Newbie Harvey Jackle is strange, too strange. Taylor tries not to let curiosity take over, but it soon does and she discovers a dark secret Harvey never meant to share with anyone. He tries to draw Taylor into his secret, but she refuses. He grows angry, and at any moment, he can strike...


1. The Newbie


I'm used to newbies, they came at the same time every month. They are mostly all the same, nerdy geeks who had been excepted due to their amazing grades and levels and astounding talents, stupid idiots who saunter around wearing leather and don't give a crap about school work, moany goths who seem to wear anything and everything black and ooze a sort of rather odd smell that reminded me of graveyards and death. But Harvey Jacks was like none of the newbies I have ever seen before. He isn't a geek, but he doesn't receive F's and he most certainly isn't a goth. He reminds me of a male form of my best friend, Yasmin. She is actually quite intelligent, and does her school work and homework, but they are never really exceptional. And she isn't a goth either. Usually people just ignore the newbies and get on with whatever they're doing, apart from the stupid people who feel all sorry for the newbies and show them around. Suckers. Helping a newbie is like flushing your socks down the toilet until the block it up in a soggy mess of fabric and smelly water. Pointless. And it downgrades your social life so your, like, right at the bottom of the MASSIVE popularity chain. Well, that is until Harvey arrived. You couldn't really ignore Harvey, he was one of those people you stop and look at thinking 'is he real? Am I actually in a ten metre radius from a super hot guy?' Then you realise your late to your history class (or whatever subject) and run off hoping your teacher hasn't noticed but they have and you get detention, all because you were staring at a super hot guy. Crazy, huh? Harvey Jacks must have caused, like, MILLIONS of detentions. He's one of those kids that just turn up and immediately fit in, finding themselves so high up the popularity ladder that it's just crushed all the losers down into the dastardly Pit of No Friends. Ok, maybe that's exaggerating it. But, anyway, traits of Harvey Jacks:

1) He makes you oogle at him so you get a detention.

2) He fits in automatically.

3) He crushes all the nerdy kids until they fall into the horrifying Pit of No Friends. 

What else? Oh yeah. 

4) He persuades Heather Montague to let him be in the popular gang.

Yes, Harvey Jacks, the new kid, manages to get into Heather Montague's popular group. It is incredibly hard to get into the group, you usually get rejected faster then the speed of light. Most of the time it's because people don't have 'star quality' (fake accents, phoney personalities and designer clothes). It's quite unfair, but high school can be vicious, so I'm used to it just like I'm used to newbies.


Hi everyone, it's Jade, the author of this movella. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I am going to try and write a lot more. Please put in comments what you think so I know. ;) Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy this movella. :) 

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