Turn Around (The coldest girl in Coldtown competition)

Did you ever feel like you were being watched, like the monster under your bed isn't just a childhood fear. Well you're right.

They hide in the darkness and the shadows, they hunt you till your back is against the wall and there is no where left to run. They feed off your fear, and rejuvenate themselves with your blood. They are the undead.

There is a way to survive, they will not harm you if you know they are their, It's their only law, their only rule. So if you want to stay alive. Turn around.


7. Secrets

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

Just ten more minutes Willow, then you can go home and bury yourself in a good book until dinner. I told myself. Just... A... Bit... More. 

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

Maybe I was being a little melodramatic, maybe. I just wanted to go home and curl up under the covers with a good book, I thought it was deserved after the day I'd had. 


The sound of the end of school bell filled the classroom and I was up and it before it even finished, in my hurry to get to my locker I nearly crashed into some poor unsuspecting students. Thank god for quick reflexes; I managed to evade maiming one girl. 

Once at my locker I quickly and efficiently tidied the things I needed into my bad and left the things I didn't where the were, I was about to leave when one large muscular arm stopped me. It leaned against the locker and blocked the way that I was about to walk in.

"Where do you think you're going, little tigress?" A deep voice startled me out of my admiration of the muscles bulging in from of my eyes. I snapped my head around to see the person whom had blocked my entrance out of the hell hole I was currently standing in, cold blue eyes stared down into me, making me feel vulnerable and exposed. 

Damien's lips lifted slightly in amusement at, what I presumed was, my startled expression. It dawned on me then that that was the most he had said to me all day, the only other times being when he asked me a question and apologised for having me bring my mother up in a conversation, or maybe he was apologizing for my loss. Either way it didn't matter, I neither wanted nor needed his pity. 

"Home, where did it look like I was going, Narnia?" My frazzled nerves were bringing out my sarcastic side, did the universe have something against me going home and just relaxing or something? Because if so, it could go do one for now, I wasn't in a mood to be messed with. 

"Woah, calm down there kitten, it was just a question." His melodic laugh filled my ears, it was almost intoxicating to the point where I nearly forgot all my troubles. Only, almost has never gotten me anywhere. Like when I almost saved my mother from that fire. Inwardly I cringed at the memory, on the outside I remained the emotionless, detached bitch.

"My name is Willow, not little tigress, not kitten, Willow. As to where I'm going, well that's not really any of your business is it?" I asked, hoping he would get the hint and just buzz off somewhere. I was having enough trouble dealing with everything else, I didn't need Mr red eyes one second, blue the next giving me any other issues. 

"No, I guess it isn't. No need to chew my arm off, I just wondered if you needed a lift." Damien explained as he removed his arm from my path. I gulped guiltily at my rudeness and gave him a weak smile, maybe he wasn't so bad. I was just being a bitch.

"I'm okay thanks, My father's estate isn't far, but thank you for the offer. I'll um... I'll see you around." I murmured and walked swiftly to the front exit of the school. I was just about to slip out the door when I heard his soft whisper.

"Yes, you will."

Maybe I imagined it, maybe not. Whatever the case I found myself intrigued and excited by his statement. The way he looked at me... it set my skin in fire, boiled my blood to the point where I was about ready to burst. 

When I stepped over the threshold of the manor Penny came running to me, dancing around my legs and trying to climb them. Kneeling down I tousled her fur on the top of her head and kissed her wet nose.

"Hey there baby girl." I whispered to the yapping dog, she was so adorable. With a weak smile I stood and dusted off the lose dog hair that clung to my jeans, as I headed upstairs the events of the day wormed their way into my mind, if I had to put up with that for the next year every day I might take a bullet to the brain. 

It was around eight O-clock when my father returned home, holding a Chinese take away bag. My mouth filled with saliva and I ran into the kitchen to grab two plates. 

"Still like Chinese then." My father laughed as he set down the bags. Still? Surly I hadn't been able to eat the stuff when I lived here, my mother didn't buy it for me until I was ten because she feared that I would choke, talk about motherly concern. 

"Still?" I asked, piling special fried rice, sweat and sour chicken, BBQ ribs and noodles onto my plate. Hmmm, delicious. 

"Yup, whenever your mother brought some home after work you would look at me with those sweet little green eyes, begging for some. So when your mother left the room I'd feed you a bit and the smile that would grace your face was the brightest thing I had ever seen." A sad look crossed his face as he told his story. Was it because he wished things could have been different? Did he really love my mum? Did he miss us?

"Dad did you ever... did you ever miss us?" I asked in a small voice that I couldn't remember ever using.

"Of course I did Willow. I loved you and your mother, when she left with you, I didn't know what I would do. I was thankful for the pictures of you that she would send me, it made it easier. I now know she was right to take you away, staying here wouldn't have been good for you." My father said and I could tell, he meant it. He really did love us, suddenly all the anger I had felt bled away. I got up and hugged my father, tears rolled down my cheeks as I cried for everything that I had missed out on with him. 

"It was my fault, it was all my fault." I cried, maybe it was the fact that he revealed that he really had felt but I knew he needed to know. I had to tell him the truth. 

"What was Willow?"

"Mum, she died and it was my fault! I was drunk and angry, we got in a fight and I don't know what happened but suddenly the house burst into flames, it was me, I know it was. I could feel the fire n my palms but I didn't think about it and I must have set the house on fire. I tried... I tried to get her out but she... she wouldn't let me. She died and it was all my fault!" I cried, a river of tears flowed down my cheeks. 

Throughout my explanation of that night's events my father rubbed my back and held me tightly.

"No Willow, no. It wasn't your fault, she did what any good mother would do, she saved you first because she loved you Willow." My father soothed me and comforted me the best he could.

"But I started the fire, how did I do that?" I sobbed. 

"I tried to... I warned her but she wouldn't listen to me. All I wanted was to keep you both safe, but I failed." Said my dad, what did he mean? A sigh left his lips and he moved away from me slightly.

"Willow, I think it's time I told you about your birth." 

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