Turn Around (The coldest girl in Coldtown competition)

Did you ever feel like you were being watched, like the monster under your bed isn't just a childhood fear. Well you're right.

They hide in the darkness and the shadows, they hunt you till your back is against the wall and there is no where left to run. They feed off your fear, and rejuvenate themselves with your blood. They are the undead.

There is a way to survive, they will not harm you if you know they are their, It's their only law, their only rule. So if you want to stay alive. Turn around.


4. Storm

When I woke up it was slightly dark outside, clouds were rolling in and that usually meant there was going to be a massive electrical storm. They were quite common in Salem, but it was nights like this, the ones where the air was freezing and unkind that they got really bad. 

My father was downstairs in his study, no surprises there. 

I decided to take Penny for a walk, so I grabbed her lead and headed towards the door. Penny followed along like the happy dog she was.

"I'm taking Penny out!" I announced to whoever was listening, the walls probably. Or my father on the off chance he was actually listening. 

"But there's a storm coming an -" 

"Goodbye dad!" I interrupted and slammed the door before he could get another word in. He was right though, the clouds were dark and angry. Penny yipped excitedly and danced around my feet, I wondered how long it had been since she had gotten to go out. 

We walked for about two miles before I decided we needed to head back or get caught in the storm. I went to grab for her to put the leash back on but she ran into the trees, further into the heart of the storm. 

"Penny! Penny come back!" I yelled but it was no use. The wind picked up and knocked me off my ass, by the time I managed to get up I couldn't hear Penny any more. I wondered through the trees and debris, searching for the little poodle. "Penny! Penny come on we need to get home!" I screamed. A tree root came out of nowhere and tripped me over, I fell forward and only just managed to catch myself on my hands before I fully face planted the floor. 

As I tried to get up I slipped and fell back into the mud, it coated my hands, my arms, my face, all my cloths and even my hair. Finally I managed to get up and on reflex, I turned around. 

Looking back at me was the most beautiful guy I had ever seen; black hair styled in a sexy but messy way, his jaw was firm but his eyes, were red. 

I gasped and stumbled back, thankfully I didn't fall an my ass. 

I spun on my heals and ran, through the rain, the trees, the debris. I ran till I was right outside my house and found Penny waiting for me at the door. When I looked around, there was no one there.

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