Loved you first

Brittany meets one direction and finds harry


5. Dinner and... popcorn?

Harry P.O.V Brittany and sat next me on the both and Mum sat acroos from us. She gave me the stink eye. I knew she had cought on to us. I ordered the tea and pizza combo. Brittany ordered the salad and Mum ordered a hamburger. We got our food and was stamped by fans as always. Then we paid and left. "Harry today you held my hand does that mean..." Her voice trailed off "Yes." I said I smile and hug her and spin her around and arround. She was now my girlfriend. "Let's go get on out pjs and wacth bambi. Brittanmy ran in to her room and turned on the shower and got out in her pjs. She was so cute in her sweat pants and tee-shirt. I held her hand and lead her to the couch. We ended up sitting on the floor. "I'm gonna pop some popcorn, K?" Brittany said "Sure. I'd love some." I said She got up and un wraped the plasic. Then she put it in the microwave and I herd the pop pop pop. "Smells good!" I say "What can I say, I'm a natral! Up it's ready." Britt says I slip infront of her and grab the popcorn, open it and start throughing it at her. "Harry!" She says "Ahh, how good pay back is." I say We giggle and throw more popcorn more. We throw until we have no more left. "We can still eat it of the floor, Mum just cleaned it." I said "Gross but sure." Brittany says We eat it all and buy the time we are all done it is all ready 12:00. I stare at the clock but I deside not to tell Brittany. No big deal any way right, Wrong. "Harry! It is already midnight!" She says "Why are you so upset." I ask She just runs in to her room. I follow her. I find her sitting on the ground. I hold her hand as tears run down her face. "Harry I've ben with you for 24 hours." She says "And...?" "I have never ben away from home for this long." "I'm so sorry I did not relise..." She cuts me off. Give her a kiss on the cheack and brig he back into the living room. We talk it out and then I telll her to go to bed. We both go into our rooms. I lay there wide awake though I just can not fall asleep so I go cheack on Brit. She is sound asleep so I go back to my room. I lay back down and finally fall asleep.
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