All In One Winter

Harry Styles and you meet at a coffee shop and start getting close but he hasn't ask you out yet. Are you going to move on or are you going to stay with Harry? Find out when you read it!


2. Walking into my dream girl



Her name rang in my head. Staring into her blue eyes while they sparkled. "Hello?" Katie said knocking me out of my stare. I said "sorry. What did you ask me?" She asked again "I don't even know your name" I freak out because I don't want her to know I'm from one direction and tell everyone I'm back home. I quickly say "I got to go home but let me out my contact into your phone so I can text you later." Katie said "ok. Ya it is getting late I better go too" she handed me her phone I quickly type it in and run out before she looks up. I check my phone and she already responded. It read: Harry styles from one direction? Later that night she texted you again and said: I won't tell don't worry:). I answer back: thanks:) want to meet up tomorrow and go get lunch? Katie texted me back : sure:) like a date?;) I texted her : anything for my girl;) what's your address? She called me and told me. I loved the sound of her voice. It was so smooth and peaceful it makes me smile every time. Her eyes are the most beautiful things I ever seen. But I could ask her out yet because I didn't want to go to fast. But after tomorrow I'm going to ask her.:)  

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