Loved you first

Brittany meets one direction and finds harry


3. The loved one

Harry P.V.P I storm through a bundle of fan to my car and drive home. I pull up the drive way and then I hear this yelling sound coming from outside. I push my door open and run. I find the yeller. I stop and my heart skips a beat. It is a girl. A very pretty girl. She looks up at me and I turn and see what she was looking at before. Her leg was bleeding badly. I scoop her up and run back home. I kick the door open and drop her on the couch. I run to the bathroom and grab the ban aids and find the biggest one and put it on her. By then she was no longer screaming. I sat down next to her. "I'm Harry." I say tring to start a convertion "Thanks and I'm Brittany." She replies I look at her closly and notice how pretty and blue her eyes were. She looks into my and we get real close and Brittany blushes and tucks her hair behide her ear. I tell her that she is really pretty and then she turns red. At that very moment mum walked in and a smile creep on her face and she took me to the other room. "Excuse me, Brittany." I ask "Go ahead" Mum takes me into my room and sits down. "Who is she?" Mum asks "A girl," "You like her?" "Yes" "She very pretty." "Ya, I know." "Talk to her." "Fine."
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