The Story of Us

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: 18 year old Holly Key is an unsuspecting nobody from a small town living in the big city of London with her best friend Zoey. Little does she know that a certain turn of events will lead to her meeting a certain someone.


2. A Ride Home

Chapter 2:

   "Hello, love," the boy with brown hair, blue eyes, and a cocky smile says. Louis. I smile slowly, having a total stranger call me 'love' sounding weird, especially with his accent.

   "What's your name?" Harry asks, sounding casual and relaxed, which is the exact opposite of me on the inside.

   "Holly," I manage to say, thankfully without stuttering. He smiles, his dimples showing.

   "Can I get you anything?" I ask them, and they each say no. I smile politely as they continue to stare at me, and I shift uncomfortable under their gazes.

   Just then, thankfully, Simon Cowell opens the door, and their curious eyes shift to him. He doesn't even glance at me, but instead sits down beside the boys and begins to talk about their next concert, which coincidentally will be held here in London. I take a seat at the little mini-bar, then decide to fill some glasses with water. I do this silently, to not call attention to myself, and place them on a tray I find below the sink. I fill one for myself and take my seat again, deciding to look at one of the magazines I placed at the mini-bar counter as well, so that they don't find it rude for me to be listening in on their conversation. I get into a story about a town near my hometown, so much that I don't realize how much time has passed and that suddenly there is no longer anymore conversation in the room.

   I glance up to see the boys leaving, and I rush to the door and open it for them, politely saying goodbye. They all leave, except Harry stays behind, looking at me with a slight smirk.

   "What are you smirking at?" I ask, curious to know.

   He laughs. "Oh nothing really, just you, and how you're trying to act so cool, especially after you've just met us."

   Instantly I narrow my eyes. "Well, maybe I'm just not all that excited to be meeting you." I say, emphasizing the 'you' with sarcasm. "Now, if you're done here, I have to get home."

   I instantly feel bad at how I just reacted, but I don't turn to apologize, and instead I walk to the door, throw a last glance at his hurt face before I walk out, leaving the door slowly closing behind me.

   To my surprise, I never hear the door shut, which it should've, because I gave it enough force. I slow my pace as I reach the front door and I walk out, breathing in refreshing breath of fresh air. I start digging through my purse to get out some money to pay for the ride home. I go to the bus stop, only then realizing that I'm late, and that the bus to take me home has already left. Sighing, I sit down on the little bench, digging out my phone now, to call Zoey.

   "Hey Zoey, it's Holly. I'm just leaving this message because I got off work late and I missed the bus. I know you're probably busy at your afternoon yoga class, but if you get this, I need picked up. Thanks, bye," I say to her answering machine, sighing.

   Just then I feel a hand on my shoulder and look over to see Harry standing there.

   "Hey, I'm sorry about earlier. I had no right to assume why you were being shy, and I apologize." he says, and I hear the sincerity in his voice.

   I sigh. "No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so rude. You were only kidding around. I guess I was just kind of in shock." I say, apologizing.

   He laughs and smiles, and I notice his smile is slightly crooked, which is actually kind of cute. I must have looked pretty out of it because he shakes my shoulder. "Holly? Are you okay Holly?"

   I shake it off, looking at him confused. "What? Um, yeah. Did you say something before that?" I ask.

   He rolls his eyes and his smile widens. "I asked you if you need a ride. I kind of overheard your phone call, and I'm assuming that was an answering machine and you're stuck here for a while."

   "There you go assuming again," I say, but this time with a playful smile on. Just now I realize that he's wearing a hoody that mostly covers his face, and nearly all of his hair. "Well, yes, and I do kind of need a ride, but shouldn't you be heading off with your band-mates?"

   He shakes his head. "No, we all came in separate cars, but I was the only one who drove myself here. I can give you a ride, if you want. I don't mind."

   I shake my head. "Thanks, but it's quite a long drive back north."

   Harry smiles that crooked smile again, and I can't help but feel like I might melt. Since when do I feel like this over a guy I've just met? I've never even really been in a relationship where I'm mooning over a guy.

   "Like I said, I don't mind. Plus, I'm staying up north a ways too. I can drop you off on the way." he says, and takes my hand before I can reply and guides me to his car. He opens up the door and motions politely for me to get in, which after a reluctant second, i do. I don't really relax though. I can't even believe I just did that! I just got into a stranger's car! But when he gets in and smiles at me, half my worries drift away.

   "You seem a bit tense. Are you cold?" he asks, real worry laced in his voice as he starts the car.

   I shake my head. "No, nothing's wrong." I say, finally deciding to relax.

   I don't realize I've fallen asleep until I'm being shaken awake.

   "Wake up Holly," Harry says, gently nudging my shoulders. I open my eyes and sit up, unbuckling and stepping out, grabbing his extended hand to help. I forgot I'd given him my address, because I stare at my apartment building in confusion for a bit, before a give him a thank you smile,

   "Thanks." I say, as he nods and gets back into his car. He rolls down the passenger window, then says, "No problem, bye," and drives away, leaving me to head into me apartment building and enter my empty room.

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