Something To Remember

For the Vampire Comp, It has a little of Love, Life and, of corse, Death.


3. But.....Why?


Lorelei watched him for a moment, he had never been like that with her before. She had seen him attack humans and other vampires, but he was always calm, calculating. But, not now. This was the first time he had ever lost his cool. Vampires rarely had that kind of control.

She thought back over the years. Never, ever, had she seen him act this way, but he had seemed off the wall last time she say New York, in the country somewhere, then they had separated until he had contacted her a few weeks ago.

"But.....why? Like, why are you telling me this? What am I supposed to do?" He stared at me and began his pacing again.  Running his hands threw his hair he growled. "I think they want me dead. I do know why, though, maybe. I'm telling you this because....their are vampires that are rebelling against them. Against The Regal. You know that vampires cant really kill each other, but that is a lie. I know how to kill vampires, even though I am one. We have always thought that the only way to kill a vampire was a stake through the heart by a human. Or being burned and ripped apart. That is all true, but a vampire can kill another one, and this what they want, so they can kill the Regal."

He took a deep breath and looked at Lorelei. "I need you to show and tell them how to kill another Vampire, The Regal's time is over. It Is the Time Of Kings. That's what the rebellion calls themselves. Ha!" He gave a dry laugh. "They need a new name and a new leader." He looked right at Lorelei.

She shook her head. "No, No, Bram, I'm not leading a band of misfits to leadership. Oh, no, never, I've never done anything to bother The Regal, I want to keep it that way."

"They are more than a band of misfits. They are going to win, I've seen this! Their are two ways it ends, them in leadership and you dead because you didn't help them, and them in leadership, with you at the helm. Ahhh! That's their new name. Band Of Misfits. And the leader is Lorelei Bizer!"

Lorelei launched herself at him and tackled him to the ground, she snarled at him "Don't use that name! Ever! I hate that name! Its NOT my name! You say it again I will kill you, with or with out your secret!"

He just laughed, Lorelei slammed his head into the ground. "Ifs not just my secret, you know it!" Suddenly, even faster than she could believe a vampire could move he grabbed her head and shoved a memory to the front of her mind.

*She was sick, it was a few weeks after she had been turned. Bram dragged a vampire, a unconscious one, into her small room. Bram had dropped him on the floor, he had moaned. "Girl, drink." They hadn't talked, she only knew his name from visitors.

She smelled blood, it was a coppery salty smell. She craved it. Needed it. She lunged at the motionless vampire. She hadn't know he was a vampire until she tasted the blood. It was more filling and satisfying than anyone else. She latched onto the first body part she found, a arm.

The vampire let out a scream unlike anything she had herd before. Bram knelt beside her. He whispered. "Remember this, girl, to kill a vampire, you must get him immobile. Once he or she is still, drink their blood. To get them to be your slave only a small about must be taken, but to kill drink as much as you can. Vampire blood is extremely healthy for other vampires, they think it isn't, but it is. Drink, girl, take his strength, kill him. Take his life. He was like your husband, he beat and raped women for dun then killed them." She had sucked and sucked until their was nothing left except for a dry husk. She pulled away and looked at Bram. "More." He laughed. "No, girl, but after that, every time you go near a vampire you will be able to know the exact amount of blood they have, the time it would take to kill them, and the best way to immobilize them. Their weaknesses will be yours." He had stood and walked out, and what he said was true. Every vampire she met, she could immobilize them in seconds, except for him. She could never take Bram down, except now.*

Lorelei gasped for breath as he pulled away. "Understand, girl?" She nodded.

"But, why could I never take you down until now?"

"Because now you are stronger than me, the hatred of that name and your power from your blood intake has made you stronger than even I could dream. Right now, if you chose you could kill me." Lorelei got off him and pulled him up. "But, what if your in close combat and need to kill them fast instead of sitting their and sucking for however long."

He dusted himself off. "If you keep them from feeding for a few days it will be easier to kill them, but you could enslave them and kill them later."

She sighed "Where are they hiding?"

He laughed again. "In plain sight, of corse! Who is the most popular band right now?"

"Um, One Direction, why?" She looked skeptical.

"Well, at their concerts the vender for Foundling Drinks is a vampire, he is the contact, tell him you have the information that The King seeks. They will expect you." He put his hands on her shoulders. "I love you, girl, but we might not have a next time. Stay the day and head out tomorrow?" He pulled her close and hugged her. "Ok, Bram, I'll stay today, but tonight I'll go to the concert and find this guy." They went upstairs together and talked long into the day, as noon came around they went to bed.

As Lorelei fell asleep she though about why she had to be chosen by Bram to be turned.

As Bram fell asleep he thought about how he had been compelled to change Lorelei into a Shadow Walker as they used to be called. He had felt so bad about turning her, this was a sad, lonely life. No love, only hate, no light, only night.

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