New hot singer

Hey this is about me because I want to go on the X-Factor since I am a singer/songwriter and the main characters name is Elissa and my main character meets her idols 1D and falls in love with Zayn Malik and they start to get deep in love and think about marriage right after Elissa wins the X-Factor and gets managed by 1D's manager and that's how Elissa meets Zayn.


15. Warning: sexual content

        Elissa's POV

        Man Zayn would not tell me what we were gonna do. Then all of a sudden he whispered in my ear " I want you baby." Then I giggled and said I wanted him too. Then we both got undressed and he put condom on and then he laid down asked me to ride him, so I giggled and said ok. Then I started to pick up the pace and we both moaned each others name and then he flipped us so that I was underneath him then he started to go faster while hitting my G-Spot and we both cummed at the same time. Then he had me suck his humegus erection and he had me swallow his cum. Then he finger fucked me with 3 fingers and licked me off of his fingers before he stuck him self in me again and went so fast that I just asked him to go faster.

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