Harry Potter Imagines

This is a book where i will be doing imagines in the world of harry potter (I do not own harry potter, J.K Rowling dose, but i an using it), and I will be writing them with my 2 buddies, Jennifer, and one of my other buddies who is yet to join. P.S. it is suggested you don't request 1.D on this. On others, maybe. but NOT this one!




 I knock on the door to James' house, I hope his parents will accept me.. My name is Maryam.. I have brown eyes, wear glasses, I sing, dance and i love magic.. I love doing every type of magic, Like... Making people disappear is like a goddess to me.. if that made sense. James opened the door and welcomed me with a hug and kiss

"Hey hun" He told me

"Hey James Bond" I joke

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