Amy Mcgill has never experienced love for anyone but her family and she thinks that maybe she is the only one in her year 9 class who doesn't wear make-up. Should she be worried? Should she change in order to fit in? Should she ignore her differences and stay true to her self? This is a story that follows Amy as she tries for the first time in her life to fit in with the crowd.


2. Tutor



OH MY GOD. That is all I have to say.... Fat chance!!! I will tell you the whole story of the hell I have lived this morning! I made the bus in time however only JUST in time so I got to sit next to the charming Mr. Scott Snot. His real names not really Scott.Snot his real surnames smith but he is the most disgusting boy I have ever met. 

I sat down cautiously and made sure I kept my bag on my lap and was on the edge of my seat. 

" Hey Amy" said Scott, and he gave me a 'lovely' smile of yellow fillings.

" Hey..." I trailed away into silence and just concentrated on trying to find Sadie and Lucy ( well actually try to hide from them ).

Suddenly the bus doors opened and a whoosh of pink sparkles and girly perfume engulfed the vehicle. The devils had arrived. As they began to strut down the bus like it was a catwalk they spied me subtly hiding under my bag. Their eyes turned red like bloodthirsty vampires and evil smiles appeared on their faces as if they were hunting me.

" Amy " proclaimed Sadie, " How delightfully ugly you are looking today! ".

" Goggles on " ordered Lucy, and they then both produced a pair of pink swimming goggles from their bags and put them on.

" Wait! Its not enough protection " she whimpered. Then they both put their hands over the goggles.

" Aaaah thats better " Lucy sneered and then they carried on sashaying down to their seats at the back. 

It was soooo embarrassing and the whole bus ( even the driver ) was shaking with laughter. Finally we got to school and I rushed off the bus and through the school gates. I needed to get to the libaray quickly as I needed some calming down therapy from the weird spiritual librarian Miss.Cox. I breezed through the doors and went to sit down on a table where Miss.Cox was sorting books into piles.

" Hello sweetie, WELCOME BACK!!! " she said as she dropped all the books she was holding and ran round to her office. When she came back she was holding a package in her hands. It was the book ( Breaking Dawn By Stephanie Mayer ) I had ordered last term but it had never come because the school didn't have a post box ( weird I know).

" But I thought it never came because we didn't have a post box! " I scream-whispered.

" It didn't but then I ordered it to my house because I knew how much you wanted to read it! " Miss.Cox said with a kind wide smile. All of a sudden the bell rang and my face crumpled.

" Oh don't be like that, I'm sure its not that bad " she said to me, but really, it was that bad.

I hurriedly took the book from Miss.Cox and thanked her. I then grabbed my bag and began to run to the other side of the school where my tutor room was.

Anyway so that's where I am now except I am soaking wet.

WAIT.Sadie threw a paper bag at me and told me to put it on so I am now red faced as-well. 

" Its for the others safety Amy! " she jeered.

So Mr.Simonds is taking registration and Sadie and Lucy are swapping beauty tips and lip glosses with their crew. The boys are all crowding round a computer which has the youtube video called epic fails on a skateboard and theirs loads of blood in it. I can tell this because Scott Snott is laughing and he always laughs at blood. Weird. I know.

Anyway I am writing this but we only have 10 minutes of tutor left and I would like start my book.

HAHA!! Simonds is trying to get everyone to write a paragraph about their holidays. The geeks are doing it but everyone else is doing stuff under the table like me. Except they are all playing on their phones were as I am writing this. I'm such a rebel!




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