Secrets (16+)

They can't be accepted in society. They love each other too much to let anybody or anything bring them apart. They cannot tell anyone. No matter what. What Happens when Liam, Zayn, and Niall find out? How will they react, and what will they do? (Read to find out)



Hey guys! I need some good photoshoppers. As you know, me, my_styles (other co-author) and another friend of ours run a wattpad together, JSMfanfics. I need someone to make a really good cover for our fanfic. Here are the requirements:


It needs to have all the 1D members on it

It has to have on it JSMfanfics on it somewhere.

Feel free to put your username for credit: Cover By: (Your username)

The name of the fanfic is called Switch

Send the cover to:


The winner will be featured in Secrets fanfic! (Which is the one your reading) When you send the cover, put your name, age, hair color, and eye color. I will announce the winner when I pick one out. Oh! And make sure to tell us your Movellas username so we know who to give credit to! Good Luck!




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