We Can't

Harmony was a normal girl, went to school, hung out with friends, curly brown hair, green eyes. But when she goes to a doctor's appointment will that all change? Can they ever be together? Will she survive?

heyyy guuuys(((: so here's my 3rd fan fic and i suggest you get some tissue paper and some ice cream cause' this one will make you cry buckets.


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Harmony's P.O.V
*3 months earlier*
I layed there, in shock of the news I hade just gotten. I hade cancer. I could die soon. I may never be able to meet them.

*Present day*

I woke up feeling weak and noxious as usual, i hated the after feeling of kemo- therapy, it sucked. Especially the burning sensation in my skin, that's the worst. Anyways my mom said she hade a surprise for me in my room after my treatment, since my birthday is tomorrow she said mine was too good to wait. So i walked to the elevator and pressed #10, once the elevator door open  i went to my room, opened the door and was in total shock, "No way!!!" i screamed, i stood there with my mouth wide open, "How did you- Wha-Whe-But-You-And- Famous." I couldn't spit out anything, "Well," my mom started, "Since this is your sixteenth birthday and we can't throw you a party i thought this would be better." She said with a wide grin, I ran over to her and gave her a massive hug, "Thank you." I whispered, "Hey where's our hug?" Niall asked, I let go of my mom with a huge smirk on my face and went and gave Niall a hug, yes finally a Horan hug!!! I then gave Harry one, then Zayn, then Liam, and then Louis who picked me up and spun me around, it was the best 5 seconds of my life. He let me go chuckling and i did the same,


---- yooooooooooo(((: so yeah this is my new fanfic hope you like it!!(((: - Harrysbutton xxo

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