him to strike. He dipped a few fingers in the tub of frosting and before I could run, he grasped me by the waist and smeared it down my cheek. I laughed along with him, the sound echoing throughout the kitchen.

Liam smiled as he ran is finger across my face, lapping up the icing and sticking it into his mouth. I scrunched my nose in disgust but nonetheless giggle as I did the same across forehead. “Ed, your covered in icing” he teased. “So are you.” This moment reminds me of us three years ago, before he left.

There was a moment of silence. A moment where I realized he still had his arm around my waist and our gazes held. A moment where I was too dazed by his familiar irises to process my thoughts when he kissed me. So softly. So unsure.

I stared up at him with shock in my eyes and my lips parted, leaving my heavy breaths. His expression read a lot of things. Uncertainty, amusement, doubt, confusion. Why did he do that?

He just made all things more complicated for me.

I nervously cleared my throat, blinking loads to try and recollect my thoughts. “We should…um… get this icing of our faces.” He tried to laugh but finding that the situation wasn’t funny, he didn’t.

With heated cheeks I turned away and rinsed a cloth under the kitchen sink and cleaned my cheek. Liam did the same, making side glances at me but refusing to meet eyes with each other.

“Jamie is pretty excited about the cake.” Harry comes grinning into the kitchen. Liam and I snap our head towards him. “The cake ready?” he asks, ignoring our looks. I nodded; he sent me a thumb up and left the kitchen. Liam held the door for me as I carried the cake to the dining room, catching each other’s eyes in an awkward second.

“Happy birthday to you…” I began the song and everyone else joined in. Jamie had the biggest smile on his face when he saw the cake. The batman symbol across it.

“Make a wish!” his friends Sophie exclaims. I rub his back and coax him to do so. He closes his eyes and thinks for a few moments. “I wish I can meet Lea” he mutters and blows out his candles. Some are confused but choose to look past it as they cut the cake.

Liam’s eyes meet mine from across the table and he gives me a sympathetic look. I half smile, showing him that Lea isn’t going to make me cry this time.

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I bent down and hugged Jamie from behind as he made a mess with his cake. I smacked my lips against his cheek, “Happy birthday my sweet boy.”

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