Bloody Kisses

Louise Rose Silver, was your typical two century old vampire until she met Mazon Louis Smith. She moves to a town where she must hide her identity because well two hundred years ago, she did unspeakable horrors and now was plastered in the history books. Now she must hide her identity from the boy she loves and the sun.

Sexual Content.
Do not read if under the age of sixteen.


2. Bloody Dreams

For a vampire waking up with the sun is always difficult, but for a vampire over three centuries old its excruciatingly painful to keep even an eye open. Annabeth had told me not to bother with classes, since I knew everything anyhow. I couldn't just hide in my bedroom all day. I climbed from the bed clothes and shuffled towards the wardrobe. All that was there was moth eaten dresses. I rolled my eyes and then noticed a school uniform on the chair. A note inscribed with my name read;


     Dear Louise,

         If your anything like your mother you will not take my advice at all. Here is your school uniform. Classes begin at seven am promptly. I hope you enjoy your stay here at Silver Academy. 



I rolled my eyes and discarded the note, I pulled on the uniform which consisted of a skirt the color of marble slabs, a blouse made of silver silk and a blazer which was maroon. I tied the silver and maroon tie and walked down the steps pulling on my doc martens over my silver knee highs. I stepped into the main hall and Mazon smiled at me waved his arm in the air, beckoning me forth. 


"Louise, I want you to meet my friends." Oh great, more humans. I suppressed a growl and smiled my most polite smile.


"Louise this is;"






"Jolene, we're twins."




"I'm Martha. Nice to meet you." I looked at Martha and quickly away. She looked just like Rosemary. The woman I murdered, I was a monster and I was looking at my victims face. 


"Louise, are you alright?"


"Mm Stephen?"


"Who's Stephen Louise?" Mazon asked worried.


"An old friend, you look like him. I'm terribly sorry." I whispered.


"Students! I wish to welcome you back to our fine establishment. Welcome back to Silver Academy!" I turned to see Annabeth on the podium, her fangs hanging out like being a vampire was nothing at all!


"Crazy vampire. Its a school who wants to be here?" I heard Jolene whisper.


"You know of vampires?" I asked.


"Yes. They're the night students here. Why?"


"Uh well, Professor Silver is my cousin, and uh.."


"Louise, are you saying that your a night stalker?" Mazon asked.


"Yes, a very infamous one as well."


"You can't possibly be THE Louise Rose Silver, can you?" Jennyfer asked going all fan girl.


"The very same." I said bowing my head. I expected pitch forks and torches, especially from Martha.


"That's so cool. How can you walk around during the day like this?"


"The same way Professor Silver is." I said annoyed. 


"Oh how stupid of me." Jennyfer said.


" Is that why you didn't want to talk about Caroline?" Mazon asked.


"Yes. Martha, if I cringed when you introduced yourself its because you look just like Rosemary."


"You know, she does." Sebastian said wrapping an arm around her. "Don't go and kill her now." he joked, and then a shocked look crossed his face.


"Its fine its been two centuries." 


"Mazon, do you remember who my husband was?"


"Stephen Smith Silver, mayor of London until his death."


"Ever seen a portrait of him?" I asked once more.




"You look just like him, you act like him, and you even smell like him." I said.


"You and Mazon would look cute together." Jennyfer and Jolene said. Mazon blushed, I wish I could blush, I haven't blushed since I was twelve.

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