Bloody Kisses

Louise Rose Silver, was your typical two century old vampire until she met Mazon Louis Smith. She moves to a town where she must hide her identity because well two hundred years ago, she did unspeakable horrors and now was plastered in the history books. Now she must hide her identity from the boy she loves and the sun.

Sexual Content.
Do not read if under the age of sixteen.


4. Date Night

The moon was high over head as I searched the forest for my prey. The memories of the dance flashed through my mind, distracting me from the hunt. I snarled in annoyance before continuing down to the creek bed, there a doe sat curled up about to sleep. Her ear pricked up and she looked around. She couldn't see me but I could see her. I lunged at her with such speed she didn't have time to react. Her neck snapped and I drank her dry. When I was finished the Hunger subsided some until I smelt something else, Caroline my daughter's scent was in the air, but that was impossible. She died all those years ago. She can't be alive, I watched her body turn to ashes. She can't be alive...she just can't be, I heard the rustling of the leaves and then she came through the thicket of leaves and branches. Her midnight black hair curled to perfection, her body was like a big cat's predatory stance. She was graceful in her movements, each step was like a musical melody.


"Caroline?" I managed to whisper.


"Mother, is it you?" She asked, in the same mimicking tone she had as a two year old humanoid. Her eyes once blue were the frightening silver of my family legacy.


"Oh Caroline, how can it be...I watched you turn to your father's embrace."


"Mother father's love shielded me long enough for me to escape. I ran into the woods but it was much too dangerous to reunite with you. For nearly two hundred years I have been searching for you. Now I have found you. Cousin Anna has taken great care of me." I embraced my daughter in a bone shattering hug, and she returned it.


"I've missed you so much Caroline. So much." I let my bloody tears and kisses rain over her face as I welcomed my daughter back into my life. " I always knew somehow you were alive."


"I understand mama why you left. But why didn't you return until now?"


"Your father's soul brought me back, I found Stephen once more he's in the body of a student at Silver Academy."


"The boy you've been rumored to have been dating? The boy who sang to you tonight?"




"Nothing I've sensed it as well. I have my papa back." Caroline's face lit up with the innocence that shouldn't have been possible on the undead. "We should head back the sun will be up soon." We walked arm in arm back to the mansion, smiles plastered a crossed our immortal faces. As we climbed the six flights to the vampire floor. When we arrived the dance had just let out so we mingled into the crowds. The vampires of course continued the trek up the many flights, rushing to to beat the sun's harmful rays. I showed Caroline her bedroom, and she almost shed tears.


"Mama, its the same as I had left it. I thought the house burnt to the ground?"


"Perhaps the grand fire was an illusion." I whispered as I shut the closet door that joined our rooms. "Good night Caroline." I shut my eyes, for only a few hours I would sleep and raise with the humans, being the peculiar vampire that I was. I couldn't wait to tell Mazon...Caroline was back.







I couldn't sleep, not a wink. All I could think about was Rose, she was beautiful, she could date anyone she wanted and she chose me. I knew of course her reasons for choosing me, I looked, acted, and smelt like her deceased vampire husband Stephan; but somehow I didn't care. I loved her even more knowing that she believed me to be Stephan. I watched as the sun kissed the horizon's bloody lips and thought, Rose and I share bloody kisses. Bloody kisses, she drank blood, and sometimes, I could taste her last victim. Not that she didn't brush her fangs, it was just something I could taste. Knowing Rose, she probably could no longer taste it. Perhaps I am a vampire and I just don't know it yet. My alarm blared for me to wake up and not being asleep I rolled out of bed and dressed. When I had finished and was brushing my hair, a knock came from the heavy wooden door. I looked at my room mate and saw he was sleeping,  I opened the door to reveal Rose. She was radiant, more radiant then she was the night before.


"Hello, its early Rose, aren't you a bit uncomfortable?"


"Not in the slightest." She returned, "You look horrid, didn't you sleep?"


"Not in the slightest." he mimicked. "All I could think about was you."


"Really? What kind of thoughts?" her ancient British accent encasing her voice making it sound like velvet. I lost my train of thought, she was so close to me, her breath smelt of roses, lilacs, and peppermint patties. I swallowed and whispered,


"Naughty thoughts." Her eyes lit up with devilish amusement. She pressed her chest against mine and her lips came crashing onto my own. Her lips moved unmercifully against mine, as if she was hungry. She probably hasn't had sex in centuries. I smiled and scooped her up. "Let's go to your room."


"Uhh" she groaned as I climbed the stairs to her bedroom. I opened her door and locked it never letting her go. I threw her onto the bed and was over top of her in seconds."I love you." she whispered as she threw off my sweater and jeans.


"I love you." I growled as I ripped off her clothes. I sent kisses down her body and up to her neck again. My hands busy with her bosom. She was moaning ever so loud that I knew this was the first time, since well technically me.


"Hurry up," "No more." "Do it already" were here favorite phrases she managed to spit out. As I did finally oblige her she cried out and had to bite the pillow. "I love you." she whispered again as I finished. I rolled off of her breathing heavily, as was she.


"I didn't hurt you? I mean did I bite?" she whispered.


"No. Not even a love nip." Her tongue encircled her lips and she kissed my neck, I felt a pin prick and then ecstasy. She had bitten me, and the venom on her teeth, made me feel like I was dancing in the clouds. She stopped to soon, and licked my wound.


"Why did you stop?"


"If I didn't you'd be dead." she replied. She removed herself from my embrace and dressed. " We have Saturday morning classes today you know. Hurry and dress. I also have a surprise for you." I rolled my eyes and dressed.






I waited until he finished dressing himself and then I opened my closet door that led into Caroline's room. Mazon followed me, he was curious as any human would be.


"Why are you keeping my surprise in your closet?" he whispered.


"I'm not." I said as I reached between two sweaters. I pushed opened the door and led him inside. Caroline sat on the bed, reading 'Dracula' by Bram Stoker. Ironic, she glanced up and smiled at me.


"Hello mother."


"Caroline, this is Mazon." Caroline glanced behind me to Mazon, her uncharacteristic smile lit up her face as she saw the resemblance to that of her father in Mazon's face.


"Mother, you're right, he does look like him."


"Rose, uh please explain."


"I will on our date tonight. I just wanted you to meet." I shoved him out, and said goodnight to my daughter. I shut her door and Mazon and I went to class.

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