It all happened so quickly. Zayn and I were fighting and I brought up...the "B" word. Also known as Break Up. Then it all came true. Nikki Shae and Zayn Malik were no longer "Zakki". I was never going to be known as THE Nikki Shae, I'm now going to be forever known as Zayn Maliks ex.

Find out what happens when the world wants Zakki back!!!!
QIUCK A/N: I want a co-author so please message me on my mumble!!!



 It all happened so quickly. Zayn and I were fighting and I brought up.. the "B" word. Also known as Breakup. Then it all came true. I, Nikki Shae and Zayn Malik were no longer "Zakki". I was now not going to be known as THE Nikki Shae, I was forever going to be known as Zayn.Maliks.ex.


This was the begging of the end. I was probably going to have my face plastered ALL over magazines and I was probably going to be known as a "she devil". 


  "UGGGGGGG WHY DOES MY LIFE SUCK"? I screamed into my pillow even though it only lowered the sound by NOTHING. Thank goodness my parents weren't home to see me in misery I grabbed my white iPhone that Zayn bought me one year for my birthday and I checked out my twitter. Millions of my followers were gone. But that wasn't the worst part of it.. A lot of people called me horrific names. So bad I don't even want to repeat it in my mind. I locked my phone to get away from everything. I better stay off of social media until this blows over.


I sauntered over to the T.V remote and flipped to the news. I brush my light brown wavy hair out of my face as I focus my pearcing green eyes on the television screen in front of me.

(reporter speaking):

"It has been reported that Nikki Shae has been seen leaving Zayn Maliks flat in London crying.... Is this the end of Zakki"?



"Oh that's just great" I said to myself sarcastically. Then they showed  a photo of me crying as I clicked off the T.V.   

I hear pounding coming from my door.

"Comeing!" I said as I hoped off the couch.

I herd two more pounds on the door.

"I said I'm coming!"



I need a co-author!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)





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