I'm Just Crazy... Right?

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  • Published: 28 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 28 Aug 2013
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If every one calls you crazy... why not just believe it?

Okay, så jeg er en forfærdelig digter, der keder sig. Så jeg tænkte, why not? Og derfor skrev jeg det her digt. Rent faktisk er det med mig selv i tankerne, da jeg er, hvad lægerne kalder, psykisk syg, og andre kalder, sindssyg. Lige nu er jeg i gang med at få en masse forskellige piller, and stuff... og... og jeg kedede mig... :D


1. End.

Am I crazy?

In my whole life,

Every day,

It is always the same.




What if they are right?

What if I’m just… crazy?

Not worth living?

Not worth wasting time on?

Is that why it is still going?

Why I’m sitting here,

At the doctor.

Just to get more pills.

One more disease.

And this is just the top of the iceberg.

Will it ever stop?

And most of all.

Is it all the kids fault?

That I’m crazy?

After all the names,

After getting it directly in the face,

That I’m just one crazy kid?

Then… why not just believe it?

If everyone says so,

How can they be wrong?

What about the doctors?

All the grownups.

With all the tests.

All the pills for one disease after the other.

Is it their fault?


How should I know?

I’m just crazy… right?

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