Loved you first

Brittany meets one direction and finds harry


1. Best summer ever

Brittany P.V.P I ran into the kithen because the smell of bacon was calling. I was welcomed with a kiss from my mum. She flipped the bacon and then i sat down. "How did you sleep?" Mum asked "Ok i guees" I replied Today was the first day of summer I was thrilled for it to come finally. My dad slidd into the room wih a steaming mug of tea. "Moning, suger puff." "Moning, Dad" I said hinted him to stop calling me suger puff. Mum ploped the bacon one by on on a plate and then gave them to me. I scuffed them down down only stoping to catch my breath. Summer was turning out great untill... "A fourth house burt to a crip. Mmm Mmm Mmm." Dad remarked "Not again!" Me and mum said in unasin All these houses burt down to the ground just because of the heat. We could only hope we would not be next. I got up and got a glass and some orange juise and poured it in the glass and sat back down. Dad keep on reading the newspaper. I finished my OJ and went backto my room. I sat in my bed reading a book and found my self drifting sleep. I woke up from the sounds of the fire alarm. I hoped out of bed glabed my cell phone and called the firetrucks. I grabed my money and ran outside to find only my dog my mom and dad were still in there. I made a dash to go inside but a gloved hand stopped me and ran inside themself. It was a firefighter. I stood there yelling for my mom and dad another firefigther was holding me wilhe tears ran down my eyes the heat got so bad I blacked out screaming.
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