Newbie Harvey Jackle is strange, too strange. Taylor tries not to let curiosity take over, but it soon does and she discovers a dark secret Harvey never meant to share with anyone. He tries to draw Taylor into his secret, but she refuses. He grows angry, and at any moment, he can strike...


2. English Eyes




The school bell rings loud and clear through the empty school halls, signalling the start of next lesson. I sigh, take a deep breath and then join the sudden flood of barging students elbowing their way through the vast crowds. I swerve quickly out the way to avoid some kids cracking their knuckles as they head the other way to bunk off. Trying to find small gaps to stand in as to avoid the major crush I'm being swept away in, I take a rapid right and start walking down the corridor marked 'ENGLISH'. It takes me at least a minute to walk down to my classroom which just so happens to be right at the end of the corridor. I walk in un-noticed and sit hurriedly down. I hope Mr Burges won't notice. As I get my books out, I sit up, then see Mr Burges frown at me, smile, then put a single finger against his lips. I nod thankfully. I love Mr Burges. Not in the kind of mushy, kissing kind of way. In a friendly way. He's my favourite teacher, and I'm his favourite pupil. We're just about to start the lesson when Harvey appears in the doorway. He smiles at everyone, leans against the door and looks straight at Mr Burges.

'Hello sir. Where shall I sit?'

'Pardon?' asked Mr Burges, baffled. He didn't know about Harvey.

'I said, where shall I sit?'

'What do you mean? Aren't you a messenger or something of that likings.' 

'Nope. I am the new student in your class. This is 4B right?' Mr Burges nodded slowly, his bald head glinting in the bright sunshine. 

'Yes. But, I don't have a new, oh, wait, are you Harvey Jackle?'

'Harvey Jacks sir.'

'Oh, right, I heard you were joining me. Find a spare seat, then sit down. You are not to sit next to a boy and you are not to sit by yourself. We have a strict boy girl seating plan and we do a lot of pair thinking. Now, where was I? Oh yes, descriptive paragraphs.' Harvey stands out of the doorway and I watch as his eyes scan the room. I do a quick scan too. There are two empty seats. One next to Henry, but they're both male so it will have to be the other. And the other one is right next to me... oh no. Harvey spies the seat, saunters over and sits down. A wave of something nice smelling crashes over me. It's rather odd, I can't tell what it is, but it's better then the heaps of deodorant the other boys spray on themselves. I swear they go through three cans of that stuff per day. Harvey smiles warmly at me and I pretend not to notice. No one ever smiles at me apart from a teacher when I do an excellent piece of work. 

'Hi,' he says as he dives into his bag for his stationery. 

'Hi,' I whisper and he frowns at me.

'How come your whispering? Or is that your normal voice?' He laughs, but I don't. 

'No. I was just whispering but I don't know why,' I say clearly.

'Oh. Good. So, what's your name?'

'Taylor Bone. What about you?' I know his name and surname already but if I say I already know, I sound like a stalker or something. 

'Harvey Jacks.'

'Cool name,' I say since I can't think of anything else to say. There's silence for a bit, whilst we look at each other. I take in his appearance. Light brown hair with occasional faded blonde streaks which had been spiked up so it stood straight up. Curved nose. No freckles. Pale skin. Full red lips. And auburn eyes. Yes, his eyes weren't a normal brown or blue or green. They were auburn, a stunning colour I find, but incredibly unusual colour to have in your eyes. 

'I like your hair,' I say trying to break the silence. I'm not listening to Mr Burges. His voice is distant. It's just me and Harvey, having a normal conversation. He smiles again, this time showing his teeth. Two are curved and pointed, like they've been sharpened down with a file. Odd. 

'Thanks. Your eyes are pretty.' I smile. My eyes are a baby blue, with dark black rings around them making the colour stand out. People usually compliment me on my eyes. 

'And that is what we shall be doing today,' finished Mr Burges, flicking his pen off the board with a flourish.

'Now begin.' I look at the board. I'm lucky Mr Burges write everything down. It says: WRITE DESCRIPTIVE PARAGRAPH ON YOUR ASSIGNED MONSTER COMING OUT OF IT'S LAIR/HOME. PAPER COMING ROUND. 

'Here you are Taylor,' Mr Burges smiles, slapping a piece of paper with writing on it down onto my desk. 

'Thank you,' I say and watch as he slaps another piece of paper onto Harvey's desk and says nothing. He moves on. I read my paper. THE KRAKEN (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN). Ok, I think. I look over at Harvey. He got assigned VAMPIRE. I begin writing:

Slowly and carefully, the Kraken began to ascended through the murky water, away from it's black lair deep at the bottom of the wide ocean. He had been sleeping soundly, when the movement of human activity above the dirty waters had awoken him. Further and further the Kraken travelled upwards, it's long thick tentacles curling and unfurling as he moved through the water. The pungent smell of scarlet blood and dead ladies' perfume flew off the Kraken, choking any creatures around the horrifying beast. From above, the scent of lively humans joking and laughing aboard a wooden vessel dug deep into the Kraken's nostrils. The monster waited for a spilt second as it sighted the boat then shot up like a rocket through the now crystal water ready to ensnare it's next delicious meal...

I put my pen down and walk over to Mr Burges's desk. I see Harvey had already handed in his work, so I put mine un top of his. Mr Burges smiles and I smile back.

'Thank you Taylor, I look forward to reading it.' I sit back down.

'So, Taylor, how's the sucking up going?' 

'Excuse me?' I snap. Harvey smiles.

'Your sucking up. To Mr Burges. It's obvious your a teachers pet.' What?

'Pardon? Teachers pet? Sucking up? Harvey, English is my favourite subject, I just enjoy the lessons and Mr Burges is my favourite teacher. That's all.' Harvey smirks.

'Yeah, yeah, whatever.' 

'Erm, excuse me, class? I would like to read out a surprisingly amazing piece of work,' calls Mr Burges. Ah, I knew my work was good. 

'The scent of rich blood penetrates my nose and I take another step forward. I pray my human disguise is enough to hide my dark secret. I am faced with a vast oak door. Carefully I twist the dull door knob and watch as small flecks of brown paint falls slowly to the floor. In I go. Slowly and quietly. I creep cautiously through the empty halls, pictures of young girls and smiling families catching my eye. There's the door. It's a fresh yellow like the centre of a petite daisy in the height of spring. Twisting the doorknob, the door creaks slowly open and a beam of light falls on my prey's face. I sneak forward, bend over the pale neck and sink my fangs deep into the juicy flesh... How clever is that? Writing as if you are the vampire, genius Harvey.' What? Not my work?


The bell rings again and as I pack my bags, I glare at Harvey. He just grins goofily and walks off.


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