Loved you first

Brittany meets one direction and finds harry


4. You and I

Harry P.V.P I walked in to the room where Brirttany was waiting. "So... what has happend to you?" I asked "From the top?" She asked "Yup." I said "Well, I was asleep when I woke up and I herd the smoke alarm going off. I ran outside with my phone and money. My mum and dad where not out there. So I started to cry I was trying to get inside but some firefighter would not let me. I just stod there crying and yelling. I blacked out from the heat and next thing I know I wake up at my friends house. I did not know what to do so I ran away. When you found me I had tripped and skined my knee." Brittany said out of breath "I'm guessing you have had a hard life." I said\ "Guessing! Of corse I have!" She says Mum walks in. "Come with me, Brittany." Mum says They go into Genny's room. I'm guessing Brittany will be with us for a while. Brittany P.V.P Harry's mum is amzing! She is so sweet. She offered for me to stay for a while. I said yes. Harry is growing on me too. He is a sweethart too. I pulled one of Genny's old dress. It is a light blue with a little orange bow in the middle. I like it. "So... how is the dress?" Harry's mum askes I twirl and the sides spin upward. It is amzing. "I love it!" I replied I walked back into the living room with Harry still waiting. I spin for Harry. His mouth opens. "Like?" I ask "You look stuning!" Harry says "You really think so?" I asked "I know so." Harry said "Why don't we all go out for dinner?" Anne asked "Sure!" Harry and I said in unasin Harry and Anne went to get dressed and I stayed in the living room. I found the remote to the T.V and turned it on. Bambi was on. It was my favorite part so I desided to keep wacthing it. Then Harry walked in. "This is my favorite movie and even better, my favorite part!" He exclaimed "It is my favorite part too!" I said Harry sat down and we wacthed the movie together untill Anne came out. She simled at the sight of me and Harry. "Why don't we get in the car?" She asks We get in the car and Harry and I jump in the back seat. "Where are we planing on going?" I ask Harry "Some fancy restarant my mom picked out." He said We both laugfted. Then he grabed my hand and held it there. I did not want this moment to slip by like anyother.
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