All In One Winter

Harry Styles and you meet at a coffee shop and start getting close but he hasn't ask you out yet. Are you going to move on or are you going to stay with Harry? Find out when you read it!


4. Morning smiles



"No stay here" Harry said." It's to clod outside plus I want to be with you tonight." We went to the family room and turn on the fireplace and I  laid my head on his lap. We watch how the grinch stole Christmas and I fell asleep during it and Harry turned it off.


 I woke up and looked up at Harry sleeping. He was so cute when he slept. I sat up and he woke up too. "Morning beautiful" I smiled while he said that. "Morning" I said back. "Should I make some pancakes for us?" Harry questioned. "Yummy, yes please" I said sounding hungry. He got up and walked into the kitchen. I followed him from behind. Harry turned around and started kissing my neck then slowly made it to my lips. He was so gentle so I pushed a little harder. Later he started making pancakes. I ate 1 and he ate 4. They were so good I wish he made breakfast every morning for me. Suddenly I remembered I had to write my essay. I told him " can you drive me back to my townhouse. I need to get my laptop to right my essay." Harry said "of course, babe anything for you. We both smiled then he kissed my cheek and we ran to the car to warm up for the cold weather. 

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