funny youtube parodys!

These r youtubers who make funny parodys. we will be typing them in this book!
check out there channels and tell them we sent you from movellas!


1. Matthias Pet Peeve song

Parodied by: Matthias pet peeves, 

Song By: 1D

Song called: Kiss you 


Cant i go on facebook without your complaints, or getting invited to childish games. 

Don't you DARE take a, shot of spam, you dinner dosent belong on instagram.

Oh i just want to cut you when your chewing out loud, if I see enough of your face, I'll freak out!

The only time that i'll allow flip-flops, is when i step in a puddle wearing socks,

comments on youtube, counting your veiwwwwssss, can be the worst, YA!

cause tecnicley, I'm the first! There just, few small things, that keep getting under, my skin! 


and im gonna, count to 10! relax and, not again! and I shout NOOOOO! NOOOO! these are

my pet peeves! how many times is my toaster gonna burn my toast, why is that upsetting i dont think i even know! When i wind my headphones nice ant tough, my pocket magicly ties them in a knot, is apple maps apples idea of a joke, it never takes me anywhere that i actualy want to go!

My relationships were all wreacked by the i-phones auto correct! Can't stand bad driver's, just learn to park your car's, don't you be texting. Ya, JUST PUT IT DOWN WE'RE HAVING FUN! There's  Just a, few small thing, that keep getting under my skin, and I shout NOOOOOO! NOOOOOO! And if there's even, one more thing, I swear I'm gonna, kill myself, and i-

*steps in puddle wearing socks*

*holds plastic (fake) gun to his head*



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