A Murder of Crows

This is the story of a man who is asexual and falls in love. it is about how we define ourselves in the modern age, and what love means to those who have no physical avenue to explore. It is about the way we interact with our families, and how echoes of past lives filter through to us.


1. Prologue

I came a-cross


A fractured bird, wing like steeple

I came across, no breath

Not feeble


My heart swelled with sorrow and hope

The cries of angels, trapped

In closed throats


To sing, soar and climb in clouds

Dreams fade but present

From under grey shrouds


Yet forever I see the crow on ground

Just another life that elicits

A frown


I came a-cross a fractured bird

To breathe life is not a right

Under my crown


Something so small I cannot

Save or survive

It becomes me

Both dead and alive


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