It all happened so quickly. Zayn and I were fighting and I brought up...the "B" word. Also known as Break Up. Then it all came true. Nikki Shae and Zayn Malik were no longer "Zakki". I was never going to be known as THE Nikki Shae, I'm now going to be forever known as Zayn Maliks ex.

Find out what happens when the world wants Zakki back!!!!
QIUCK A/N: I want a co-author so please message me on my mumble!!!


2. Adventures in Italy Pt.1

I ran to the door and opened it. They all marched in to my house. 

"Um excuse me, What the hell are you doing, your boots are dirty and this is a 16,000 dollar carpet in a 4.5 million dollar mansion!!! My parents are going to fucking KILL me" I almost screamed at the top of my lungs! 

"Ms. Shae We are taking to Italy because if you look out the window there are thousand of fans outside waiting to mob you''.


---16 hours later in italy----

I got off the plane wanting to collapse of exhaustion because I got sat in front of that little twat who won't stop kicking your seat. He kept me awake 16 hours! I stomped angrily down the street to a hotel and checked in.

There were so many fans outside the building. On my way to the elevator, they chanted 'One Direction', was 1D in the building? I checked my tour calendar. Shit...

The elevator door opened and I zoomed into it and pressed pent house.

"hold the elevator" Paul shouted

I furiously pressed the button to go but they managed to slip in.

"Hey Nikki are you-" Louis began

"No Lou, I'm not following you"

"Tell her Zayn. Tell her straight up" Louis recommended

"Tell me what Zayn?" My voice shaked

" I'm getting married soon"

I dropped my snapple bottle spilling fluids everywhere

What the fuck...

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