Loved you first

Brittany meets one direction and finds harry


6. A slip, a fall and...

Harry P.O.V

The sun pours in. I lay in bed thinking about Brittany. Is it jaguar a dream? I can't stand the it I have to know. I slid out of bed and run to her room. I open the and the bed is made and she is not there. I figure it was just a dream. I need food! I run into the kitchen and find Brittany there frying some eggs. I spin her into my arms.

"Morning love." I say

   "Good morning Harry." She replies

I kiss her on he check. 

"I've been thinking... What do u want to be for Halloween?" She asks

   "Why don't we be something together?" I ask

"Like those twins from 'Alice In Wonderland'?" Brittany asks 

   "Like that, yah!" It will be fun

"Ok let's be son ring romantic though." Brittany says

   "What ever you want." I say

"I could be a mermaid and you could be a sailor like in your kiss you music video," Brittany says

i let go of her an let her finish her cooking. I think the idea is great! I can't wait to see her as a "mermaid". 

"They're just about... Whoa!!" Brittany yells as she knocks me over. She is laying right on my so I make the first move and kiss her.

"Harry!" She yells

   The door swings open. 

"Who's the lucky one this time?" Niall asks

  I stand up as sat as I can.

"Just a girl you know," I say

   "Well time for the photo shot," Niall says as he drags me away from Brittany.

"Bye, Love!" I say before Niall gets me out the door.

~so hey it's me britton and I wanted to know what u think should happen please give me suggestions and I will write about everthing~

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