New hot singer

Hey this is about me because I want to go on the X-Factor since I am a singer/songwriter and the main characters name is Elissa and my main character meets her idols 1D and falls in love with Zayn Malik and they start to get deep in love and think about marriage right after Elissa wins the X-Factor and gets managed by 1D's manager and that's how Elissa meets Zayn.


13. Jazz hands

   Elissa's POV

         Ok guys I can not wait till I see the look on Liam's face when we do the Jazz Hands while saying Supprise and then Danielle you can attack him with kisses on the lips and Niall are excited to see your sister Katlyn after so long. " Hell yes I am" Niall said.     

      Niall's POV

          I can not wait till I see my sister Katlynn again. Damn it, I just miss her so much.

        Zayn's POV

        I can not wait till the party is over then I can finally finish where me and Elissa left off. I can not wait till I hear moans that has my name in it when I put my penis in her wet pussy, then I get pleasure along with her. I am just getting a boner thinking about having sex with her.

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