Loved you first

Brittany meets one direction and finds harry


2. Not the best summer ever

I woke up at my friends house she was right there sothing me telling me it was okay and all I could do was cry. "Brittany, It's okay you're living with me for a little while." Emma wispered "A little while! You mean untill they find me a new home!' I screamed "No." Emma said "I'm sorry for snapping." I said I hugged her but deep inside I was planning how I was goin to escape tonight. It was so sad I just keept crying. Me and Emma talked until dinner time and Emma's mom and dd mad a mean steak. It was so good i got 2nds. (Very rare for me). I sat down on the couch after I was done and I burst into tears. For Emma's mum had told me my mum and dad were dead. I fell asleep crying but woke up in the middle of the night and ran into Emma's room and opened her window. I ran through it and out into the heat of a summer night. And right then and there it poured rain. It was so hard it hurt but I kept running and running. I came to a stop at a park. I ranto the neerest park beanch and dozed off.
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