My Fairytale

Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, and Twillight...
Imagine this 4 histories...together.
Because this is my history and it´s based in this 4 best sellers.
Don´t judge it before read it....and enjoy the imagination.


1. The Beginning.

Once Upon a Time...

Too many years ago in the French countryside, was the home of King Gustave. A big and wonderful castle.

The king Gustave, was a greedy man, and vain, which saw its grandeur and beauty could only be for him. And not any woman considered beautiful enough to be his wife, that's why the king lived alone.

A good winter afternoon, when the breeze cooled the atmosphere, a beautiful young woman came to the castle of King Gustave asking for an audience with him, she was so beautiful that when King Gustave saw her was so jealous of the beauty of the girl, so he decided send her to jail for the rest of her life. The girl didt resist, because her plan was going just as she wanted.

What King Gustave didn´t know was that this girl was actually a queen, Anise the Queen of the fairies.

When King Gustave fell asleep, she, using her magic, left the jail and went straight to the king's chambers, and she murderer him using the most powerful weapon of any forest creature. "The kiss without love."

Anise took the castle, and raised her 44 daughters in it, each daughter had her daughters, and her daughters were to theirs, until finally obtained sufficient forest guards.

But even though the kingdom progressed, the queen still felt something was missing, then with the help of his friends sorcerers, witches and elves managed to create leprechauns.

For a long time the fairies and leprechauns lived happily but as the human race increase, problems also.

The elves discovered that they liked humans carry potential mischief, and fairies couldn´t stop them, humans tired of this decided to get rid of the supernatural, and magic in the world, Queen Anise worried about all those creatures hid the castle, and all magical inhabitants forever.

Today humans and fantastic creatures coexist in the same space as long as different beings not reveal ourselves.

They live as humans doing human things, and many have forgotten where they truly belong.
They forget their special abilities, and their origin, that is why it was created "The College Draiochta"
A school where people around the world begin their studies according to their natural abilities.

Sirens, werewolves, elves, fairies, nymphs, witches, warlocks, satyrs, centaurs, vampires, all sorts of creatures that humans believe nonexistent attend this school, to learn to master their skills.

The school is located in the castle of Hannes, (the castle that belonged to King Gustave) home of 5 princesses.

-The Wolf-woman, Dulcie.

-Clea, a witch.

-The young goddess Artemis, daughter of Zeus and Athena.

-Claire a fairy forest.

-And Adelina a novice.

5 secret students that have never been seen by any student. Until now.

-Harry a vampire.

-Liam a sorcerer.

-Louis a demigod son of Zeus.

-Niall a leprechaun.

-Zayn a werewolf.

Guys who were accepted into the school, where their friendship emerges. And fall in love with the princesses.
Many people say they met the love of his life at school, will they succeed in finding?

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