The Story of Us

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: 18 year old Holly Key is an unsuspecting nobody from a small town living in the big city of London with her best friend Zoey. Little does she know that a certain turn of events will lead to her meeting a certain someone.


3. Date Gone Wrong

Chapter 3:

   Later that night, when Zoey got home, I told her the gist of what happened, though I left out the part where I fell asleep in his car. She totally freaked. I guess it's not really the kind of thing you hear every day, right? Anyway, she nearly went head over heals and literally begged me to introduce her to Liam. I laughed, and rolled my eyes. Of course, that's all she's thinking about. Slowly, but surely, she calmed down. She had brought home a pizza, so we cooked and ate some of it. Afterwards, I went up to my room for the night. I wasn't really even tired, since I had taken a nap on the way here, so I decided to get my phone out and text someone. 

   I start scrolling through the contacts for someone to text, as most of my good friend from the US are currently asleep at this hour. I stop when I see an unfamiliar number, with the name only as 'H'. I narrow my eyes but can't help a little smile as I realize what must've happened. When I was asleep Harry must have taken my phone and put his number in it. That little sneak! I knew Zoey was right; I need to put a password on my phone!

   I decide that I'll text him, and see if he replies.

   hey , I send, then i go take a short shower. When I come out I see that he has replied.

   hey. whats up? , he sent back. I get my pajamas on and wrap the towel around my hair, then sit on my bed and grab my phone to reply.

   oh, not much. i just found out a stranger put his number in my phone while i was asleep.

   haha, sorry about that. i want to get to know you though. you just seem... so different from other girls ive met. 

   well, you know you could've just asked for my number or gave me yours like a normal person. 

   see, right there. i want to get to know you, and your attitude. i think its cute.

   jeez, moving a little fast aren't you? im sorry, i know you're the one and only harry styles, but you're still a guy, and i just met you today. I send back, thinking he's trying to move to fast. But on the inside I'm happy, happy to know that someone actually really wants to get to know me, besides my best friend.

   fine then. will you go on a date with me? we could go get dinner tomorrow, and ill try and act like a normal person. just give me a chance, please?

   I smile, but suddenly frown. I can't believe I'm already so won-over by this guy, and I don't care who he is. But he does have a point, I should give him a chance. And even though I try to hide it from myself, I really do want to get to know him.

   sure. ill give you a chance. 

   great! thanks love, ill see you tomorrow :)

   dont call me love! I reply, but I don't think he got it because he never replies back. 

   I scold myself inwardly. I can't believe I agreed to go on a date with someone I've know for less that a day! I don't know what's gotten into me. I mean, usually guys don't even pay attention to me. I know I'm pretty, but no one has ever really wanted to get to know me, let alone a complete stranger. But I guess maybe after tomorrow night we won't be quite the strangers anymore.


   Work seems to go by quite fast the next day. I'm not doing the same thing as the day before, today I'm just running around taking coffee to everyone. After work is over though, just as I take a couple steps out the door, I feel someone squeeze my arm. I whip around to face them, sighing in relief as I see it's Harry. Today he has his hood down, as though maybe he wants to be seen with me, or he's just not afraid to be.

   "Hello love," he says, then grabs my hand and kindly kisses it. I can't help but smile at him, and even decide to let it slide that he called me 'love' again. I inwardly curse myself. I can't let that slide! I'm about to tell him off when he grins devilishly and grabs my hand in his, not interlocking it like a couple, but he holds it with care and guides me, for the second time, to his car. When he looks at me like that, so calm, caring and gentle,  I feel totally safe, like not a thing can touch, because he won't let it.

   "Aghh," I groan to myself quietly as I get in. I can't believe he did that to me again!

   I guess he heard me because he turns to me concerned. "Is something wrong?" he asks.

   I smile and shake my head. "Nope, I'm just glad to be sitting down finally. I've been delivering coffee to everyone non-stop today." It may not be the real reason, but it is truthful. My feet and legs are killing me.

   He laughs. "Well I'm glad to have helped you." 

   I nod, and he pulls onto the road. "Where were we going again?" I ask, though I'm not sure he told me in the first place.

   He grins. "I never told you. It's a surprise. Are you allergic to Italian at all?" 

   I shake my head. "Nope, I'm actually not allergic to anything, though sometimes I start to feel sick around the smell of salmon."

   "Okay. We'll avoid salmon then." He turns on the radio and random music plays, but I don't really listen. I just stare out the window at the passing buildings. This is the richer part of town. We may live in a nice apartment, only because of Zoey, but this is the place where all the real big things are. I've never been to this part of town, so I honestly have  no clue where we're going.

   About half an hour later he's pulling into the parking lot of a very fancy-looking restaurant.

   "Harry, this place looks expensive. I don't really have the money for this," I say with embarrassment. 

   He laughs and smiles at me with warmth. "There's no need love, I'll take care of it."

   I nod thankfully, giving him a smile. As he walks over to my door to open it like a gentleman, I can't help but think that I should try not to get to close to him. Guys like him couldn't really fall in love with girls like me, could they? I think, then realize I must've muttered it because Harry looks at me with a curious expression.

   "Oh nothing," I say, grasping desperately for something to cover up what I really said. "I just said I can smell the delicious food from here." I sigh, smiling, as that is true. It smells divine, and we're not even that close to the restaurant yet.

   He nods, though I'm not sure he totally believes me. Either way, that was a close call. I realize I'm actually okay with him calling me 'love' now, but I still think to myself that I can't get to close to him, because I'm sure guys like him could really end up hurting me in ways I haven't really experienced before. I touched on this a bit before, but I haven't really ever been in a real, long relationship. Things just never work out, for two reasons. One is that no one is ever really interested in me, and two is that when someone is, it's usually just a crush that's over with in a couple weeks, and it ends up not really working out. But I've never had my heart broken, and I don't really want to know what it feels like. Zoey, a couple years back, dated this guy named Noah for two years. Eventually they had to break up and she was devastated because he was moving to New York. I remember what it was like, just being the supportive friend. It was still hell. She looks back on it and says it was nothing, but I know deep down that's not true.

   When I was fourteen, my mother died. The only people that know are the people from my small town and Zoey. I was unimaginably heartbroken, but I always remembered every lesson she taught me. It reminds me just how amazing she was. The one I've been thinking about lately, since I met Harry, is her lesson on love. She said, and I quote, :

   "Real love is about I need, not I want. It's when two hearts become one, each carrying a part of each other inside of them. Lust is often mistaken for love, when someone feels fake emotions, and believe they 'want' someone because they love them. That isn't true though. Real love is one feeling shared by two. Something that can't be broken, but fixed or mended through time. A real relationship does not lay upon the lines of 'I love him/her because of this/that', but 'I love him/her because I need him/her, to complete me'. Real love completes the other."

   Anyway, she also told me that a lot of guys might fall for me, and I might fall for them, but only I will know when I've found real love, true love. She said rushing into things with a guy shows no compassion, but only lust.

   I'm afraid I might fall for Harry for the wrong reasons.

   As we enter the place, the overwhelming aroma fills me with joy. I smile at Harry, who returns it.

   "Reservation for 'Max Holt'." he says to the lady at the desk.

   She smiles at him. "Ah yes, right here. A table for two. Right this way."

   As we follow her, I whisper to Harry, "You got us a reservation?"

   "Yes, is that bad?" he whispers back, confused.

   I laugh softly. "Of course not, it's just that no one has ever done something like that for me."

   He smiles cheekily as we finally stop. I hadn't realized where she was taking us until now. We are in a private area with only four other occupied tables. Surprised, I sit down across from Harry. The woman sets two menu's down for us. She smiles, then leaves, and I reach for a menu.

   Harry grins and snatches both of them before I can grab one. "Ah ah ah, I will order for you." he says with a cheeky grin.

   I start to laugh, but then catch a whiff of something horrible. My smile disappearing instantly. Harry looks confused, just as I realize what the smell is.

   "Salmon..." I whisper, just as blackness takes hold of me.

   I don't know why this happens. I'm not allergic to salmon, but whenever I smell it, cooked or raw, I always pass out. Anytime I've passed out before was due to this, and this only. I'm not some weak sissy that can't handle thing that smell bad, but I've never been able to handle the smell of this.


   I come to laying on my bed, with the lights turns off. I'm still in my clothes, But my jacket, shoes, and socks are off. I glace at my alarm clock and it reads three a.m. So much for our date. I'm disappointed, but glad in a way. There's no way he'll want me now, I ruined our first date. I fall back asleep, sending a silent thanks to Harry for bringing me home.

   Later that morning I awake to the smell of delicious smelling scrambled eggs. I smile and gets some new clothes on for today, quickly hopping in the shower, then head downstairs. 

   "Why are you home so early Zoey? I thought you were going to be gone for the next week?" I ask.

   Zoey is supposed to be back visiting her mother. She told me she'd be back next week, but I guess she's home early. Maybe her flight got canceled and she just didn't tell be because she just got back and didn't want to wake me. I smile as I go into the kitchen.

   "It smells gre-" I stop in my tracks as I realize who's standing in the kitchen over to stove. It's not Zoey at all. It's Harry...

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