Secrets (16+)

They can't be accepted in society. They love each other too much to let anybody or anything bring them apart. They cannot tell anyone. No matter what. What Happens when Liam, Zayn, and Niall find out? How will they react, and what will they do? (Read to find out)


10. They're Back

Louis' POV

"Ummmm... how about we think about while I get some food." Harry said, walking to the fridge.

"Lou, we have no food... I'm gonna go out and get some." He said.

"Ok don't be out too late." I said.

"Bye!" He said.

"Bye!" I replied as he walked out the door.

I decided to watch some TV. Maybe I'll get an idea for the name.



Louis' POV *5 hours later*

It's been 5 hours. Where the is he? Maybe it's just traffic, but it's a small town. There shouldn't be any traffic. It could be paparazzi, but we haven't seen any around lately. I decide to drive around and see if I could find him. I run out of the house, unlock the car, and jump in. I put the key in the ignition, and start driving. After driving around for about an hour, I drove past three guys, but then I saw one of their faces. They aren't just any three guys. It was... Them. They're back. I drove past them quickly, hoping they wouldn't see me. Another half-hour passed, I saw a guy laying on the ground. He was wearing a purple hoodie, kinda like what Harry has... HARRY!

I park and jump out of the car, running to the body. I turn him around. I see my Hazza, bruises on his face and cuts everywhere. I quickly grab my phone and call 911.


"Hello? Police? I just found my husband on the sidewalk miles away from my house unconscious and I think I know who did it." I explain.

"Ok we are tracking your location and will arrive shortly miss." The man says.

"Thanks." I say.

Miss? I know my voice is high but miss? Oh well.

"Hazza..." I let out, tears running down my face.

I didn't want to make too big of a scene, so I held in my tears. Soon enough, the ambulance came. I watched as they lifted up his lifeless body onto the gurney and strapped him in. I go into the ambulance with him, only to meet a paramedic saying I'll have to drive behind them. I let out a sigh, climbing out of the ambulance and walking to my car. I climb into my car, putting the key in the ignition. The car purred as it started up. I slowly put my foot on the pedal and followed the ambulance to the hospital. During the drive, I called Anne and Gemma, telling them what happened. They said they would be here by tomorrow night, depending on the time the plane departed. I finally made it to the hospital, parking my car as the ambulance sped into the emergency side of the hospital. I pull my key out of the hole, opening the door and climbing out of the car. I run inside, and if I had the strength right now, I would've accidentally knocked the doors down. I run to the front desk. 

"Harry Styles." I say.

"He just arrived. We'll let you know as soon as possible when we get his room." The lady said.

"Ok, thanks." I reply.



Here's your update! Thanks for waiting so long! I'll try to update this weekend. Also, me and my friends made a wattpad. The name is JSMfanfics. We are working on our first fanfic right now on wattpad! Anyways, that's all. Bye!







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