Turn Around (The coldest girl in Coldtown competition)

Did you ever feel like you were being watched, like the monster under your bed isn't just a childhood fear. Well you're right.

They hide in the darkness and the shadows, they hunt you till your back is against the wall and there is no where left to run. They feed off your fear, and rejuvenate themselves with your blood. They are the undead.

There is a way to survive, they will not harm you if you know they are their, It's their only law, their only rule. So if you want to stay alive. Turn around.


6. New Friends And Enemys

I wanted to scream, I couldn't scream.

What was he doing in my class? Dumb question Willow, it's not like there are no other students in the mother-freaking-school. Still, his appearance had startled me; I wasn't exactly expecting the man I had seen in the woods, to be sitting in one of my classes like it was the most casual thing in the world. Except it was casual, very.

His question had completely skipped my mind, what had he asked? Something about Salem, I knew that much.

"I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" I said, hoping like hell my slip-up wouldn't end with complete humiliation. I might not have cared about the school all that much but I was in it for the long haul,  what good would it do me to make it hell for myself?

"Why did you come back to Salem?" Repeated the boy. Dear god, it felt wrong to call him that; there was nothing boyish about him.

For a moment I considered not answering him, the thought of having someone know... it almost crushed me. That part of my life was supposed to be private, but something about him, it was so compelling. I couldn't not tell him.

"My mother died, my father is the only family I have left." It came out as kind of a stage whisper, soft. I looked down at the ground as the room fell into deadly silence, you could hear a pin drop down the hall, it was that quiet."

"I'm sorry." The man said, when I looked up and met his eyes they seemed different somehow... Kinder.

For the remainder of the lessen I kept my eyes glued firmly to the teacher, looking anywhere else would be suicide since the guy, who's name I had learned was Damien, sat right next to me and if I turned my head even a little my sight would be completely blocked by his muscles.

God damn it why couldn't I have sat near the non-beautiful people. Too late now, my subconscious reared it's spiteful little head. I liked to call her my inner demon, since she only knew how to be a bitch.

The rest of the day wasn't bad, I met a girl called Hannah and she introduced me to some of her friends, in turn making them my new friends. There was Cody, Brock who was Cody's adoptive brother. Jenna who was Brock's long term girlfriend and Melissa who was in all my classes. They were a fun bunch to be around, well Cody kept looking at me weirdly but I blamed it on being the new girl.

It was during the lunch break that things took a turn to the bad side. I don't know why but whilst I was sitting with my new friends a leggy brunette came over to us, the glare she was giving me didn't exactly scream, friendly.

Her top barley came down her flat stomach to her belly button, and her skirt ended just a little bellow mid thigh. Her long, shapely legs were bare and on her feet were six inch heals. Her hair sprawled over her shoulders like a shapeless river, unlike mine that fell carelessly in lazy waves. Her fingernails which rested on her hips were perfectly manicured and her lips were nearly dripping with pink lip gloss, her eyes were piercing blue, much like the ones that chilled me to the bone when I first saw them in class today, much like his.

Cody seemed to tense at the girl's arrival, as did Hanna. The others' eyes became dark, angry. The atmosphere went from bright, playful and cheery to hostile and tense.

"Candace, what do you want?" Cody asked through a clenched jaw, his eyes narrowed into near black slits. He didn't sound threatening, just eerily calm, and that in it's own right was scary.

"Just came to warn your new little friend, she takes one step near me and what I call mine, she's dead meat." The girl, Candace, says. Her voice is too sugary sweet, it sounds faker than my interest in this town. What of hers would I possibly want? Damn I've been here for a couple weeks girl.

I didn't like her threats, especially when I didn't even know the chick.

"Thanks for the warning, I'll let you know when I begin to give two shits." I replied in the same sugary tone. Her eyes widened like she couldn't my audacity, well right back at you bitch.

Apparently standing up to this girl was a first because suddenly everyone is listening in with faces of either shock, awe or amusement.

"Listen up you little tramp, I'm not going to stand here and be insulted by some little wannabe." Candace snapped and the smile that graced my lips seemed to make her even madder if the blush on her cheeks was anything to go by.

"Would you prefer to sit?" I asked in return. Okay now she was pissed, how entertaining.

"Listen here I don't know who you think you are-"

"Willow Davir." I cut in. Little miss slutty paused and looked like she was about to throw up. Dear god exactly how powerful did this town think my family was? Apparently being part of old money got you some leverage around here, and it was disgusting. I couldn't even use my name in a verbal argument without it making my opponent scared.

"Wha-What?" Her royal bitchiness stuttered.

"That's who I am, Willow Davir. As for the tramp comment, maybe my clothes don't come from the top designers but at least I don't look like my mother read me the playboy magazine as a bed time story." I snapped out. I don't know why but I felt oddly proud, never before had a rendered someone speechless but there Candace stood and she wasn't saying a word. 

Everyone was looking at me like I had grown two heads, it made me feel so... Exposed. Like I was a freak.

I spun on my heals and pushed my way through the crowed lunch hall to the lockers. Maybe my first day could have gone better.

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