Blackberry Child

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  • Published: 28 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 28 Aug 2013
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A poem from my collection of poetry called A Tale Of Star-Crossed Lovers - here alone. Enjoy!!♥♥


1. Blackberry Child

She's your blackberry girl

I can truly understand why

With her dark, plump lips

And her smile ever so white

She’s a blackberry child


She’s a summer girl

Doing best when she’s outside

Where she can really breathe

And be as free as she like

She’s a blackberry child


She’s a burning fire

And a colorful butterfly

Beautiful and uncontrollable

Harsh, but fragile

She’s a blackberry child


She’s always talking

But never about what’s on her mind

She will never trust you love her

For she doesn’t see why

She’s a blackberry child


She can never be tamed

She will always live her own life

You will never quite get her

She’s meant for running wild

Congratulations! You’re in love

With a blackberry child

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