All In One Winter

Harry Styles and you meet at a coffee shop and start getting close but he hasn't ask you out yet. Are you going to move on or are you going to stay with Harry? Find out when you read it!


1. On the corner of town



I sit in my normal spot right by the window and the door. I start typing my essay : "I'm Katie Peterson and I have blue eyes and brown hair. I like to write and spend time with my friends. This is my senior year and I can't wait to go to college. It has been my dream to travel with someone I loved, but I can only write about that. I'm single and all my friends always tease me about that." I stop typing and look outside right when this green eyes pass through the window and into the shop. I look away before he sees me but he already saw. He walks up to the counter and ask that worker if he could have a latte. I walk up to get in line to get a drink. Then he turns around and says " wait ones second" to the worker and asks if I want anything. I say sure. Then I ordered a snowdrift and said thanks. I look down because I don't want him to see me blush. All of a sudden he lifts up my chin and said don't hide that beautiful face of yours. We laugh together. His smile makes you blush again. Then the worker said what should I put the name down. He said " on mine say "h" and on hers..? I told him "Katie". The worker gives you both the drinks and I sit back down and he followed. 

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