Secrets (16+)

They can't be accepted in society. They love each other too much to let anybody or anything bring them apart. They cannot tell anyone. No matter what. What Happens when Liam, Zayn, and Niall find out? How will they react, and what will they do? (Read to find out)


7. Thanks For The Good Run, Cowell

Louis' POV: 

They were speechless. 

"You lads aren't upset about us are you?" I said worried 

"Well..." Said Liam. Niall slapped him in the arm.

"Of course not!" Said Liam.

"Come on lads tell the truth."

"To be honest its just kind of strange thinking of you two as a couple. I still have to process this."Said Zayn. Everybody around actually were not noticing us for a change.

"This is ridiculous." Said Liam standing up. "You have kept this a secret from us for how long?

"3 years." Said Harry butting in.

"Of Course, And to think I actually thought we were friends." Said Liam "I thought you two could tell us anything." Liam began to walk away.

"Ok see you around, we didn't want you in the band anyway!" Shouted Harry. Liam Stopped. He turned around and came up to Harry. He Grabbed his collar and lifted him against a wall. Thats when people began to noticed us.

"Listen hag, I-" He got cut off. With out thinking, I quickly walked over to Liam who was holding Harry, and punched him in the face, as hard as I could. He fell on the ground and let go of Harry.

"You will never, and I mean NEVER touch him again." Harry looked startled at what I had just done. Niall went over and helped Liam up.

"Lets go, Lou." We both walked out of the restaurant and into the van.

"To our hotel please." Said Harry. We both sat down and got comfortable until....

*Ring Ring* I got up and looked at who it was. Simon. 

"What a surprise...." I said out loud. I answered the phone.


"What is the meaning of all this nonsense  of you two being what, Married?!

"Its true."

"I was hoping you were not going to say that...."

"You gotta face the facts pops, we are happy together."

"And punching Liam?!"

"He was hurting Harry." Harry looked over when he heard his name.

"Well anyways, I'm giving you a decision."

"You want us to divorce." Harry got up and walked over.

"Well.... um.... yes sort of but-"

"Go on."

"Either you break up, or leave the band." "Its ruining the vibe of the boy band."

I let out a sigh.

"We don't want a bad reputation do we?"

"Forget pal." Said Harry. "We are happy don't you understand, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that could take us apart." I Smiled at him.

"Final decision?" Sid Simon finally. We pulled up to the hotel and walked up to our room.

"Thank you for the good run, Cowell." I said finally and hung up the phone.

Harry's POV:

As we walked into the hotel room and sat down, I looked at Louis as he began to cry.

"Its alright love, Its alright." I said patting him on the back. His face was in my shoulder. Louis sniffled.

"I love you so much." He began to cry again, but then stopped.

"No." Said Louis "I will not let this get to my head." "We will be happy, and there is nothing that they can do."

"You know what makes me happy don't you?" I said.


"And?" He looked at me and smiled. We held hands, and ran into the bedroom.



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