Knight of the Kingdom

read and find out you lazy people


1. An Odd Dream



Running down the road of the kingdom, burning buildings on both sides of me. My eyes shifting from side to side looking for movement. Griping my sword at my side I stop and the princess runs in to me vision blurred from her tears, I unsheathe my sword. As ash falls from the sky a men steps out of the shadows with silver hair that dances in the moon light and dark black eyes.

"Finally found you princess. I see you still have that girl with you too." The man sinkers. "I think it is time you stop playing knight little girl."

"Kira.... He that men he is the one who started this whole thing it is all his doing." Princess Asuna whispers in a small voice tears and fear in her hazel blue eyes. 

I look back at her and pat her head and look back at the man who's name is Katio. "Asuna have you forgotten what I promised you. That I well always protect not as your knight but as your friend." A small smile access my face as I look in Katio in the eyes. "So that means I will defeat you." the wind blows and my red hair catches in it.    

"So it is true that your hair is like fire in the wind." He unsheathes his sword. "But in other news I will take you up on your challenge." He runs at us, I push Asuna back and hold my sword up. Our swords cash with a loud bang

My eyes open and I am in my room on my bed. I sit up and put my hand on my head and let out a sigh. As I look out the windows morning doves fly by. "What an odd way to start a day. With that dream."   

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