Like Hell

Entry for behind the scenes comp. Just a short story basically, all you need to do is read... <<feedback always appreciated and returned if asked>>


1. Like Hell

I take a deep breath. This is it. This is what I was made for.

All these years I’ve been preparing myself to do the one thing I was born to do. For some people, it’s drawing or comedy or acting or dancing or even maths – everyone has that little something. But my talent, my ambition, my dream, my whole entire life has been singing.

I’m damn sure I sang before I could talk, and all I’ve ever wanted is a chance to be on stage. To sing for so many many thousands of fans. But it’s never been about the fame, not like that. I want the rush and I want to spread the word.

I don’t want to be moany and whiney or dancey and auto-tuned. I want to be real and I want to be me.

Black hair, black eyeliner, black eyes even.

I remember all the days at school. They called me ‘goth’; they called me ‘emo’. They laughed and they ignored me, not one word was ever said straight to my face. It was all just murmurs and whispers and rumours and lies.

I’m just me, and like hell am I going to change that.

A woman taps me on the shoulder.

“It’s time,” she says.

She smiles, kind of in a patronising way but I don’t care.

I look straight into the eyes of my band mates around me. Electric guitar strapped to his back, and a drum kit waiting on stage for her. Then he’s on the bass. We don’t need names. Nobody does when you’ve got music.

I step forward slightly, gripping the microphone in my hand tighter. I can feel the heat and the sweat from my palm bouncing back at me.

The door in front of us rises and ten thousand faces appear in front of me at once.

I feel the end of a beginning and the beginning of something else, something greater, jump inside of me.

This really is it.

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