Something To Remember

For the Vampire Comp, It has a little of Love, Life and, of corse, Death.


1. Prologue


"I'll give you something to remember!" He growled and hit her. She cried out and fell to the ground. She placed a hand on her red cheek.

He placed his bottle of scotch on the rickety table in their small home. He leans over she, and almost falls. He puts a steading hand on the table. He slurs a bit when he says "Are you going to remember me, now, bitch?"

She whimpers. That night he had come home drunk, per usual. But, the guys at the pub had told stories, that she was sleeping around to make money, so she could leave him. None of it was true, she loved him, even though he hit her and threatened her. She was true and had never broken their wedding vows, he had.

He reached down and grabbed her. "This was the last time I'm going to stand you doing this, bitch." Pulling her up by her hair he grabbed a knife. "Here's something to remind you." He stabbed her, over and over, but he didn't hit vital places in his drunken state.

After a while he stopped and dropped her. She shivered, and cowered in her own blood. He kicked her once and left her their.

She passed in and out of consciousness. A large, dark shadow appeared above her.

She tried to look through her swollen shut eyes. Everything was flickering around her. The shadow bent over her.

"Poor girl. So young, yet destined to die." The shadow reached out a hand and patted her head. She shuttered. "I can give you a chance to live again, do you want to live and gain revenge, or die and be unable to protect others from him?"

She tried to speak, and final the words came. "I have....heard of your.....kind....blood drinkers....." She shuttered, close to death "......I want to live and.......kill him.....I did nothing....make me of you...."

She gasp and died, the shadow bent close and clamped onto her neck. He drank what was left of her blood, and then he picked up the dead girl, he carried her from her home, her husband and her family to a place far away.

She lived, and died more times than anyone.

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