The Story of Us

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: 18 year old Holly Key is an unsuspecting nobody from a small town living in the big city of London with her best friend Zoey. Little does she know that a certain turn of events will lead to her meeting a certain someone.


1. First Encounters

Chapter 1:

   "It's twelve o'clock already Holly, you should get going."

   "Yes, I'm perfectly aware of the current time Zoey, thanks," I say, heavy with sarcasm, but I flash her a half smile, and roll my eyes at her as she laughs, sarcastically tapping her wrist where a watch would go, if she ever bothered putting one on.

   Twelve on the mark. I'm already running late. Last week I applied for a job at a big music studio, not producing music or anything, but helping out around as basically a servant. I applied for this job title because, well, rich people like servants right? So they'd pay me to do random stuff for them. Sound easy enough, right?

   Anyway, when applying for the job, I wasn't bothered enough to really see who all they manage, but here in London, they couldn't really be that famous, right? Besides that though, yesterday I got a call saying that they wanted to hire me. Finally! I was going to get a job to pay Zoey back!

   My eighteenth birthday was two months ago, and since I was seventeen I've been living with my roommate Zoey here in London, going to an online college on my laptop. I come from a very small town in California, though I was originally born in Oregon, with a whopping population of a little under one thousand. A lot, right? Anyway, I've never been the best in my class, but I was probably about second or third. My junior year of high-school though I switched to an online school that let me learn at my own rate, and I graduated three months before I was seventeen, a lot sooner than I would've if I'd done if I'd continued at my puny high-school.

   The moral of that story is that basically I graduated early, so I decided to start my final years of schooling early, and I moved to London with my friend Zoey, who was then already eighteen, so my parents let her sign as my legal guardian to stay with, until recently when I became an adult.

   But until now, she has paid my part of the rent and even some of my schooling as she comes from a wealthy family, since I didn't fully have the resources. But finally, I can repay her.

   Okay, back to what I was originally talking about. So they called me up and said they would like to hire me, and asked if I could start the next day, which is today, at two until around eight.

   So now, I'm out the door. I have to catch the bus to the studio by at least twelve ten, or I'll be late, since it's about a forty-five to fifty minute ride, if I include all the stops, and the point halfway when I'll switch to a different bus.

   "Thanks, bye," I say, giving Zoey a half hug as she hands me a sandwich to eat on the way there for my lunch. Sometimes, Zoey is more than amazing, and reads my mind on more occasions than I'd like to admit. I didn't eat breakfast that morning due to the fact that my parents are coming in a week, and since we have such a large apartment due to Zoey's wealth, there is still a lot to be done chore-wise.

   I catch the first bus on time, and sit and enjoy my sandwich, then switch to the next bus. During the switch I swear I see Louis Tomlinson, yes, from One Direction, in the window of a car heading up the street as I step onto the bus and hand the man my ticket. Wow, what an imagination I have. I laugh quietly to myself, but I must look pretty funny as I get a few stares from people, and I instantly stop, looking out the window instead.

   Finally the bus drops me off at the studio, and just it's massiveness surprises me at first. I knew it was big, but I never expected it to be this big. It's quite modern, and a high pitch welcome bell chimes as I push open one of the front doors, gazing in awe at the interior of the building as I head towards the front desk. The woman sitting at the desk looks up from her computer, looking me up and down, before glancing back down and what I'm betting is a pager, and pushes a button.

   "Ah, right on time, Ms. Key." says a male voice with a British accent behind me.

   I spin around to face a man with dark brown hair, stubble facial hair, and a white smile.

   "I'm Mr. Renall, and I'll be your boss." he says, holding out a hand for me to shake.

   I give a polite smile, shaking his hand.

   "Your first task will be to tidy up the management room A, where today's clients will be meeting with their manager. Please organize, clean, and then stay off to the side while they're there and get them anything they'd like." he says, then points to a nice, though shy, looking girl off to his left. "Reo will show you where room A is. Have a nice day, and I'll see you tomorrow. You are free to go whenever they are done."

   Mr. Renal briskly walks off, as though he has very urgent affairs to attend to, which I'm sure he does. Reo smiles shyly then motions for me to follow her, which I do. I try to memorize all the turns, and I think I'll remember them, but I'm not sure, because there sure are a lot of them. She halts in front of a door with a plaque on it that says 'A' in the center of a star.

   "This is it," she says, then basically disappears, or at least it seemed that way considering how fast she walked away. I check my watch, and the time reads twelve fifteen.

   Okay, I've got time to clean first hopefully, before they come, whoever they are.

   I open the door to the huge room, empty of only people. It has beautiful designer lounge chairs and couches, along with a nice rug leading to a large flat-screen TV, with a mini-bar off to the left, and a large meeting table along the right, with a bathroom and supply closet on the farthest wall to the left as well.

   For the next twenty minutes I sweep and wipe down the table and counters, then quickly vacuum the rug and dust the large coffee table with a few magazines on it, which I organize as well, that sits in between the huge couch and the couple lounge chairs.

   Just as I finish up, by lastly straitening up the pillows on the couch, I hear laughing voices travel down the hall, and they stop outside the door to this room. I quickly check myself over, and decide I look fine with my light pink and grey striped tank-top, my casual skinny jeans, my grey flats, my normal makeup (which consists of a very light coat of gold eye shadow, a thin line of black eye liner, and a bit of mascara only to darken my already long eye lashes), and of course my curly blonde/light brown hair. I step up to the door and open it for them as a polite gesture, and they walk in and continue talking, not even noticing me, except a boy with curly hair dark brown hair and green eyes, who looks at me and stops talking for a moment, a small smile appearing for a second. Wow, he has such green eyes.

   I realize I'm staring so I turn and close the door, smiling slightly for politeness and stand off to the side like I was instructed to, just as I realize who it is exactly that I'm looking at casually sitting on the couch, with one boy, the blonde one, sprawled comfortably along one of the lounge chairs. It's One Direction, the One Direction. As in Louis, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Harry.



( Hey! I hope you enjoy! I plan on adding on a new chapter every couple of days! But to get the next chapter early, can I get 3 likes? Thanks! ;D)


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