New hot singer

Hey this is about me because I want to go on the X-Factor since I am a singer/songwriter and the main characters name is Elissa and my main character meets her idols 1D and falls in love with Zayn Malik and they start to get deep in love and think about marriage right after Elissa wins the X-Factor and gets managed by 1D's manager and that's how Elissa meets Zayn.


4. My song that I sung for the X-Factor

      Elissa's POV

So um, um people kept on asking if I could sing my song for them so I agreed. So here it is " Oh I was just a Regualar small town girl till I met you then my life changed Now I have an awesome life now that I have you Baby my life became better because of you Jesus Christ I am writing this song for you lord Oh Jesus thank you for your sacrifice for us you are awesome Jesus and I praise you for giving up your life for us to live I love you lord thank you for giving me the ability to read a lot of books now will you make me prettier please so thy people will not bully me anymore and make sure that I can meet One Direction and lord can you help me find my 1 true love/ my prince charming Just like Cinderella and my ancestors." Then they said I really deserved to win the X-Factor. Also that they are excited to hear my Debut Album.

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