Something To Remember

For the Vampire Comp, It has a little of Love, Life and, of corse, Death.


2. I Dont Know

I Don't Know;



Lorelei walked down the deserted main street. She was set to meet with Bram. The Shadow who had saved her. She hadn't seen him in years, centuries even. He had given her and address near this street. 4 Forever Road, Desert Wyoming, U.S.A. She laughed quietly, fitting name, although it is kind of green and fertile. The road name fitted too. Forever, yep.

Finally, she found the turn off. The road went on a while too. A vague shape in the distance must be number one. "Ugh, he couldn't live in New York City? Or Hollywood? New Orleans is good too. But no, as far as he can get from civilization for him!" Closing her eyes she pictured him in her mind. Using her power she found where he was and flashed to outside his house. Studying the house she laughed. She walked up the steps to the porch and front door.

She raised her hand to knock but the door opened and a hand yanked her in. The door slammed and locked tightly, with about 20 locks, behind her. She squinted in the darkness, looking around. "So, Bram....what do you need?"

"Shh, I have something to tell you, come." Bram walked down a hall to a flight of stairs. Lorelei fallowed him. When they reached the end of the staircase he led her over to a table and chairs. "Sit." She sat.

He began to pace. "I never told you where I came from....I'm The Origin. I was the first, I never changed anyone else, except for you. I was born first, then a few others, they knew I was alive  but could never find me. Then, I was hunting.....I herd your husband beating you. I lost it. I attacked him and killed him, then I saved you. Now, something, I think its The Regal, is after me. I told you The Law, well, The Regal make sure The Law is fallowed. Understand?"

Lorelei nodded. "Yeah, but why are they after you?"

He slammed his hands down on the table and growled "I. Don't. KNOW!"

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