All In One Winter

Harry Styles and you meet at a coffee shop and start getting close but he hasn't ask you out yet. Are you going to move on or are you going to stay with Harry? Find out when you read it!


3. Maybe today



I wanted to tell tell him I like him but I don't know he thought the same...




I wake up to my phone going off. "Hello?" I asked in a sleepy way. "Good morning beautiful! Did I wake you up?" Harry said in his cute accent. "I needed to wake up anyways thanks" I say through the phone. He said "Meet me outside your house in an hour." I answer back "ok but don't be late". "I promise I won't be" he said. I knew he was laughing because he sounded funny . He said "love y.. I mean see ya later" and he hangs up before you say "love you too".

I shower quickly so I have time to dry my hair so it doesn't freeze when I go outside. I look out my window and see that it's snowing really hard. Also you see a car out of you window in front of your townhouse. I wonder if that's Harry's. then you go to your closet to pick out and grey bagy sweater with a cut out back and dark skinny jeans. Also I wear coach shoes that match my sweater. I run outside and call Harry he answers his phone and opened the door to the car. It was the one from the window he was out there for the whole time! He walks up to you and gives a kiss on the cheek. And both look at each other and then we went for a kiss. It lasted for a while. Which I liked. But I started to go harder and he backed off. I looked at him and Harry looked away. I run into to car and we went to a resturant I never been to. He said "I went here when I was a kid. I smiled at him and he took my hand. I ordered the pasta and he ordered steak. After we at he asked "do you want and desser?" I said "sure" and we shared a sundae. We talked on and on about our lives and what we wanted to do in the future. After we were done he took me out and held my face and started kissing me. I put my fingers in his hair and I felt his tongue trying to get in but I didn't let him but after I let him  and we were being mobed by fans and pap. We ran into his car and drove to his place. We finally lost the crowd but we were still not sure. Once we got in I gasped in aw. It was amazing! He took me to the master and said "Katie, will you go out with me?" I looked at him and smiled. "I've been waiting". He picked me up. I wrapped my leg around him and we made out. It was getting kinda late so I asked him "if I should leave" 

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